Do you know where your trash and recycling end up?

The actual answer: Depending on where you live or which company grabs your trash, the stuff may get landfilled, recycled, or some combination. Read this week's cover story!–ed.


If you are using a service such as SDI, Time Disposal, County Waste, etc, your trash goes to van der Linde "Recycling."

From there, it is typically either picked through a little or transferred directly to Shoosmith Landfill in Chesterfield.

Many many unmarked tractor trailers leave van der Linde every day and blow litter down I64 and the state Hwy 288 all the way to Chesterfield.

Unfortunately some of van der Linde's propaganda has stated 90% recycling. They fixed that "error" but if pressed they will not prove recycling rates according to the Thomas Jefferson Planning District. Actual rates likey vary between 0 and 10% for municipal waste, somewhat better for construction debris.

Yeah, Michael, his videos are a hoot. He's plainly saying one thing, --describing the mechanization of household trash separation, but showing another, --employees reaching and picking through moving conveyors, trying to snatch bits of cardboard and wet paper. NIce disclaimer.
Hurt feelings ahead with this upcoming story.

well said. i am in the city so we already use 2 bins. i am not a hater cause construction might be ok?? but long term think gotta recycle more residentially and there ain't no magic trash can.

Looks like the waste war continues with the above comments. Thanks to Dave McNair the facts speak for themselves:

"While Allied has remained competitive in the household trash and recycling hauling business, collecting 40,540 tons of trash and recycling to VDLR's 42,961 tons in 2010, what happens next illustrates a key difference: VDLR sent 12,938 tons off-site to be recycled, while Allied Waste recycled just 4,725 tons.

In the arena of building scraps, the disparity is much more profound. In 2010, according to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, VDLR collected 68,565 tons of construction and demolition debris, while Allied Waste collected just 1,824 tons. Whereas VDLR recycled almost 56,000 tons of that amount, Allied Waste recycled none. (VDLR also turned 280 tons into mulch, and had 1,200 tons stored on-site at the time of the reporting.) "

what a waste

Here is a picture of an unmarked van der Linde truck entering Shoosmith landfill