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Trash battle
Allied Waste's new ad campaign suggests the company is the only one actually performing "single stream recycling," but the biggest competitor, Peter Van der Linde, cries foul. When it comes to recycling your household trash, whose operation is cleaner, and where is it all ending up? The Hook investigates.

Making history
Popular public radio show Backstory with the American History Guys gears up to go weekly. Might the three hosts soon become household names across America?

Bites in Batesville
Months after the Batesville store closed, residents of the tiny Albemarle County burg are rejoicing at the arrival of a new restaurant and store that has locals raving.

Tortoise speed
Who says you need to be fast to win? Janis Jaquith runs the Charlottesville 10-miler– very, very slowly– and earns some unexpected rewards.

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