Bidding war erupts on Evergreen



William W. Bailey to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1625 Cool Spring Road, $169,744 (foreclosure)

Belvedere Station Land Trust to Rita H. Reid, 876 Belvedere Boulevard, $306,694

Eric A. Carr & Beng K. Ooi to Federal National Mortgage Association, 3244 Scottsville Road, $338,275 (foreclosure)

Anthony E. Scaperlanda & Mary S. Schriber to Michael J. & Yanina A. Goddard, 1803 Walnut Ridge Court, $673,000



Shelley Ann Mikkelsen & Thomas Leslie Harlow, Jr. & Nancy Lee Chambers to Thomas Leslie Harlow, Jr. & Nancy Lee Chambers, 1482 Ashland Drive & 3255 Timberwood Parkway, $151,500

Rudolph A. & June B. Sacra to Stacey Ann Woods, 967 Devon Spring Court, $233,000

Hurt Investment Company to Raymond M. & Candice A. Agnello, 2 Acres, Lot 19, Phase 1 South Ivy, $260,000

William E. & Jennifer D. Terrell to Laura Y. Ravenhorst, 4315 Beaver Creek Road, $270,000

John S. & Cinthia S. White to Stephen M. & Amy E. Barbour, 312 Parkwood Place, $305,000

Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to Charlotte C. & John R. Shields, Jr., 6106 Rothwell Lane, $453,596

Old Trail Creekside III LLC to Jacob D. D’aniello & Susan E. Otis, 6670 Welbourne Lane, $625,473



Joel Bernstein to Little Wren LLC, 142 Yellowstone Drive, Unit 208, $76,000

Regina Claire & Margarete McCormack to Cynthia B. Brand, 146 Buckingham Circle, Unit A, $192,000

Bryan E. Thomas to Barry & Mary Gold, .65 Acres, TM 55E-1-33, Lot 33 Upper Ballard Trail, $192,200

Deutsche Bank Trust Company to Scott A. Gillespie & Alyssa G. Lundgren, 2401 S. Bennington Road, $230,000

Avon Properties LLC to Craig Enterprises, Inc., TM 91A, Parcels 72, 73 & 74, $233,401

Redus Bundoran Farms LLC to Brian A. & Amy B. Pollock, 56.89 Acres, TM 86-59, Lot B13 Bundoran Farm, $850,000


 Anne N. Tooby to Evergreen 651 LLC, 651 Evergreen Avenue, $325,000

Stacy Capital LLC to 225 East Main Street LLC, 225 E. Main Street, $820,000

NMR LLC to JNC Holdings LLC, 1002 Linden Avenue, Unit S210, $41,500

Circle Properties LLC to Elizabeth Caldwell Lewis, Trustee, Elizabeth Caldwell Lewis Trust, 103 Stewart Circle, $276,000

Circle Properties LLC to Donald S. Lewis, Jr., 105 Stewart Circle, $277,000

James Calvin Rivers, John Thomas Rivers & Vera Rivers Schemering, Heirs, Estate of Reba S. Rivers to Qin Yu & Xuewen Zhang, 2315 Greenbrier Drive, $250,000



Shelia E. Page to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 7244 Porters Road, $76,864 (foreclosure)

Weather Hill Homes, Ltd. to NVR, Inc., TM 56J-7, Parcels 86, 87, 88 & 89, $220,000

Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to Thomas Shane & Kimberly D. Etheredge, 710 Cleopatra Court, $532,720

Craig Enterprises, Inc. to Clay E. and Stephanie K. Hicks, 6658 Welbourne Lane, $863,315

Harold O. & Georgia S. Davidson, Trustees of the Harold O. & Georgia S. Davidson Living Trust to Peter G. & Margaret T. Mann, 557 Dryden Place, $930,000



Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Cheryl & Clarke Norman, 128 Turtle Creek Road, Unit 7, $99,900

Preston S. & Elizabeth L. Lawhorne to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development, 4257 Irish Road, $194,844 (foreclosure)

Southern Property LLC to Wendy L. Pirie, 2480 Winthrop Drive, $350,360

I & J Home Builders LLC to Robert F. & Jessica L. Knight, 2228 Mossing Ford Road, $370,218

John L. & Julie D. Iafolla to  David E. & Anne H. Bear, 1115 Pheasant Xing, $415,000


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Shusen Li & Xuli Wu, 242 Hartmans Mill Road, $72,000


I took one business course at PVCC and the professor said, if you remember nothing else remember this - Location - Location - Location

That's a lot of money for 2 bedrooms and 1200 square feet of finished living space.

But, if the market is recovering this well, I have a much nicer house in a very good neighborhood that I need to get listed soon!

Same goes for you, hook reader, but absent the blaspheme and the vulgarity.

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Kudos to that seller. Most of my friends currently trying to sell in the are are taking baths, however, and that's when they can get offers at all. The recovery will be slow and uneven.