Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal?

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Yo, I was walking down Druid Ave the other day when out of no where this rabid cougar attacked me! She was like almost six feet tall with a lil age on her but a sweet bod so I just let her attack me. I still need to get checked for rabies and such. In the end I guess you could say we ravaged one another to ecstacy.

I was attacked by a wookie asking for smokes and a schwill of brew.

Depends on how you define "animal." I've known a few humans in my time that behaved like animals, and who yes, attacked or tried to attack me. So in that sense I guess I have....!

In all seriousness does my cat count?? She can get a little rambunctuous with the claws and teeth when playing....

A copperhead bit my mini-weiner dog on the nose. Does that count? I mean, I felt both scared and outraged. How dare that snake attack a canine extension of myself! Here come the weiner jokes.

Yes, some little sh*t dog when I was jogging. Kept on trying to bite me and i would kinda kick it away. It went on for like 2 minutes, then I slowly went away and it eventually stopped attacking me.

Not exactly the most threatening, but it did get my adrenaline up.

cats and dogs aren't wild animals ya nitwits!

Nope, only a couple of dogs and more than few felines. Lifes a beach.

@ Rayray

We know. We're just messin around 'cause we got nothin...

Nobody has a good story about an angry deer trying to clock them in the head with its hooves??

What kind of town is this???

My Ruger Alaskan in .454 Casull is my all-around carry in case of wild encounters, four legged or two.

woah woah woah, watch out for mike. we got a real bada$$ over here.

"Nobody has a good story.."

Got sprayed by a skunk when I was 5. I thought I had discovered an unknown species so I was investigating.
Run up a tree by a pack of dogs about 20 years ago.
Squirrels like to look in the windows and mock me.

That's all I got. Pretty boring.

I thought red necks like Mike weren't aloud to post here. One in every crowd.

@ perspective

I think you meant "allowed," as in, permitted to?

I mean, if you're going to insult somebody at least know how to spell your insult!


Me too! Squirrels are always picking on me!!

Does this qualify as bullying?? Can I sue somebody??

yeah, your mom