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Bear down!
When two farmhands headed out on their Gator to repair a dam on a sprawling Afton estate, the last thing they expected was a showdown with a rabid bear. Their dramatic tale of survival might have you considering an NRA membership– and some trips to the shooting range.

Band together
Everyone always calls Charlottesville a "great music town," but if you think that only means we get big name bands, you're wrong. The homegrown sounds of bands like Borrowed Beams of Light and Dwight Howard Johnson help give Charlottesville's music scene the depth for which it is known. Plus, meet Paul Beyer, the organizer of the Tom Tom Founders Festival, which this month is helping those lesser known bands gain some recognition.

From the funky beats of Beleza to the glorious gardens of Monticello to a lesser known Friday arts celebration, late April offers plenty of fun stuff for every age and interest.

Poison vineyards?
There are few things so pleasurable as spring and summer trips to this area's wineries, but essayist Robert Butler says the chemicals necessary to grow grapes in this climate might have you spitting your chardonnay instead. Sorry for the buzz kill!

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