Caplin theater progresses

The Ruth Caplin Theatre begins its rise on Culbreth Road. Headed up by Nielsen Construction, the $13.5 million addition to the University of Virginia's drama complex will provide a 300-seat, thrust-style theater to complement the proscenium theater and the black box that have long entertained audiences at what's now known as the "Betsy and John Casteen Arts Grounds." The new structure, which honors a benefactor's screen-writer wife, will also include new dressing rooms, new lobby space, and what promises to be a swanky rooftop terrace.


At least UVA is keeping some construction people busy if nothing else.

This is yet another UVA boondoggle. There are many other theaters in the area that are underused. A thrust stage is largely only good for lights on productions. It requires classically trained actors to perform in a venue such as this. It becomes the chicken and egg conundrum. Which came first, the theater or yet another professor in the arts to train actors in plays written for pre electric times? My understanding from sources very close to UVA was that this was all planned for the 29/250 Gateway Project until a recent president failed to sell the whole concept to a donor with megabucks. This is just another UVA waste of money. Sad, very sad!