American Reunion: Déjà vu all over again for Stifler etc.

Has Stifler's mom spent the last 13 years upstairs in her room, reclining on her chaise lounge, occasionally touching up her pink lipstick, and waiting for one of her son's young friends to wander into her lair? I'm growing concerned for America's most iconic mother. When she made her first appearance in the American Pie movies, she landed like a blonde bombshell. This time, when her son throws a party downstairs and she still looks and behaves exactly the same, we get a sense of tragedy. I dread she has been sitting up there year after year, plumping up her cleavage and sexily brushing a lock of hair back from her eyes.

Stifler's mom (Jennifer Coolidge) and Stifler himself (Seann William Scott) seem to be trapped by a warp in time. The other members of the old high school gang, now in their early 30s, have moved on in one way or another. So much have they matured, indeed, that when three of the guys plan to get together a few days early in the old hometown for a head start on the class reunion, they don't even let Stifler know their plans. They still like the Stifmeister, but they keenly recall the trouble he got them into in their previous meetings. Full Review

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So immature.