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Bridge brainstorms
Of dozens of entries in a Belmont Bridge design competition, the winning entry was the most radical because it calls for no bridge at all. Is the idea sheer lunacy or a creative solution to enliven the east end of the Downtown Mall that future generations would thank us for?

Family affair
When Democrat Peyton Williams decided to run for the Fifth District congressional seat, he didn't just enter a tough political competition; he created a family feud of sorts as he prepares to face off against his cousin, Republican Robert Hurt.

Courting Nick
What do two indie filmmakers have to do to convince A-list movie star Nick Nolte to star in their film? Derek Sieg and Jeremy Goldstein are going to great and creative lengths to woo Nolte, but they need another $30 grand before their request can be considered.

Cancer crock
The next time you read a study about an exciting medical breakthrough, chill out. According to another recent study, most scientific research results aren't what they appear to be– and it could be costing us billions.


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