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Down and dirty
The newest fitness trend sweeping the nation is mud racing, and the upcoming Mud Warrior could be your chance to get your toes not just wet but filthy. Why are so many people paying hard earned money to go through what some would describe as torture?

'Beautiful kill'
Glioma is the most common form of brain cancer, and it's an efficient killing machine, taking 75 percent of its victims within two years. UVA doc Benjamin Purow may have found the magic bullet.

It's been a few years since the brothers Duplass made Cyrus, and their latest comic effort– Jeff Who Lives at Home– is a "whimsical" pleasure, says Robert Ebert, that proves they're in the right business.

Over two years after Circuit City shuttered its local store, the Albemarle Square Shopping Center may be getting a new anchor as specialty grocer Fresh Market eyes the space.


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