Hoodie-clad man stands his ground

Jim Simcoe took to the Downtown Mall to protest the death of Trayvon Martin– and the notion that freedom means no accountability. He cites Florida's stand-your-ground law, which allows deadly force if you feel threatened, and the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, which lets corporations funnel unlimited dollars into political speech, as examples of freedom run amok. "The idea you have freedom with no restrictions is bogus," says Simcoe, who owns the Bluegrass Grill. Checks and balances are the basis of American freedom, he maintains. "The Founding Fathers would be horrified with the idea that freedom means no limitations," he says.

Correction 4/5/12: Jim Simcoe's names was misspelled in the original version.


"freedom run amok"

HA! If only.

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The Founding Fathers would be horrified if they saw our governments today.

"photo by lisa p."

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That is not a hoodie. A hoodie can pull all the way over to cover the face a la ghetto ganstas who want to not be seen. And he forgot Trayvons gold teeth.