Seminole trail

I received a request from China for pictures of Charlottesville, so I biked north via the John Warner Parkway to our “Main Street,” the curiously named Seminole Trail. (Why is it named that? No one seems to know, but most likely a trick– Mad Men work, advertising to attract the gullible.) It is a remarkable area, this Seminole Trail, a land of many lakes and places to shop. In the course of my three-mile ride along U.S. 29, from Arden Place to Barracks Road, I saw one pedestrian.
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eventually, if you kept going south, you'd get to Seminole land,er Florida. it was just a name.There was an immense real estate boom In Fla in the 1920s and lots of punters were driving south from the north east.

all blight should be stricken from the local landscape. anything unpleasant, however temporary, simply should not be allowed to exist.

Thank you Bill Emory for pointing out that there are *GASP* areas in our local ecosystem where roadwork and development is taking place! If only we dredged the reservoir.....

Curious that Mr. Emory did not take pictures on the real main street of Charlottesville to show how pristine that road is....

Because of the former 80s meat market in the old Ramada Inn, they called the road 'Semen Hole Trail" which was elided over time into Seminole Trail. Only us old time Weasel City denizens know that, but it's the whole truth..

They might've built the original roads over Indian trails...

And @eric - most don't know this - Rio Road - was originally Route 10 - ie R10 - most don't know that tidbit of info either.

Route 10 never ran through this area. It was created in 1918, and we have full records of its placement. All the numbered roads are a 20thC naming convention.

The full history of Route 10 can be read here:
Funny how so many who claim secret or obscure knowledge get it wrong, especially when sitting at a computer with access to the internet. What "native" doesn't know about Rio Mills? and

So, I was told wrong by another native - it wasn't the Road but the Train Station.

As a native, I grew up listening to natives. Ya'll should dig a bit deeper and also perhaps not go to the Internet but to the older C'ville Natives around here. But I doubt any of you here was born and raised.

And if anything you all should know that Route 29 North has how many names? Along with 250. Same roads just named differently at different locations. Look at the mailing addresses for businesses.

More incorrect information posted as a rebuttal? RIo Mill wasn't named for a train station and the road that went to it wasn't either.