Andale! Tasty Mex take-out in Belmont Market

Since last fall, there's been a hole-in-the-wall (literally!) Mexican take-out joint in the back of the Belmont Market that's been serving up spicy fish tacos, burritos, and veggie delights almost completely under the radar. That's by design, according to owner Saras Pruitt, who chose to keep a low profile while she smoothed out the kinks with her little eatery called Andale!

A Charlottesville native who spent her early years in the Yogaville community of Buckingham County, Pruitt says she wanted to do something like this for years, so she walked away from her job as an insurance broker to make and sell the food she has always liked making at home.

"So far, it's just been word of mouth," says Pruitt of her advertising efforts. "And it's going pretty well."

In about a month or so, she says she plans to take her one-woman show from Monticello Avenue to the Downtown Mall with a mobile cart, and while it's currently cash only inside her Belmont Market location, she'll soon accept credit cards. Right now, hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30am to 4pm.

In addition to beef, shrimp, and fish, Pruitt says she has vegetarian options as well, like BBQ tofu.

"I love this kind of food," she says.

After we had a tasting or two, we can say it shows.


Good luck! Love me some fish tacos!

Did David McNair do an Ed Bradley on this one...a surprise media visit with camera and interrogative reporter? How else would one explain the photo with guacamole stains on front of otherwise alluring tank top?

R.I.P.: Mr. Kenneth

Best fresh burrito and taco intown.
Price is right, too.
You like food? Go there.