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A month after 30 citizens were arrested on the steps of the Richmond Capitol during a peaceful protest against mandatory ultrasounds before abortion, Delegate David Toscano and other law makers are demanding answers. Were the First Amendment rights of protestors trampled by the machine-gun-toting SWAT team, or were protesters  out of line?

Tunes, tennis and Toscano
Looking for ways to enjoy the unexpectedly early spring? Feeling outraged about politics? Just curious about bears? This week's FunStuff calendar will help you scratch all those itches and more!

Diggin' the duplex
The word "duplex" may conjure images of cramped living quarters or lower-income housing, but this towering gem is anything but, joining plentiful living space and modern amenities with a can't-be-beat Belmont location.

When Janis Jaquith decided to have nothing but liquid lunches for a month, she wasn't on her way to a drinking problem; she was on her way to feeling great. She sings the praises of going a full month ingesting nothing but juice. Could you do it?

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