Wine tale: Veritas makes State Department debut

Last week, the folks at Veritas Vineyard & Winery in Afton had a challenge and an honor– serving up their wine at a State Department luncheon with the Prime Minister of England David Cameron, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

"Veritas Wines were used in a toast to Prime Minister Cameron, which we are pleased as punch about," says winemaker Emily Pelton

The daughter of Veritas owners Andrew and Patricia Hodson, Pelton has won a gold medal in the Governor's Cup for her 2010 Vintner's Reserve, but she was really bedazzled by what happened in Washington

"It was a breathtaking event, and I was terribly proud to have my wine served," she says. "My parents are both from England, so it was doubly special to be there."

As Veritas Viognier 2011 and Claret 2010 were served, Pelton says she spotted former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Senator John Kerry and had a chance to speak to Biden and Clinton, but it was an exchange she had with Biden that she treasures. 

"Dad was taking pictures, and it was kind of obvious," recalls Pelton, "so I apologized to Vice President Biden and said, 'I’m so sorry; that is my Dad.' He stopped and told me a very detailed story about when he was in the middle of the most famous trial of his career and his mother called specifically to tell him that he was missing a button on his shirt. The moral of the story was that your parents are always there, and they are constantly embarrassing you… but only because they are so stinking proud of you."


Drinking at lunch are they????? Hummm; maybe that's what's wrong in Washington!!!!
Good Grief but Hurray for Veritas!!!

You can bet he paid a fortune to get photographed next to Biden. I met a guy once who paid 15 grand for a photo op with Pres Reagan. Show me the money!

Old white guys, they'll be the death of yet.

I doubt Doctor Hodson would pay for a photo op with Biden. He might pay to have his wine marketed at such an event which is good advertising.

The folks at Veritas are a class act. They have produced a great product from the start. They have built a wonderful facility and have hosted many spectacular events. They are involved in the community and have been more than generous.

The wine industry in this part of the world is an outstanding asset. It has provided jobs, paid taxes and built the brand of the area for increased tourism. Tourists spend money and boost the local economy.

I doubt if the good doctor paid a thin dime for a picture with VP Biden. The VP is a good guy and a man of the people. For many years, after the death of his first wife, Mr. Biden rode the train between DC and Wilmington almost every day to be with his sons. He was always friendly and took the time to to chat with other passengers.

The connection here is likely to be England. The good doctor is English and this was an event for the PM of England.

Veritas deserves any award or recognition it receives for a job well done. May they prosper for a hundred years!

The recent glut of vintners in this area has little to do with wine and everything to do with tax exemptions and tax credits. Hobby farms and hobby wineries make a bundle off Virginias tax code.


Wow, sort of a cynical point of view. Lots of businesses in this state get tax breaks. I fail to see how a going business is a "hobby".

Growing anything is hard work. I spent a year of my life in an arbor growing producing fruit trees. It was the hardest physical work that I have ever done. But the fruit was good to eat, the apples made great cider and the deer didn't eat too much of the fruit. I also worked in an orange grove in Florida and found that work easier as the trees were relatively mature and the work was mostly done from the ground. Long story short, growing grapes is hard work and carries with it serious financial risk.

So, tax breaks are not forever and given that using them is perfectly legal, I don't see what they have to do with the wine industry in Virginia.The sales tax alone from the industry puts a lot of cash into the state treasury.

some day they will try Belmont Distillery's legal moonshine..........

You guys should have a photo of Emily, she's one of the most beautiful women in Central Virginia! And a fine wine maker as well.