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Free man

After serving a dozen years behind bars for a murder he may not have committed, 31 year-old Michael Hash is home with family as the law enforcement officials who pushed for his conviction– and won it– are now facing tough questions, and possible charges of their own. The Hook was there as Hash tasted freedom for the first time since he was a teenager.

Meet the winners!
Two years after giving attorney John Davidson a second place prize, John Grisham has done Davidson one better, this year bestowing the first place honor for Davidson's story "Hands," which sets an unlikely friendship around one of Grisham's favorite games. Davidson's joined in the winner's circle by second-place winner and Peabody middle school teacher Tolly Merrick and third place winner (another attorney!) Leone Ciporin.

Mortgage vs. lease
To buy or rent? That is the question, particularly these days with a still soft real estate market. More and more, it seems, would-be sellers and would-be buyers are finding that a lease can solve sundry woes. Is it the right choice for you?

Unholy wars
From the crusades to the Reformation to both world wars, humans have displayed a prodigious talent for brutality when they believe their cause is righteous. Unitarian minister and essayist Tony Perrino claims today's global conflicts aren't much different from the days when 11th Century knights carrying crosses slaughtered their so-called "enemies."

Cover photos:
Michael Hash by Courteney Stuart
John Davidson by Lisa Provence

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