Quick turn for Fifeville farmhouse



R.L. Beyer Construction, Inc. to Marga Bushara, 228 Huntley Avenue, $351,224 

Barry R. Sisson to Hai Chon Lee, 1708 Cedar Hill Road, $266,000



Pamela T. & Edmund J. Gibson to Robert M. & Carol Gilbert Sacks, 193 Brookwood Drive, $275,000

Cecelia M. Hernandez & Robert F. Nichols to Dotan Oliar & Michal Barzuza, 700 Northwood Avenue, $665,000 

Martha L. Watts to Florine L. Perkovich, Trustee of Survivors Trust, 938 Rosser Lane, $367,500



Philipose T. Nirayannoor & Tincy A. Philip to Anne M. & Roy T. Cankosyan, 111 Darien Terrace, $114,600

Evelyn Lucille Chapman to Martha Jefferson Hospital, 506 Locust Avenue, $12,500

Aaron T. & Ella H. Ames to Llandaff LC, 711 Evergreen Avenue, $375,000

Martha Jefferson Hospital to Locust Realty LLC, 506 & 510 Locust Avenue, $510,000

Dennis R. & Kevyn M. Rizza, Trustees, Dennis R. Rizza & Kevyn M. Rizza Family Trust to Langhorne & Langhorne LLC, 1215 Wertland Street, Unit C-31, $135,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Stephen Gibbs, 1103 Druid Avenue, Unit H, $170,000

Margaret Norford to Michael J. Johnson & Suzanne E. Michels, 719 Altavista Avenue, $140,000 

Walter Ronald Crigler to 1702 Bruce Avenue LLC, 1702 Bruce Avenue, $315,000



Opre Gleasons Development LLC to Douglas P. Gernert, 200 Garrett Street, Unit 404, $439,000

Matthew H. Stephens & Elizabeth O. Sadler to Karen E. Joyner, 881 Ridge Street, $129,000



Octopus Property LLC to Robin McCutcheon Duncan, 801 Walker Square, Unit 801-4D, $189,000



James Thomas & Kristin Hennings Solomon to Joshua J. & Sheri L. Crane, 111 Robertson Avenue, $245,500 



CB&D LLC to Andrew P. Copland & Anne M. Mills, 224 Old Lynchburg Road, $275,000

Christoph C. & Jamie K. Reinicke to Dana H. & Jay B. Ragon, 105 Burnet Street,  $277,000

Scheryl B. Lam & Trudy S. Birckhead to M. Ambrose & Michele B. Bascle, 610 Wine Cellar Circle, $402,500

Michael B. Alexander to Dennis J. Templeton & Jeanne Bono, 120 & 122 Middlesex Drive, $183,000 



Octopus Property LLC to Christa Shunney, 765 Walker Square, Unit 3D, $193,000



Wendy L. Fisher to Paul William Dierkes, 412 5th Street SW, $275,000 

Octopus Property LLC to Stuart M. & Winifred S. Woody, 765 Walker Square, Unit 4A, $225,000

Nicole S. Starkes & Sheila S. Green, Executor, Estate of George Edward Green to Chestnut Neighborhood LLC, 226 Lankford Avenue, $130,000

Meghan & Patrick T. Keith-Hynes to Timothy William Reynolds, 803 Elliot Avenue, $187,500 



Karl Eugene Mason, Executor, Estate of Florence C. Buckland to Darrick Harris, 400 13th Street NE, $125,000



Dickerson Homes & Development LLC to Andrew J.D. & Tara H. Montgomery, 212 Palatine Avenue, $226,000

Nga N. & Paul Katz to Lobsang Tashi & Sherab Choedon, 1233 Holmes Avenue, $197,000



Anita Jo Scott, Executor, Estate of Nathaniel Logan Via, Jr. to Dickerson Homes & Development LLC, 709 Altavista Avenue, $150,000

First Citizens Bank & Trust Co. to TJG Rental LLC, 340 & 344 Tenth Street NW, $144,500

Anna Marie & Harvey Karkus to Guohua Pan & Lingmei Cheng, 1305 Wertland Street, Unit B-9, $122,000

Octopus Property LLC to ECT Properties LLC, 760 Walker Square, Unit 4A, $153,900

Dennis E. McCormick, Trustee, Thomas S. McCormick, Sr. Trust to Ryan John Drake, 1403 Melbourne Road, $285,000

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Would someone do me a favor and explain to me what's going on?
A lot of these sales, on their faces, are scams: 226,000 for a tiny shack of a house, way down in the hollow on Palatine?
Is there a way I can get in on that kind of game?
Does it require banking and RE agent friends?....'cause I don't have 'em.

Homes that need nothing and that have nice close by facilities are what is selling fast. I doubt it was a shack anymore.

The real estate market is still somewhat inflated especially when one considers the current trends in employment.(Wall Street doesn't count). That along with the cities obvious collusion with tax assessments, one can see that there is still a long way to go before prices dip to realistic levels.

I am not entirely sue I agree with your assessment perspective. The fact is, interest rates are incredibly low, and the cost of repairs and home maintenance are high. This raises the values on homes that are in turn key condition. For the first time in my life, I am seeing younger couples with good jobs and solid educations/skill sets able to buy into nice homes with a future. They are slightly less picky about the exact neighborhood theya re in, because they don't have children yet, and they are able to make a difference in less popular areas.