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It might have hit 80 degrees this week, but you're sure to see more jackets than ever in days to come– book jackets! The Festival of the Book is upon us, and with 400 participants and well over 200 events, there's no excuse for not getting out there. The Hook's longtime Festival reporter Lisa Provence gives the low down on what's hot.

Red Roof mystery
Nearly two months after a woman was found dead in the Red Roof Inn, the mystery of her death continues as the man who was found unconscious by her side is at last speaking out.

Groupenomics II
A year ago, group buying had the country crazed, with companies like Groupon and Living Social dominating tech news headlines and local copycat deal sites cropping up everywhere. Is the trend over, or can it be sustained long term?

Lesson from Afghanistan
The apparent slaughter of 16 Afghan civilians by an American soldier has increased tension over our ongoing occupation of that country– and raised questions about what we've actually accomplished there. Essayist Steve Deaton says a review of Irish history shows we shouldn't be surprised by the vile act– and we need to get out now.

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