Quake casualty: Fellini's #9 welcomes new chef


Turns out last year's earthquake has brought us some hearty Italian food. As Fellini's #9 recently announced, they've hired new executive chef Todd Macdonald from Culpeper, whose restaurant, Chiusano's Italian Table, was destroyed in August due to the earthquake.

"Todd is bringing his special ability to cook real southern Italian food," says Fellini's #9 owner Jacie Dunkle. "His 'pasta from hell' is a real pleaser for those who like it hot."

Macdonald and his wife, Lisa, originally hail from the Boston area, where Italian food is an art form. Plus, Lisa's parents are from Italy. Chiusano's was named for the town in Italy where they grew up. Apparently, chef Macdonald makes a mean Delmonico steak with pesto and garlic sauce.

According to Dunkle, Macdonald will also be heading up a new catering service. Yes, fresh pastas and other Italian dishes ready for pick up on your way home from work.

This is good new for old fans, as Dunkle says she's already had guests from Culpeper who came because they missed Macdonald's cooking.


Welcome, chef Macdonald!

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