Whatcha readin'?

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I'm reading "A Complete Stranger" by Sylvia Hester who is a Charlottesville native. It is cute romance novel that is an easy read.

I am reading "West by West My Charmed, Tormented Life", by Jerry West and Jonathan Coleman. It is an incredible read and hard to put down.

I just read 50 Shades of Grey by E L James. Very steamy read! My husband and I are humping like rabbits! Reminiscent of our early courting days.

@ Emily...can I borrow that book when you're done? ;)

Can I borrow it too?

Sorry, it has been passed along:). Well worth the investment though! You should get a copy, spring has sprung in this household!

I'm reading "Centuries of Revolution" by William White.


Everything I can get my bleeding hands, except romance novels.