Short sale boosts buyer's value



Commodore Real Estate LLC to Mid-Atlantic Pizza Restaurants LLC, 1718 Seminole Trail, $558,660

Christopher B. Hawkins & Melissa A. Deane to Rodney E. Dean, Jr., Trustee of the Rodney E. Deane Jr. Trust, 5426 Hill Top Street, $212,000

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Thomas & Carol Sutton, 5345 Raven Stone Road, $475,000

Harry M. & Margaret H. Ward to David H. & Stacey B. Bruns, 123 Montvue Drive, $335,000

Belvedere Station Land Trust to SH & B LLC, 864 Belvedere Boulevard, $282,000

Wilberger Properties Inc. to Harry M. & Margaret H. Ward, 1574 Pantops Mountain Place, $370,000

Phillip S. & Randy Giaramita to James B. Cloonan & Theresa M. McNamara, 3120 Sandown Park Road, $762,000

Gladys I. Baxter to Bank of New York Mellon, 4470 Mt Alto Road, $139,950 (foreclosure)



Archie & Elaine Miller to Adam T. Gapinski, 2101 Lonicera Way, $319,900

Lenny Hugh & Wendy Sue Bernstein to Christopher R. & Kelly J. Greene, 1974 Heather Glen Road, $285,000

Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to Todd A. & Tracy P. Edgerton, 7319 Millburn Court, $514,903

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Nicole Pfeffer Crombie, 5635 Upland Drive, $318,260

 Roxanne Ulrich to Christopher B. & Melissa A. Hawkins, 955 Glenwood Station Lane, $300,000

William Wilson Wright Estate to Wright 104 LLC, 103.91 Acres, TM 101-2, $340,000



Amtrust Bank to Libbie M. & Nathan M. Harrison, 4.027 Acres, TM 18A-40, $80,000

Arthur F. & Linda N. King to Gregory A. & Heather U. Thacker, 5833 Roach Ridge, $188,000



Redus VA Housing LLC to NVR Inc., 1551 Wickham Pond Drive, $82,000

Jerry D. & Carol A. Rowzie to Angel Dreamers LLC, 140 Yellowstone Drive, Unit 203, $64,000

Michael K. & Carol S. Sutton to Raney Family Limited Partnership, 192 Yellowstone Drive, Unit 306, $78,000

Keswick Corporation to Historic Hotels of Albemarle LLC, 701 Club Drive, $2,841,869

Keswick Corporation to RP Keswick LLC, 260.37 acres, TM 80 Parcels 8, 8C6, 8D, 9B, 9C, 9D, 9F, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, 9M, 9P, 9Q, 9R, 9S, 9T, 9U, 9V, 9W, 9X, 9Y, 9Z, 10, 10A, 10D, 10E, 10F, 10G, 10H, 10I, 10J, 10K, 10L, 10P, 10Q, 10R, 10T, 10U, 10V, 10W, 10X, 10Y, 10Z, 30, 32A, 41, 41A, 61A2, 62, 88A, $10,725,000

Keswick Corporation to Keswick Club LLC, 960 Club Drive & 3733 Keswick Road, $2,416,889

Keswick Corporation to Keswick Estates Utilities LLC, .942 acres, TM 94-42A1, $23,686

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What's up in Keswick ? Are all these sales a result of the change of ownership ?

I think that's what it is.