Murder arrest: Charlottesville woman nabbed in Norfolk

Police investigating the suspicious death of a man on Fairway Avenue have announced that a suspect, a Charlottesville woman, has been nabbed in Norfolk. Forty-seven-year-old Wanda Maria Turner, a resident of the 100 block of Middlesex Drive, was arrested the evening of Monday, March 5 by Norfolk Police in connection with the death of  51-year-old Robert Edward Snead Jr., "the apparent victim of a crime of violence," according to a Police release.

According to the release, officers were summoned around 8:10am Monday to 407-B Fairway, the basement apartment of a compact gray-shingle and red brick duplex about a block northeast of Meade Park in the Woolen Mills neighborhood.

By late afternoon, at the time of a reporter's visit, a single black-and-white police cruiser was parked outside the apartment, whose corrugated metal vestibule was adorned with a simple American flag.

"Eddie was a wonderful person," says his brother-in-law, Brian Coalson, who says Snead–- who grew up in Goochland as the son of a legendary, longtime press foreman with Media General–- enjoyed Nascar races, going fishing, and attending family reunions near the Cumberland County village of Cartersville.

"I know I see it through rose-colored glasses, but you could ask anyone," says Coalson. "Everywhere he worked, everyone loved him and gravitated toward him."

"He was a great person," agrees Ralph Keene, manager of at Battlefield Ford, the auto body shop where Snead worked.  "You couldn't ask for anybody nicer."

While Snead had a driving record that included three DUI convictions, family members point out that his last one occurred over a decade ago.

Brother-in-law Coalson says Snead "never met a stranger." And, sadly, family members say they're receiving reports that the suspect may have lived in the neighborhood and borrowed money from Snead.

An online people search service, Anywho, indicates that Turner formerly dwelled at 400 Fairway, and a check of court records shows that Turner was arrested in Albemarle in 2010 on a misdemeanor charge of driving on a suspended license and then in October of last year was convicted for failing to appear in court and sentenced to 10 days in jail. In 2009, she earned a 10-day sentence for failure to appear on some misdemeanor bad-check charges in Charlottesville.

In this case, Turner has been charged with murder.

Note: story updated 11:27am March 6 with news of the arrest. Story updated again with comments from employer and family member. Original headline: 'Fairway homicide? Police investigating 51-year-old man's death'

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Ok so what does his DUI's have to do with anything? According to your report he has been a victim of a crime of violence. So why don't you try to focus on finding out who did this to him and report on that instead of sitting their digging up dirt on this man?! Everyone makes mistakes but now is not the time to broadcast them. This is truly crappy reporting at its best. I'm sure this is what his family would want to see posted about him at their time of sorry. That is totally uncalled for. And totally irrelevant to the story.

@Brittany, I agree, whats the point? It was reported the same way at the Daily Progress. Have journalists just gotten lazy, or stupid?

You are right, digging up old stories is what they do best ,and they will only print the bad ones not if they have done any good deed, did they even try to find out if he had driver's license?

Today's journalists are essentially no more credible than the guy sipping a beer next to you in the corner pub. Can you spell L-A-Y-Z-E-E?
First two graphs of this story: regurgitation of a CPD press release.
Third graph: a meaningless observation that only makes one wonder why the call came in at 0800 and it took until late afternoon to have a reporter saunter over to Fairway Avenue. Cville ain't Philly you's a five minute drive from downtown to Fairway, even in snow.
Fourth graph: Meaningless information that the victim was pinched for DUI over a decade ago.
Folks, don't hold your breath for a Pulitzer on this one...and keep your day job. Harbor no illusions that you're the next Jimmy Breslin or Bob Terry.

R.I.P.: Satchell Paige

Kind of disappointing. But 29 takes the cake. The put up a piece about possible sex offenders coming in close proximity to school students during voting hours. If thats not yellow journalism I don't know what is. Grabbing headlines is one thing but doing it with your mind in the gutter is something else. Tonight was the last time I will ever visit 29 news, I hope the Hook doesn't follow that trend.

In my opinion the hook is doing no better.

29, DP, and the Hook. Really no worse than what poses for news anywhere else. Of course that's not saying much. Really is pitiful digging up the criminal history of the dead man. And 29s story of the possible sex offenders was just ridiculous.

that all Cville media tend to be pretty lame, but the Hook is really one of the worst. If this poor guy died in an automotive accident, his DUIs would be relevant. Save the DUIs if they become relevant later on--like if the incident turns out to be alcohol related.

Right now, what you've got is: Dog Bites Man. Man left toilet seat up three times.

I agree. In what way is a DUI arrest in 2001 relevant to a possible murder investigation in 2012?

I have always referred to 29 news as the stupid news and weather....UGH!

Story updated with mugshot and info on the suspect arrested in the case.--hawes spencer

Why didn't you delete the unnecessary details about the victim while you were at it? Is there some reason to suspect that it had something to do with his murder?

I am relieved suspect was arrested and I hope now she can rot in hell that she put him through. He was really good friendand and I will miss him and his smile terribly.

I am so glad they caught that b@!#$ I too hope she rots in hell for what she has done. Too bad they can't enforce the same punishment on her as what she did to Eddie. Eddie was a good person & didn't deserve that. I also like how the crappy reporting comes back into play here yet again. Ironically his criminal record was worse? Honestly who cares. I think murder is a lot worse than a DUI. If I were Eddie's family I would sue the hell outta the newspapers that are reporting his past mistakes but you live and you learn. No respect for the dead. R.I.P Eddie. You will be missed.

@Brittany, unfortunately his family can not sue if what the paper reports is the truth, even if it happened decades ago - it is truth and a matter of public record.

I'm glad they caught someone but she will be out in 10 years - you get more time for drugs than murder and probably more for a DUI than murder.

To anyone concerned about the late Mr. Snead, right now all I know about him is his arrest record. So why don't you call me to provide us some happier details about his life? 295-8700x230---Hawes Spencer

Yep..I agree as well..his record should be eliminated from the is as if the news sets out to make the murder less severe or insignificant just because he had a criminal history..wrong in my book! You know whether he made bad choices in his life doesn't lessen the fact that he was still someones family or someones friend..or that his life was of lesser value. I would say the same for those who fell victim to suicide as well..often they don't get recognized as being important based on their choice to end their though their life was entirelymeaningless..that is ridiculous! I will never understand how this society has become so cold and heartless! Every life is important regardless of bad choices made..murder is not acceptable she will have to suffer consequences for that..which would and should be severe. But she determined and had the choice to determine the worth of her own life..that is different than someone else taking a life or someone not realizing that life is worth living for.

This ought to prove interesting to watch in the coming year. We just finished a murder trial, black man killed black wife, 15 years. Another murder trial, white man kills white woman, 26 years. What happens when a black woman kills a white man?

"Ironically, the victim appears to have a more serious criminal record. In 2001, Snead, then using an Ashland address, was convicted in Albemarle as a three-time driving-under-the-influence offender and with violating probation, both of which are felonies according to online records."

Even better.........this doesn't qualify as irony. Somebody with a conviction or record of some sort who later gets murdered in their home isn't irony. The earlier convictions aren't connected to the present murder, and one isn't the unintended opposite outcome of the other.

Back to school, Hawes! Back to the 8th grade, where we had to read O. Henry stories to learn what irony was all about!

Jim got hosed in 'Gift of the Magi.' Della's hair would have eventually grown back.

Hawes, now we have a suspect, how about digging up her past criminal records? Find out why she was not in jail prior to murdering Eddie?

Hawes, is there a photo of the victim....a mugshot, perhaps?

@Cheryl Tweedy

So true! I was thinking almost the same thing when I posted that link. "Oh, her hair would have grown back...."

@LOCAL, you want a mugshot of a victim???? are you insane???????????????

sunshine, relax. i would like to see a photo, yes - to see if this victim is who i think he is. the uproar over the article mentioning that he has a criminal record is silly to me - like hawes said, those are the facts they have about who this man was, and if anyone has other information they would like to share, i'm sure they will include it in the report.
that said, it seems to me that a person with this record likely has a mugshot on file, and if no other photographs of the victim are available, any picture would help the public better identify him.

@local yes it may be facts that they have about Eddie but it doesn't mean that it needs to be broadcast to everyone right now. And since when does a DUI define who you are??? If thats the case im sure everyone has something about them that they have done that would label you as a bad person in societies eyes. That seems silly to me because it is totally irrelevant to the story. I'm sure if it was someone in your family or one of your friends you wouldn't be saying the same... just think about it...

I updated the story about 20 minutes ago with more detail on the man.--hawes spencer

never did i say the dui's defined him nor do i think the article suggested that. i am glad to see the updated information about Mr. Snead and meant no disrespect asking for a photo.
may justice be served...

Thanks Hawes for the update

@booo I got my irony training from Wayne Booth "A Rhetoric of Irony" so hush up you elementary reader bully. It is ironic that the person with the more serious criminal background would be harmed by one with little or no record. Not extraordinary irony but it qualifies.

That said it's a tacky commentary nonetheless but appears to have been removed.

Thanks for the update

They couldn't find a mug shot of the murderer so they put up a picture of Lil Wayne.

Alright, I am having really hard time trying to understand why she had to kill him?? Couldn't she have just stole whatever she wanted and leave him alone? It is not like she had not done that before...

Eddie was a good guy . He had a really nasty curveball in little league . Loved his 4 wheel drive trucks . And did enjoy a lil party back in the day .. Im really sad he lost his life in this manner , May justice be served . RIP Robert "Eddie" Snead jr

Again, here we go...
"While Snead has a record of three DUI convictions, family members point out that the last one occurred over a decade ago."--Glad you needed family members to cite that for you.

"To all of you concerned about the late Mr. Snead..."--smarmy comment that highlights the inherent laziness of today's journalists--er, entertainers. The original line should not have even been in the story. You do not insert a line in a story if it is not relevant, even if it does fill space. And soliciting readers to call with comments...suppose one calls? Who do you call to confirm the accuracy?

"The corrugated metal vestibule decorated with a simple American flag." = "The entrance was simply decorated with a small American flag." The awning is corrugated metal, not the vestibule. A vestibule is between the outer door and an inner chamber, like in a church.

"Nascar" should be all caps, as it is a proper name representing initials (like NBA, NFL or NHL).

Interesting that there is not one line in the story about attempting to contact CPD for more information. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that, perhaps, someone on your midnight crime beat tried to reach someone.

And check graphs 1 and 6 for typos...some questionable syntax there. ("Manager of at Battlefied Ford..."

Finally, how does Longo keep those cars so squeaky clean on a snowy day?
R.I.P.: Ronnie Montrose


Liberalace, I don't know how they keep the cars clean now. But I can tell you how they did it 15 to 20 years ago. They brought trustees over from the jail almost every day and washed them in the basement level of the cop shoppe. We had to unload and march prisoners through the soapy water and suds on the smooth concrete floor, a pretty serious slip and fall risk. I was always surprised we didn't have a few intentional slip and fall incidents so prisoners could sue the city. I guess the prisoners just weren't thinking fast enough.

We also had trustees washing the city sheriff vehicles every day. This is why the sheriff's office always had clean cars. I would think the city sheriff still uses trustees.

I am glad to see them spit-shined (along with their uniforms). Hopefully, that translates to Longo doing a good job.
BTW, whatever happened to Buddy Rittenhouse?

R.I.P.: Bobby Riggs

Sunshine~~ if you are who I think you are, Eddie spoke of you alot. You were a very dear friend to him!!! He was a great guy and Im glad me and my family had the opportunity to meet him and spend time with him. He always talked to my children and from time to time chase them around. He loved life, he kept to himself and didnt bother others. They always bothered him and took advantage of his kindness. And as far as him having a record, that doesnt have anything to do with this case. The public need to turn their attention to Wanda Turner, the one that took his life. She has a violent history!!!! PEOPLE do your research. Eddie didnt deserve this he was a hard working, laid back, quiet guy. RIP Eddie you will be trully missed.

Jess, yup that is me

Liberalace has a better understanding of journalism than Hawes. "Hey folks, I'm sitting here on my couch with my laptop and all I could find on the Internet was the guy's arrest record, so I had no choice but to toss that out there, but hey, it's your job to call me if you want relevant information in the story--I'm a journalist, after all, I don't go looking for stuff, I wait for whatever comes to me!"

Sweet gig if you can get it.

Robert "Eddie" Snead was a great person and should be remebered in that way. Growing up with him, you would always find him to be kind and genourous. He has a wonderful family that will miss him dearly.
Rest in Peace my friend...

Ed Butler Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Buddy Rittenhouse moved to Augusta County after the City Manager made him retire. A retired fireman showed me where he lives one day while I was at the Augusta hospital. It's a row of townhouses a stone throw from the new hospital. As usual in past discussions with other people, the fireman didn't speak too highly of him. that really fair/necessary? Does someone follow you around on your job critiquing everything you do? Hawes has been responsive here and I think he gives it his best shot. That's good enough for me.

Now I will never hear Eddie's voice, laugh and jokes.

Seriously, you want to know why this women got 2nd degree for a crime in which she waited and killed Eddie, its because shoddy newspapers like yourself chose to immediately bring up the negative in a person. A DUI from 10 years ago has no relation to the current situation. Eddie made the people around him smile and just seeing his picture in the news brought tears to my eyes. Have known him forever. Newspapers who victimize the victim should be shut down. Learn to report because you lack respect he was the victim not the accused!!! Eddie had changed and was making progress, I bet everyone at your newspaper has skeletons in your closet too. This women should be getting 1st degree and life in prison or death obviously she has no respect for the law.

@caringperson- Sorry you lost your buddy, you have my sympathy, but the rest of your post just doesn't hold water.

I think she should be charged with 1st degree murder instead of 2nd. I mean 2nd degree murder? really. I just hope justice is served here. I wonder what other charges are pending on her?

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
Perp got/gets money from good guy, goes back to get more.
Good guy says no to perp.
Perp gets primeval and kills good guy.
Perp would have hurt/killed someone else if not Eddie.
The world lost another good guy.
RIP Eddie.