Video: Brookville's Harrison Keevil: 'We have no boundaries'

Since chef/owner Harrison Keevil opened Brookville Restaurant on the Downtown Mall, his personal, experimental "We-have-no-boundaries" style of cooking may not have pleased everyone who has sat down there. But that's okay. And actually, Keevil is okay with that. Paying $22 for a hamburger requires a certain suspension of disbelief, not to mention the commitment, but you can be sure that Keevil, like any true artist, has put his heart and soul in it. In this profile shot by videographer Anwar Allen, you'll get a glimpse of what makes Keevil and Brookville click. Enjoy!


"Paying $22 for a hamburger requires a certain suspension of disbelief"

I would put in my version but I would be from the internet for life.

Keep in mind, this is not your normal hamburger. As one reviewer on TripAdvisor put it:

"I had the hamburger, which was UNBELIEVABLE. It was really, really tall, which meant that I had to eat it with a fork. But, after one bite, I would've eaten it with my feet if I had to."

Damn! Now I have to go spend $22 on a hamburger....ha!

HaHaHa a $22.00 burger Ha Ha Ha, this must be a mom and pops shop, meaning mommy and daddy bought it for this fool. Hey Escoffe write your menu in French you will get even more business. $22.00 burger haha. Daniel Boulud barely get away with his expensive burger, what a dbag.

Though the Brookville Burger IS a work of art and absolutely magnificent, Brookville Restaurant is about SOOOO very much more than simply this one dish. The Burger is not even on the normal menu!!!! It is important to remember all that goes in to what makes each and every creation from Chef Harrison special. He and the entire team works passionately and tirelessly to bring happiness to each and every one of the guests that come to Brookville. It is not about price, but about quality, appreciation for the product and the overall experience. As Sam Sifton notes the experience is "to ascend to these heavens for total respite from the world below, for extraordinary service and luxuriant atmospheres as much as for the quality of the food prepared. "

I would pay $22 for a grilled cheese sandwich if Harrison made it!
best chef in town, I hope the whisky cup doesn't take his business away, Keevil needs a better location!

Best, freshest meals we have had in C'ville. Beautifully presented. We plan to be regulars. But don't want it to get too popular or we won't get our favorite table!

But does the Sainted Chef charge extra for his beard hairs?

We love Brookville and my fiance raves about that burger! The last time we ate at the restaurant, two people at a large table near us got the burger. Multiple phones came out to take pictures when the plates arrived at the table. It's pretty spectacular!

That burger is a special, once-in-a-while treat that is eaten slowly, not a thin, little puck that one scarfs down while watching the game or rushing to get back to the office.