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What's next for 'Georgie'?
With a second-degree murder conviction and a 26-year sentence hanging over his head, former UVA lacrosse player George Wesley Huguely V will be in his mid-40s when he's set free– or could his sentence be reduced? Plus, his father's courtroom absence and a lack of any character witnesses has some asking: where was his family when he needed them?

Halfaday indicted
From his allegedly faked address to his allegedly faked donors to his stalking accusations against a longtime campaign volunteer, who can forget James Halfaday? A grand jury indictment means the disgraced politician will get his day in court, but his attorney says there won't be a trial.

Less than a month after the sudden closing of St. Maarten's on the corner, grieving patrons did more than mourn their loss. They've rallied together to help it reopen.

Hearth hopping
We didn't get to sled or build snowmen much this winter, but there's at least one winter pleasure that can still be yours: a crackling fire. Jeannie Siler rounds up the coziest fireplaces in town and gives reason to hope for at least a few more weeks of chilly nights.

On the cover:
George Huguely IV enters court toward the latter part of his trial.
–photo by Hawes Spencer
(Hunger strikers photo by Courteney Stuart; Teresa Sullivan photo courtesy UVA/Jane Haley)

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