We had a few inches of snow on Sunday afternoon the 19th of February. In preparation, the City applied some manner of brine solution to the streets on Saturday night. I’ve seen this stuff on the interstates before, but never in town. Much tidier than the salt-slinging trucks.
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Nice Bill. I know that pollutants entering our streams and rivers is a big concern these days, any idea if this stuff is toxic ?

According to the North Dakota Department of Transportation the brine is less environmentally damaging.
CHO Public Works boss, Judy Mueller concurs on the environmental question. Additionally, she says the brine costs less, both to purchase and apply, the liquid allows them to pre-treat roads 24 hours in advance, and finally, it works better.

I'm going to have to disagree here. It didn't seem to work very well the other day. Once the snow started falling heavy, it only took seconds to build up on the streets. Had the asphalt been colder and the heavy snow kept falling, we would have had a mess 8 hours later with accumulation.

Kudos to the PW Department for this effort.

It would be interesting to see if the brine has a toxicity level greater than that of the falling snow and rain........