Zimmer-manna! Former Wahoo baseball star nabs $126 million


Ryan Zimmerman, the star UVA baseball shortstop turned star third-baseman for the Washington Nationals, has reportedly inked a deal that could be worth as much as $150 million. NBC Washington has the story of the $126 million the slugger will get for continuing from 2014-2019 and an additional $24 million if the capital city team's management elects to keep him playing in 2020.

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Him rich

I'll not forget the last time I went to see the UVa Baseball team. It was Jefferson's Birthday, 2005, and the stands were nearly empty. My son and I made our way down to the first row, right next to UVa's dugout. It was the 8th or 9th inning.

Ryan Zimmerman was in the on-deck circle and my son pointed at him and asked, "Daddy, is he good?"

I looked up Zimmeran's stats in the program for the game and replied, "He's hitting .393, so I'd say so!"

Ryan Zimmerman looked over at us upon hearing this conversation and then made his way to the batter's box where he proceeded to smash a triple. I'll never forget it.

Looking up the April 13, 2005 boxscore, I see that it was the second game of a double header, UVa games only go 7 innings, and it was actually a double in the 6th.... my bad.

So nice to see nice guys getting ahead in the world. He's a great person, and a great baseball player.

Nats might be a team to watch this season!

wrong. nats have two 100 million dollar contracts and zero 100 million dollar players. zimmerman is a great guy and the franchise face but the contract is a joke, he is a one time all star and has hit over .300 only one year with averages of 20HR and 97RBI over career.

Zimmerman is due for a career season, if he can avoid injury. As one who suffered along with two Washington Senators teams in my younger days, its nice to see at least the possibility of the first World Series in the nation's capial since 1933.
I was afraid that he might end up with the Yankees in a couple years. The left side of their infield,Jeter and A-Rod , are getting along in years and I am sure Yankee brass thought about the eventual possibility of Zim in pinstripes.

Time for slow down to learn his sabermetrics. When healthy he is one of the ten most valuable all around players in the game. Lol at quoting RBI when he has been hitting for the freaking Nats. A criticism of the contract based on ability to stay healthy might be valid.

I definitely think the Nats will be better this year. Who knows, maybe even a radio station in Cville might carry their games! I know there are some people in town who drive up for games.

sweetness the nerds at fangraphs barely validate your argument but reinforce your correct observation on health. although there is no reason to assume a regression the nats still paid a hefty sum, and as with all players but him in particular ANY health issue will quickly erase statistical advantage.
nats will be good this year, and hopefully peak in 2013 the target year, when baseball jesus wont have to count pitches while still recovering from surgery.
this deal may have been done earlier than needed and assumes production into the 30's, with that in mind they may have had the stance that he needed to be kept from NY and BOS so they lock it in now.
details aside from the surface I still argue that blanket numbers do not bode well.