Cost-cutting: Cavalier Daily makes Fridays eOnly

In a bold cost-cutting move that seems emblematic of woes hitting media outlets from coast to coast, the venerable student newspaper at the University of Virginia has decided to cease print publications on Fridays, according to a story in last Friday's online edition, which will continue unabated.

"All your favorite content — news and sports stories, columns and comics, and of course editorials — will still be available Fridays on The print edition, however, will no longer be available for the time being. The Thursday newspaper is thus the new weekend edition, which makes sense, as everyone in college knows the weekend starts Thursday."

An accompanying editorial notes that the Richmond-based firm that distributes the student paper has announced that it wishes to exit the newspaper business entirely.


Why in the hell would you need a printed newspaper for any reason? I have not physically touched a newspaper since 2003. I am an avid reader as well, and why is a Richmond based company running a UVA paper? Local is not Richmond!

@ ? " Richmond-based firm that distributes the student paper " don't think this means that they run the Cavalier Daily - just that they get it to the circulation boxes around town.

And, I for one am an avid Hook print reader. The combination of local stories, excellent color photography, readable type, and artistic layout all make this a joy to read. And I'm not alone, I see people all over town reading the Hook on Thursdays when it comes out.

Hope this saves some trees.

Cavalier Weekly would suffice.

print it on M-W-Thur. the rest is a waste.

Odd that a great University like Virginia does not have a Journalism school. Or Library Science.

"Why in the hell would you need a printed newspaper for any reason? I have not physically touched a newspaper since 2003"

This may come as a surprise to you all but not everyone has an internet connection. Granted those 3 people in the area probably do not read that paper but the mainstream media needs to be available for the 2 billion other people without internet who may want to read something or god forbid watch on air TV.

There is something about sitting down with a newspaper or book that isn't the same as reading it on the Internet or via email. For one, you don't have the annoying comments at the end of each piece... :)

As an alumnus, I support this cost savings initiative as many students schedule around Friday classes when they can. Very smart move.

That being said, for all of you in disbelief that people still get their news on paper, I picked up the Cav Daily every day that I could when I was on grounds. Granted, times have changed a bit as nearly the entire campus is wireless with fancy Apps and all, but I would bet a good deal of students still enjoy grabbing an issue on the way to class.

PS - I graduated in '07.

Always sad to see print go