Mardi Gras on Second Street

No, this ain't New Orleans, but Fellini's #9 was doing its best imitation of Fat Tuesday last night. There was a giant blow-up jester in the back of a truck, purple, gold, and green beaded necklaces galore, and the occasional cross-dresser. And, of course, some delicious fatty food. Meanwhile, Charlottesville's own raucous Cajun punk band, Jolie Fille, had the costumed natives dancing and hooting. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Up the street, Christopher Stelling, cousin of banjo-playing Hogwaller Rambler Jimmy Stelling, played to a less raucous crowd gathered in front of The Garage, Charlottesville's tiniest performance and gallery space, which stands beside Hill & Wood funeral home.

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