Final day? Huguely arrives for judgment

The prisoner has arrived.

On this, the first and possibly only day of deliberations, the pile of media was larger than previously seen.

The first order of business was drawing lots to find out which jurors would be dismissed as alternates. It turned out to be two women, Juror #21 and Juror #256. This leaves a seven-man, five-woman jury to weigh the evidence.

Judge Edward Hogshire told the two alternates that they could be recalled, and he forbade them from discussing the case, looking at news reports, and even talking to members of the media.

"If someone should attempt to contact you," said Hogshire, "we'd like to know about it right away."

One of the remaining jurors asked what the foreman does, and the judge responded by saying that person is a "facilitator" and then mentioning that the court will provide pizza if the jurors elect to take a working lunch.

There was a suggestion that that explosive interrogation video may be re-watched. And around 9:30am, the jurors went off to deliberate the charges, the most severe of which is first-degree murder, in the May 2010 death of 22-year-old UVA student Yeardley Love.

–2:22pm update: The jury has indeed asked to watch the interrogation video, as the big-screen was wheeled away for them. Also, they rang the bell to ask the judge the legal meaning of "reason." Finally, in what was one of the hotter controversies of the day, pizza took a back seat to sandwiches from Baggby's, a popular lunch spot on the Downtown Mall. "We threw in some special seasoning to help them make their decision," cracks Baggby's owner Mike LaPanta, who recalls fulfilling an order of 14 or 15 sandwiches in the middle of an already busy Wednesday lunch rush.

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I hope this doesn't turn out like the preppie murder case, O.J. murder trial, or the local one involving the firefighter who was killed by the UVA student.....all horrible miscarriages of justice. It would make Cville look bad.

Make Cville look bad? Ah - can we look any worse? (Which would require a whole article to list the insane things Cville and it's government and UVa have done/not done through the years.)

Well Cville government is a bunch of liberal Dems, so insanity comes with the territory. But UVA is no better or worse than other large universities which protect their reputations. I would no sooner judge UVA students by Georgie Boy than I would judge Va Tech by the murderer Cho or Boston University by the Craigslist killer.

Really, you think Charlottesville looks bad? Evidently you are not familiar with New York or New Jersey politics. A few years ago, several dozen community leaders and politicians in New York City and New Jersey -- including mayors and city councilmen from cities about the size of Charlottesville -- were arrested for their involvement with an organ smuggling racket. I may not be familiar enough with Charlottesville's political scandals, but it seems like this city would be hard pressed to beat the sort of corruption I saw growing up.

B - compare the population with the crimes and trust me, you don't hear of half of it. Remember, Cville has had our own Bernie Maddoffs, attorneys of questionable intent, accountants that have squandered items. Heck I know of an instance that one of the biggest firms here could have been sued but those involved just wanted to walk away and take what they had out of the firm's clutches. With wealth - which we have abundance, there is corruption.

realist: Cho was schizophrenic and had mental problems that were identified by his professors but not properly addressed, there were all sorts of red flags, and he was sober when he shot those people.

@Duke: I'm sure all universities have students and employees who aren't playing with a full deck or are sociopaths, even psychopaths. But do you realize what a legal can of worms you're opening up, what kind of legal liability you're exposing yourself to if you try to do something about it before stuff hits the fan? 20/20 hindsight and quarterbacking doesn't take real talent. For every so-called "expert" who will testify how sick and demented some student of employee is, the sick/demented person's lawyer can find "experts" who will testify to exactly the opposite.

@ B - Please do your research and stop posting falsehoods. "It mushroomed into a political corruption probe, culminating in the arrests this week of 44 people, including three New Jersey mayors, various other officials, and five rabbis.

The politicians and rabbis were not accused of involvement in the organ trafficking.

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn called himself a "matchmaker," but his business wasn't romance. Instead, authorities say, he brokered the sale of black-market kidneys, buying organs from vulnerable people from Israel for $10,000 and selling them to desperate patients in the U.S. for as much as $160,000.

***sigh*** I'm going to miss you guys when this is all over and I have to get back to real life. Fingers crossed for justice for Yeardley.

realist: I know, it's sad.

So what do the prosecution and defence teams do now? Do they head down the pub and nervously smoke cigarettes in anticipation?

They get a call when the verdict is about to come in so they can head over to the courthouse. They are probably at work, not getting much done.

well said: fingers crossed for justice for yeardley.

There is no such thing as a "perfect" kid...and I hope the jury will find justice for Yeardley!

I agree with myself.

He should not get any more than 7 years. It was an accident. I don't think he is a monster. Lots of people drink and get behind the wheel. They don't get huge prison sentences. This is no difference. I think he can do more good for society out of prison.

You and I can agree to disagree crunch girl, and I respect your opinion, but he beat her senseless and along with prison he needs pyschological and mental health support! He will do this again, if provoked, in a heartbeat!

captain crunch girl: Did you lace your cereal with LSD this morning?

Cviller --

Oh, sorry about that, only one of them was arrested for organ trafficking, and the rest were arrested for money laundering and corruption. Thank you for the correction, glad to see that Jersey politicians are only involved with organized crime when it comes to traditional bribery, money laundering schemes, and real estate deals, and are only loosely connected to organ trafficking. I will try not to make such terrible mistakes in the future, I was only going from memory, next time I will be sure to carefully research my comments before posting them on this blog.

-- B

@ Captain Crunch Girl... He did many things wrong, including beating someone he supposedly loved to death. Stick to eating cereal, because your comments are ridiculous.

red: Do you think they'll allow Huguely a pack of cigarettes?

The sad part about it Duke, is that women take back men who abuse them all the time and they end up with the fate of Yeardley...just because his family and lawyers cut his hair and dressed him well and told him to behave himself...he is a man and he needs to take responsibility for his actions!

I don't even know what LSD is. He is handsome and other than his drinkiing he is a nice boy. Lots of people are recovering alcoholics who were not nice when they drank. It was an accident. Didn't his team mate kill some one in a game? it was an accident but I bet the mom and dad wish he was never on this planet. People die everyday at the hands of drunk drivers or at the hands of someone who did something wrong and it was an accident.

Well I would not want to have my sisters or daughters come near him no matter how "handsome" he is.. that will serve him well in prison!!. He did this one too many times to be an accident and we are talking about GWHV and his family has given him an opportunity to still be able to enjoy life...I am sure Mrs. Love and Lexie would like to afforded the same for Yeardley..... for his little accident!!

I hope none of you are involved in something bad. Oh wait! noone will care because you are a fat cat lady pretending to know things you don't. How do we know that she wouldn't have gotten bhind the wheel the next day drunk and taken out a bus load of kids. We don't. His sentence should be fair and fair would be manslaughter.

chesapeake42: Yeah, I have known several women in my life who would date me, lament about how much of a ba$tard their exes were, and then for no logical or rational reason run back to them. Then again look at the relationships of Motley Crue drummer Tommy're right it happens all the time.

captain crunch girl: LSD is a hallucinagen, a mind altering substance that makes one make crazy and irrational decisions or judgments. Kind of like alcohol on crack cocaine. Whether it is deemed an accident or not, comparing Huguely's actions to a drunk driving accident is irrelevant because it wasn't a drunk driving accident. It was B&E with A&B plus theft.

For your info Crunch Girl I know GWHV family well!!!!!

don't feed the troll

BTW - chesapke bay person - you are nice. We can just agree to disagree. I see ur point that u feel bad for L.

I second that red!

Chesapeake42: While I agree with you that GWHV deserves jailtime, I'm not sure you are entirely correct if he will resort back to his violent drinking habits if he is set free. I'm sure this experience has awakened him to the horrors of alcohol abuse can cause and I'm sure the sight of those pictures, which I don't know if even HE saw before this trial, really sobered him up. If he is found not guilty or given a manslaughter charge, I wouldn't be surprised if he is ordered to seek counseling.

Maybe George was LSDing. My point is that lots of bad things happen that are accidnets and if ur the victims family know matter how much of an accident was u hate that person and wish they would be on trial and slandered like george I am sure the family of Clausens victim dn't like reading that he was going on a beer run.

@ Captain Crunch Girl: You've posted before, stating that you're partial to the guy b/c you think he's cute and that if this were an unattractive minority person you probably wouldn't really care. You're entitled to your opinion, but man you seem to be as simple as they come. Please stop using our makes me uncomfy that we in the community must share it with you. Now on the other hand I guess I must say that it's somewhat refreshing that you're so open about this stuff. Your messages, if overheard, would be the type that folks would respond to by saying "whoa, did you realize you actually said that out loud?" This is not an've got to consider his history, etc.

Duke I sincerely hope so and I can only hope this has made an impression, but I am very skepitcal about GWHV. I agree with you wholeheartedly that he needs professional help!!

captain crunch: so did you follow the Casey Anthony Trial? If so, was it because you thought she was hot?

This must be so nerve-wracking for everyone involved. Waiting...and waiting...

I'm curious to know what happened between the time he came to her apt door and to her bedroom door. Did she let him in her apt? Was her apt unlocked? Was the light off in her bedroom?
I found it ironic that his friends were planning an intervention after they got over there beer run and hangover.
I don't think he sat and thought about killing her. Something terrible happen and he was there but I don't think he planned this.

I have to agree Kate especially for the families!

Notice it's always posters that identify themselves as females through their handle names that are defending Huguely, believing it was just an accident, it was a mistake, he's a poor misunderstood guy, he should get off easy, etc. I said it before and I'll say it again, I think it's because Huguely's cute, and that's all they're seeing when they look at this. If these posters really are in fact female as their monikers suggest, then I'd imagine these are the same sorts of passive, submissive sorts that often find themselves in abusive relationships on the receiving end of a slaps and punches and controlling jealousy. They probably like that sort of behavior in a guy. That's why they dig him and have sympathy for him. Like I keep saying - Huguely's going to have a gaggle of these types of females lining up to be his prison pen pal after he's behind bars.

I remember when I once put chocolate milk in my Crunch Berries and topped it off with Red Bull...

I rambled and muttered rubbish much like our dear Cap'n Crunch Girl...

And note the correct spelling of Cap'n's name, luv!

@Zombie - I believe they have said that the apartment door was unlocked, so I assume he just walked in. But her bedroom door was locked, so he kicked through it.

zombie hands -- the shared apartment was unlocked but her bedroom door was locked. He kicked it in and (according to his confession) she woke up freaking out to find him standing over her.

Casey Anthony was a trashy person . She had a kid in HS. She wld always be a nothing. As for minorities, I would not be follow the trial and probably neither would u. I am mildly intersted becuase he is like anyother college kid and anyone f them could have had something bad happen when drinking.

I used to feed Cap'n Crunch to the dog...

@boooo, you are correct.

One of the slags that was dancing around in the Robert Chambers video (the one where he rips the Barbie doll's head off) waited 15 years for him.

They were arrested 5 years later for running a cocaine operation out of their Sutton Place apartment. He's back in nick for 19 years.

Which is longer than he got for killing Jennifer Levin.

captain crunch girl: "trashy" and "stupid" don't always go together...just saying...

Booooo! Yes! You are correct. He will have more women interested in him in prison then ever before. Look at the mendez (sp) brothers. Eric's (or Lyle) wife is beautiful.
CC girl - Yessssssssss! He was "LSDing"! I jest. I agree though that the players are the only reason this case is getting play time and my attention.

OK, Cap'n Crunch it just seems obvious that you haven't taken the time to learn of the fella's history. This isn't a "oops I drank too much and accidentally soiled your couch" thing, or even a "oops I drank too much and had a bar room brawl," or a's about the taking of a life. This guy wasn't blacked out, nor is he unintelligent, so there's just no way this guy couldn't or shouldn't have realized, at some point in the ferocity, that he was going too far and that this could cost someone their life. Sure, others may argue under the"crime of passion" or "temp insanity" mindset, but I obviously don't buy that. He'd had a history of violence, had had thoughts(even if only fantasy) of killing her, so as a responsible/intelligent"grown-up" he should have recognized his potential and not have gone to see her that night. So no, it's not an accident.

R U alllowed to write to him?

I see a huge difference between DUI and bludgeoning someone with aggression. Yes, there's always the potential of a devastating accident when one gets behind the wheel intoxicated. You could call it an accident waiting to happen. In my view, there shoujld be greater cupability when Russian Roulette is played with a several ton, fast moving iron box.

But a person doesn't become "accidentally" enraged. A person doesn't accidentally kick in a door and then accidentally beat someone senseless, even if alcohol is present. Yes, this whole narrative is "unfortunate" but it's not an unfortunate accident.

Intention can be formed in fleeting moments. Alcohol played a role, but not one that earns a get out of jail free card, nor one that eroded all judgement. Too many of GHVs actions showed presence of mind. Too many things don't add up to a black out night with not one shred of mental faculties operating. Getting to murder 1 in the legal sense may not be possible. But there's ample evidence on the counts above manslaughter. Love shouldn't take the rap for deciding to go to sleep early that night, rather than go out again with her friends.

Let justice be done.

@Hook Reader, in prison I think more than just the women will be interested in him. He can count on fighting off admirers in every direction.

CC's "R U allowed to write to him?"

Now I do have to thank you for that, because that's the first post that caused me to bark out a real laugh. Absolutely you're allowed to write to him, and I suggest you start there as your first step in a perfectly healthy, albeit stalker-ish, relationship w/ him. Then you can come back here and say "OK, I wrote him and sure enough he said he didn't mean to do there, it was an accident. I heart him and plan to bear his offspring."

captain crunch girl February 22nd, 2012 | 11:40am
R U alllowed to write to him?

Wow! I mean, just WOW!

Ok to follow ur LSAT logic of Trashy is stupid as to Drunk is to not unintelligent I have to say I don'[t get it. . BTW, I am intelligent. I am young and in college and this sort of stuff happens during parties. I think it speaks more alcohol abuse then it does domestic violence.

The drunk driver analogy is ridiculous. A drunk driver kills someone because their driving ability is impaired and they lose control of that big hunk of machinery they are operating. I've never heard of a case where a drunk driver went looking for a specific person to run over but I suppose it could happen. Regardless, GH5's door breaking and pummeling ability were not impaired as he was able to hit YL with enough force to kill her. He was certainly sober enough to get to YL's apartment, break down her door, and beat her to death, then remember to take (and discard) the incriminating computer and lie to his friends about where he'd been.

(And FWIW, in some states a drunk driver can be charged with second degree murder.)

@ Captain Crunch Girl.... Just how clueless and desperate are you?

Captain Crunch Gurl...

If you do write Georgie, just don't get too explicit or graphic with your fantasies...prison personnel read all incoming and outgoing mail.

Seriously?: I agree with you, if I were a guessing man I'd say our cereal stalker (get it?) is probably at Elon or ODU.

I hope he gets 50 years in Sussex I State Prison and is cellmates with Avocado from Prison Break.

CC girl - YES! You can certainly write to Mr. H.
Kate - Yes! Well stated.
Al - Yes! Not sure if CC meant humor or was actually being serious. Interesting question is are their restrictions on the amount of mail he can receive? Surely he will be receiving bags of mail from the likes of CC, domestic violence groups, friends/supporters and haters.

OMG, "I am young and in college and this sort of stuff happens during parties."

I was young and in college not that long ago...and I saw plenty of drunk people at parties and had plenty of black out nights myself. And I saw some fights even. BUT NO ONE GOT KILLED.

Please leave.

And as a postscript to my earlier comment, it's not to say that I don't agree that Huguely's a good looking guy, in fact the difference between his before and after shots is mind boggling. It's like looking at pics of two brothers, versus the same guy. Where one is the ne'er-do-well, bloated, sweaty oaf, and the other is the one that's always been more attractive, in shape and succesful. Just very weird to think it's all the same guy. And I think it's a shame that a guy like this will have his whole life and all that potential thrown down the toilet because of this. Even if he gets off his life will not be what it could have been had this never happened. And first and foremost I look at the family as the culprit. Like, what happened there? What went wrong behind closed doors growing up that this guy became a raging, self centered, out of control alcoholic by the time he was only 22?? People aren't born like that, they're created. Something went wrong in his family, BIG time. So I do actually have empathy for that aspect of things. But I can also see how this guy is going to have a gaggle of creepy, maladjusted females chasing after him once he's behind bars. And if he's set free, even more so, because there are females who like the idea of being wth somebody "dangerous." It's like, come on chickies...seriously??

Kate Burg: I'll happily escort captain crunch girl to the virtual door for you...

The only person who died while I was at university was over a suicide. Parties got wild, but in a good way, we all got naked...

I have to congratulate the Captain on her biting satire.

CC Girl, the fact that you are young comes through loud and clear in your posts (e.g., the fact that you are unwilling to take the extra milliseconds to spell out "you"). But I was thinking you were in high school, not college. Your test scores may suggest intelligence, but you lack common sense. Listen to those of us who have been around the block a few times--George Huguely is bad news, and none of us would let our daughters near a guy like that. I hope for your sake that you are not involved with someone like him, because all too often girls who date abusive men end up dead.

the troll is most likely a fat, hairy middle aged guy enjoying himself immensely

@ hook reader

Yes, it's become obvious by this point that she/he/whatever is pulling everybody's leg.

I'm still banking on manslaughter

Offering up the working lunch pizza will surely hasten the verdict.

Even Charles Manson has his admirers, Captin Crunch Girl. SMH (language she can understand). This is what our colleges are admitting and graduating. We are doomed.

@Kate Burg - you and I must be sisters from different parents on the way we view this.

And @boooo! - I agree with you but on the flip side, I've known people who came from truly horrid backgrounds who put it behind them and are well-adjusted members of society too.

Captain Crunch Girl will probably create a fan club for this me on that one?

What is Hogshire's background? Did he come from wealth? Law school background? Liberal? Conservative? Just curious.

Cville Native, no bets on the fan club...that girl obviously is smitten by the "pretty boy". CCG will mature one day and think "did I really say that?" (hopefully anyway).

Cap Crunch Girl - using alcohol as an excuse for his bad actions is not even a BAD defense. He CHOSE to use this drug, he CHOSE to act violently and he CHOSE to beat that poor girl to death. He deserves to be punished, period. And yes, in the case of drunk drivers that kill others, I say throw the book at em. They CHOSE to do the drug.

Not sure which comment made me laugh the hardest but I think it was a toss up between the jail visitation request, "biting satire", and working pizza lunch. Good job fellow bloggers. Boooooooooo, the analogy of the sweaty neer do well and his succesful and fit twin brother is brilliant!!! Unfortunatly, it does show how much alcohol came into play in the life of GHV. To me, his brings an entire new dynamic. Lets just say he is out by his early 30's. Would prison and detoxification actually have been the better choice for his life journey during his 20's?

The boy is as guilty as a cat with his head stuck in a goldfish bowl. Hopefully the jury will nail him to the wall and maybe some people will wake up and deal with brats like this when they are young enough to save.

I would imagine that since he was denied nothing, not being able to "own" this poor girl made him decide to "break" her so no one else could have her either. Thats most likley what he did to the family car when they told him he couldn't use it.

The mentality of the cereal eater is not far fetched. They often don't see reality or mortality until it hits them in the face . I venture to guess that he/she is actually in college. The points she/he brings to light are valid in the eyes of a young person who would otherwise not be exposed to such a heinous crime.

I wouldn't be surprised if Captain Crunch Girl gets in her head to start making "Free George" t-shirts and selling them on eBay for $40-50 a piece...

He's mine!

Ha! Not so fast Frankeberry Chick!

Lets not fight over him... he might get "Life"

All I wanted to know was if the verdict came in. Comments more informative then actual article. Glad to see the normal windbag posters are out for the day. I have a junior in highschool whose words to me about this exact case were, "that was so so long ago, people can't do that in college anymore!". Any news on the verdict?

Deliberations in the 4th clue when they'll be finished. There's lots to discuss, I imagine.

Just read an article that Boylan Heights is partially to blame for the "new drinking culture" at UVA. Really? Just one bar that's only been in business for three years? Please...

I'd expect the deliberations to go well into tomorrow, perhaps longer. Just my opinion on it.

@ D of W....

I agree- whoever threw that theory out is nuts. I grew up here, and when I was a kid in H.S. pretty much all of Rugby (and many streets off of), on any given weekend, was one huge block party of students, locals, underage folks, etc. It was a mad house. Back then there was also Easter's. So by those standards and others the drinking scene, if anything, has slowed down there over the last 15-25 years. Sure it's still rampant, but that's the case anywhere (college or not, in the age of jeager bombs, repeated shots, etc., etc.)

Duke - was that the WaPo article today?

Pretty silly. Bars change all the time, but people and drinking stay mostly the same. Boylan Heights was "Orbit" when I was a student, and it was known as a "townie" bar that students rarely frequented. But there was plenty of insanity at O'Neills, Biltmore, Coupe's, Buddhist Biker Bar, etc. Probably not much different than today.

I don't think most of you would ever admit that the jury is probably thinking along the same lines as Capt Crunch right now. And the jury is most likely also wondering why the commonwealth had to pile on so many charges making their job 3 times harder than normal.

@Captain Crunch Girl - you really should just stop adding your 2 cents. You have no idea what you're talking about, and clearly too immature to add anything remotely insightful on the subject. Go find a chat that's more your speed.

Wow! A lot of people who are following this are so caught up in the drama and their own indignation that they can't even tell when someone namely "captain crunch girl" is obviously pulling their chain. I'm sure he's having a good laugh at the general gullibility of true crime junkies. That's more embarrassing to C'ville than even the shenanigans of our local political class. It also helps to explain why they are allowed to happen.

There were far more drinking establishments back in the day for college kids. A great example is Georgetown in DC. The drinking age in maryland and DC was 18 until the mid 80s. The scene was packed with affordable drinking establishments geared specifically to the under 21 crowd from all over the region. Field parties were plentiful in potomac, and just about everyone knew someone at a college dorm (which were not drug and alcohol free zones). I would love to know how and where kids party now.

Yes, that was in today's Washington Joke...

I love whenever there is an incident that involves college drinking and a tragic fatality, alcohol is always to blame, and then the "party culture" that is supposedly "out of control." I'm sorry, it's not just college. There's a town in Delaware called Dewey Beach and the only reason people really go there is for two reasons: to drink and screw. Then drink and screw some more. The majority of these patrons are weekenders from DC, Baltimore, and Philly who are highly successful and act like the ilk of what this case has exploited. Amazing. What next? The reinstatement of the Volstead Act? Yeah, because we all know that stopped people from excessive drinking...

Just more inane banter from the Washington Post. I put that 'newspaper' on ignore years ago.

But then again, I just read the nevermind!

I hate to say it but after viewing this website:

This case will just be another statistic...

I attended UVa in the 60s. Yes, there was lots of drinking(and other substances had started to come in). And I am sure there were rapes in the frat houses.
But no one killed anyone or went around with a bowie knife like Andrew Alston.
Plenty people got very drunk. But to point to alcohol or any other substance as the sole cause of violence that people like Alston and Huguely perpetrated is too facile, shallow explanation. Yes, there are "mean drunks"- but throwing a punch in a bar is a lot different than going to someone's home, breaking in, mercilessly assaulting them, and then stealing something that might have been evidence against them- her laptop.
The " drug" if we must name one that causes the most male violence-testosterone!
Sad to say our culture has both grown more violent, but also seems more accepting of violence. I often like to remind people that at Woodstock there were between a quarter million and a half million people, many taking everything there was to take, and there was not as much as a fistfight.
Its fashionable to sneer at the " love and peace" message of the 60s- but those of us students who sat around listening to Joan Baez and reading Gandhi and Martin Luther King would, I really don't think,have done something like George Huguely did.

IMO - they are still in their dorms, with plenty of alcohol and drugs. The rules are just on paper for the parents.

Gasbag- I hope you're not correct but I really fear that you are.

Amen, Hollow Boy!

HollowBoy: While I agree with you for the most part, I can name a few "psychotic hippies" of your generation: The Manson Family.

I don't think testosterone should be called a "drug" and sure doesn't cause the most male violence unless you meant to say when it is mixed with alcohol. If the FDA labeled testosterone as a violence-inducing drug we'd all be eunuchs by now.

I think the comments from the owner of the restaurant are really ill advised and take away from the serious nature of this story. This is a murder trial. Act accordingly, rather than trying to pimp what I can only assume is a potential advertiser for your product.

I always felt that George's only intent was to harm Miss Love that night and not actually end her life. Now, I feel strongly that he likely did intend to kill her.

I still don't see life in prison, but do feel that he is still a danger to others and should be incarcerated for a long time.

I believe the jury will find second degree murder.

curious what changed your mind, sue lord....?

If he is innocent a meteor crashed the door and the CPR people killed her. If he gets 10 years, a big Defense victory. 15-20 a defense victory, 25+ prosecution victory, 40-Life you should have used a public defender and saved 200K.

Nice, Sam.

Sue - I've been back and forth.

However, when you are participating in an activity which is likely to cause the other great bodily harm or death: what exactly are you intending?

I agree, Sam. I think anything below 15 years or even 20 would be pretty big for the defense.

Even if he's found guilty of manslaughter, I hope it's way more than that scum Andrew Alston got. Still unbelieveable.

While I still feel sorry for him, as he was failed miserably by his parents, I do feel that he went with the intent to kill.

Mainly his evil, violent rant towards the female police officer and his attack of another teammate. I assume that the jury did not hear testimony in that regard, although they should have.

Further, his email threat , the previous chokehold, and likely many other incidences of violence about which we will never know.

To the poster who feels that women find him attractive and therefore 'innocent', how do you explain Miss Love's attraction to him and tolerance of his bad behavior?

I wonder where Alston is now...seems like there'd be some folks who would be making it their hobby to make his life a miserable he*l.

I read all of the charges that David Heilberg describes in a previous article.

Let's says he is found gulity of manslaughter (gets 10 years), found guilty of burglary (gets 10 years), and found guilty of robbery (get 10 years). Is it up to Hogshire whether he serves these sentences consecutively (30 years total) or concurrently (10 years total)?

Cheryl, my prediction is that he will serve them concurrently. I heard that from some legal experts on the news a day or two ago.

REASON- "a basis or cause, as for some belief, action, fact, event."

I am rereading the posts. I don't see anything captain crunch wrote that is scandal worthy enough to have all these comments. I agree she is a bored blogger adding satire that probably went over everyone's head. Satire or not, most of us would not be wasting a gorgeous afternoon blogging over this trial if George did not look like he does and Yeardley did not look like she does. Whoever wrote about the 2 Georges - interesting. It would be a good poster for college dorm rooms about drinking.

what is the common wisdom about how long they deliberate? Is longer better for the prosecution or the defense?

Not trying to start a feud here but Sue Lord, how did his parents fail him? By all accounts, George was a well mannered student, nice to other kids, and worked very hard at academics and athletics. In what world is that bad? Alcohol failed George.

IMO...niether would I, but I am stuck here at the office for another 35 minutes and felt like arsing around on company time for some of the day.

Come 4:00pm, I am out of here for a cold one. Maybe the patio is open at Boylan Heights so I can partake in at least some of this beautiful afternoon.

Does anyone have an answer to "waiting and waiting" question. I was just about to post it myself. Is a long deliberation a good sign or a bad sign?

I think "conventional wisdom" is that the shorter the deliberation, the better that is for prosecution. However, Casey Anthony was pretty short and they came back with not guilty.

I think with charges this complex and inter-related, there's really no way to tell.

Good question Cheryl. I have wondered the same and I hope that it is not a choice at all, the only sensible 'choice' is consecutively.

Too Funny Cheryl. I am wondering if you work at our company. Boss out and everyone seems to be typing too frantically to actually be working.

IMO, the longer the deliberation means that the jurors are not in agreement. My guess is that they are haggling over degree. Reporters are tweeting that the jurors have asked a question about their instructions.

Baggby's sandwiches... hmm... Not a good sign. They'll still be hungry after lunch. This could be bad for the defense.

If they go into the night, will they order Chinese take away?

OUtside of the courtroom, are Lawrence, Hogshire, and Chapman all drinking buddies?

IMO, while I certainly agree with you about the alcohol, it was his boozing parents who introduced him to alcohol in the first place.

He grew up in an angry, alcohol fueled wasp nest. Further, isn't it the responsibility of the parent to stop the delinquent behavior before it gets out of hand? This wasn't done as Mommy and Daddy were too busy bangin and boozin. Trust me.

Not buying that there weren't incidents of violence as a juvenile either. I know most do not see him as a disadvantaged young person, and I fully understand why. I, however, do. As always, my deepest sympathy is for Miss Love.

Just started reading about this case when the trial started . Initially thought it was manslaughter but that description doesn't apply .Felony murder is what it should be . Twenty years to life .

In other photos his face looked stoney, like he was hiding his thoughts and feelings, but in this photo he looks so depressed. I pray that his conviction and sentence is just and that he is redeemed.

I have just finished reading all the previous posts. If John Grisham doesn't write a novel with all the fodder on here and on the other weekly paper's web site, I'd be amazed.

Is it just me or is the constant comment from all the defense bar of concern to others in the community?

What if the jury goes home for the night and sees, reads or hears all of these uninformed comments? This isn't a ballgame with color commentary; this is for real.

When this trial is all over, I plan to ask the discipline committee of the State of Virginia Bar to take a hard look at all the sidewalk superintendents and express an opinion of the behavior of the defense bar in Cville who kept talking about a case about which they had no more direct knowledge of than the writers on this blog.

I guess it must be lawyer evny!

any idea how long they'll be kept to deliberate today??

Skinny George versus fat George. Makes one wonder if that's just the perception that the defense ordered, as in he doesn't look like he could beat his way out of a wet paper bag much less kill someone with his bare hands.

@Recovering - The jury should know not to watch tv reports or read things on the web. They've had to state each morning that they haven't discussed/seen/heard anything regarding the case. Were they to be cruising news stories and comment boards, that would undoubtedly be cause for a mistrial - whether attorneys are offering their analysis or not.

@local - NBC29 tweeter that the jury said they were prepared to work through the night. I guess we'll see.

Frank -- on what theory do you think the jury will find Felony Murder? In the indictment, the Felony Murder count only specifies robbery. Therefore, to prevail on the felony murder charge the jury must find beyond a reasonable doubt that Huguely went to the apartment TO STEAL THE LAPTOP -- and it was worth $200. Do you really think that was proved, based on the publicly known evidence? The indictment does not list burglary under the Felony Murder count, so a conviction on burglary can not lead to a FM finding.

Recovering attorney -- from one to another --

Having a law degree and listening to the media report on legal matters for over 30 years now, I am appalled at how often the media mis-reports legal matters. Sometimes it is by design -- sensationalism to boost reader/viewership-- but much of the time it is just a basic lack of understanding of the law. In a case with this much attention, I wish more media would seek out legal experts to help them educate the public better on the law.

That said, some of the comments have just been drivel . . . .

Observer-- He said he burglarized her residence to gain entrance so he could talk to her . Assaulting her and stealing the computer was done to achieve his premeditated objective of what he terms as" talking with her" .There is no doubt . He unwittingly admits it all .

IMO, kicking in the locked door shows intent to get at the victim and do her harm. Whether the jury will see it that way is anyone's guess.

I think we need to avoid the temptation to just paint someone as completely bad and to project all our hate on to them as well as other posters like CC. I think Sue Lord is the only one here who has hit the nail on the head. Clearly Huguely's home life set him up pretty badly for anger issues and alcohol abuse. IMO said alcohol was the problem but I don't think alcohol abuse is the cause, but rather, the symptom of a very troubled person. In the last moments of Love's life, her suffering was intense - such a terrible way to die, alone and unable to move or call for help. The only saving grace for her is that it was over in a few hours. Everyone left behind - her family and friends, Huguely and his family and friends will suffer over this for the rest of their lives. I do feel for Huguely, because apart from any conviction and sentencing he gets, he will have to live with this for the rest of his life. I do believe that he feels remorse, because his responses indicate so and because after all he was in love with her - unhealthy love, yes but still love. I compare this with the Amanda Knox case where she never at any time showed true remorse for what happened to the woman she was convicted of killing. When I see remorse, I feel better, because remorse is the first step towards rehabilitation. I pray that Huguely will be redeemed.

cin17 -- they may well see it that way. The point is though, unless the jury finds he went to the apt. to rob, and the only object at issue is the computer, there is NO felony murder under the law, based on the way the prosecutor charged this case. That is the law, period.

That doesn't mean statutory burglary, murder 1 or murder 2 are off the table. It just means they can't convict on Felony Murder without convicting of robbery.

Hence my point to Recovering attorney . . . .

Conviction of robbery is a cinch .

@an observer...................

With all due respect, drivel is a kind word for the sewage that has poured forth from the defense bar in town. Without going into any detail as I value my privacy, I have forgotten more about media than all the bar "experts" put together.

Experts are usually folks from out of town who have leather briefcases and rolex watches. The local defense bar has a highly inflated opinion of its skills.

I believe without question or qualification that expresssing the opinions and the legal mumbo jumbo that has flowed around town since the trial started is a questionably uneithical behavior.

It is no wonder that the country has lost respect for law, lawyers and judges.

Gotta go, don't want to miss John King eating Newt Getriches lunch!

I've been praying for both families. Today I pray strongly for the Jury. Give them the guidance, Lord, to make the right decision in this matter. And, please, when the verdict is returned help everyone to accept it and know that juries decisions are based on what is presented in the case. Jurors are only human, flesh and blood. Thank you God.

They've reached a verdict


Though I respect your opinion I remain convinced that he absolutely does not feel remorse. I believe his track record speaks to this- never fearing consequence for his actions because of parents who will help him evade responsibility...they're enablers, in my opinion. His track history also demonstrates that he believes violence is justified or warranted. His demonstrated treatment of women suggests it's more than likely he's feeling sorry for himself and pissed at her (as in "look what she caused to happen.") I believe in his eyes he's no more responsible for this than his other past "transgressions." So No Way- I do not for a moment believe he'll "have to live with this for the rest of his life." He'll rationalize it off- blaming her, alcohol, parents...anyone but himself. I believe this because of his history (choking a girl? C'mon...)

And sorry, but I have Absolutely No patience for this parents bearing responsibility Crap. Sure, to a certain extent he's a product of his up bringing, but only to a very limited extent. I mean come on- he was 22, intelligent, aware of his temper, drinking, etc. so it is incumbent upon him as a rational, intelligent person to discern right from wrong, to understand consequence. He chose not to, because he feels above the law and above norms. This is about personal responsibility and accountability, of which he has none. As others have said many come from adverse backgrounds (myself among them...makes Georgie's life look like a Disney vacation) and these folks chose to learn from the shortcomings of their backgrounds and grow to do the right things. There's no way you can convince me to feel sorry for this snot when he was intelligent enough to mak the right choices and clearly chose to make deadly ones.

Guilty of 2nd degree murder and larceny. Not guilty of other counts, according to

He's going away for a long, long time.

Verdict: Second Degree murder - guilty
Grand Larceny - guilty

Meanwhile - I hope you are right...the verdict is in but sentencing and very likely appeal.

Not necessarily a long time...5-40 years, so it could vary wildly. It will be interesting to see.

They will have numerous witnesses in the sentencing phase to go but the jury has done its job. It will be a long sentence IMO.

wrong verdict, should have been vol mansl.

Booyah! Guilty

Kate is right- they may have wanted to make a statement by charge conviction, but may try to show some mercy in sentencing...that may have been the compromise.

Captain Crunch Girl: Now would be the time for you to mail your sympathy letter along with a pair of your panties. I wish you both happiness.

A very disappointttng verdict.. I also say.. he bloggers blaming alcohol are sadly mistaken.. Criminal instincts and minds are inbedded . The only part alcohol plays n most of these cases... is to excuse the acts of those such as Big Bad Hugley. The alcohol, and lack of sleep excuses have been around for decades. Once again.. it appears it worked for Big Bad Georgie . R.I.P. Yardley Love

If they found him guilty of 2nd degree murder, I doubt they'll sentence him to less than the max for involuntary manslaughter.

I think it's the right verdict, although I would have liked to have seen the breaking and entering too. I guess that since the B+E was tied to the robbery, they figured the murder and larceny covered it.

This jury deserves alot of credit for arriving at this. Let's hope the sentencing goes well too.

chouva knows more than the jury does? The jury saw all of the evidence, not just what was released in the media.

The jury got it right and Chapman prosecuted an airtight case. No appeal will be successful, and he'll go away for at least 30 years.

Good riddance.

I think it's 20 to life, right? With the Grand Theft mitigator?

I think it's a fair verdict. Based on the evidence I heard (obviously not all of it), I was between voluntary manslaughter and 2nd degree. It will be interesting to see how much time he actually gets. I am sure the impact statements will be very emotional on both sides.

What works against him sentencing wise is that all the BS his attorneys were spewing is now completely out the window. He's guilty of thrashing this young woman to her death. There is absolutely no disputing that.

In the sentencing it can be pointed out that he's been a no-good punk for a long, long time. This isn't his first rodeo.

This will be contrasted with the spirity and character of Miss Love, whose life he destroyed.

Justice DEMANDS a harsh, harsh sentence. He should not breathe free air as a young man.

Thank you Jurors for doing your just duty. God keep you safe. RIP Yardley Love. May both families be comforted some way. There are no winners here.

meanwhile - his family will testify too though, not just hers.

Are they going to sentencing phase now? Shouldn't there be time to formulate victim impact? And also for his family to speak?

Prayers - they're testifying now. Yeardley's mom went, and now her sister. Some of his family will testify, and perhaps he could also. I'm keeping up with it on NBC29's Huguely twitter.

Whoa, the defense called no one.

Running Bear is right. All alcohol does is reveal what lies beneath the veneer of sobriety. Mean and violent drunks are mean and violent people at heart.

I'm not disappointed in the verdict. Let's hope the sentence is adequate. IMO, manslaughter was completely off the table. The consciousness of guilt and the forced entry were above and beyond any manslaughter charges. GH5 went looking for YL. He didn't run into her by accident. He targeted her. And he knew she was seriously injured when he left her. If it had been an "accident" he would have called 911 and tried to help her, not stolen her computer and lie about where he'd been. IMO, the remorse he has shown is for himself, it's remorse for throwing his life away not remorse for the victim and her family.

Reading these tweets from the courtroom breaks your heart. It really is so tragic on so many levels.

The link posted above by Duke of Wellington is a good one and worth reading. So many young, promising lives are destroyed so needlessly by alcohol abuse.

Thank you, Kate. Calling no one makes sense. They are not going to ask for Mercy from the Jury. IT will be up to the defense team to tell the story of who GHV is. Not try to outshine the Victim's family and friends.

What the hell?

That makes sense, Prayers.

@Prayers - that's what I heard too (watching NBC29's livestream with Lloyd Snook). He said the prosecution would have called even more for rebuttal if they put up anyone on George's behalf. They had planned to call people, but changed their mind.

Al - I can't agree with you and you are making a lot of speculations as to what Huguley thinks. I judge based on his behavior during his interrogation, the trial and right now - as Hugueley listens to the the testimony of Love's mother and sister during the sentencing session, he is wiping away tears as he did during the trial. I think that is a sign of remorse. I don't believe in writing someone off just because they have done wrong. We are all a part of God, and we can all be redeemed. Meantime, justice is being served according to the legal system with a second degree murder conviction. Don't underestimate the effect of upbringing. Personally I can attest to the damage that results from having two highly dysfunctional parents. Intelligence is not always a protection from temper - again I can speak from experience - I had a very intelligent father and husband and both had serious anger problems, sometimes leading to violence. Huguley's family life doesn't at all sound like a Disney vacation from some of the stories I have heard, and wealth does not determine happiness. You don't have to feel sorry for him, but I believe in the sanctity of all life and the compassion that we need to extend to our fellow human beings. Personally, I think the self righteous, hateful and at times violent posts exhibited on this thread are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Peace to all.

Yes, Kate. Makes absolute sense.

Thoughtful - I agree with you. He is very sorry. He loved her. They loved each other and that is why it was so hard for her to break away. Just a tradgic situation for all. Two families destroyed.

To the best of my knowledge, GH5 did not cry until he was brought in for questioning. IOW, after he was caught. Did his roommates testify that he was crying when he returned home after brutally beating YL? It sounds like they testified that he was "acting strange" and lied about where he'd been. He broke into her room, beat her, and left her to die. A remorseful person calls 911, IMO. (Actually, a remorseful person stops at breaking the door down, apologizes, and offers to pay to fix the door.)

GH5 "loved" YL? Is that why he was making so many booty calls right before he killed her?

thoughtful - I respect your viewpoint but you are also making speculations. How do you know his tears are not just because he's been convicted of murder? You are not inside his head either, and tears are many times selfishly shed.
His time to cry was the night he beat up Yeardley. And he should have called 911 as well.

cin17: Clearly Love and Huguley had a very dysfunctional relationship - they were together and then they broke up and each hooked up with others causing the other great jealousy and then they would get back together. It was part of the dynamic of their relationship. I was in a relationship with someone like this, who would like to cause me to get jealous by flirting with other women, so I understand this dynamic - it was his way of controlling me. Messed up, but it doesn't mean there isn't love in there. Waiting and Waiting - I just judge based on what evidence I read and what behavior I see. I know it's possible to fake behavior but his reactions seemed authentic to me, but of course I cannot know with certainty. I don't claim to know anything absolutely. Yes, he should have cried that night. But as we know, people feel quite differently after a bender.

I don't think he's faking his tears. But neither one of us knows exactly whom they are for. I think most people would cry if they were just convicted of murder. That does not equal remorse to me. He has a whole lot of work to do in the future for me to believe he is truly remorseful.
Alas, though, it won't be long before he'll have a new girlfriend.

Waiting and Waiting - he also cried during his interrogation 2 years ago when he heard that she was dead, and at the beginning of the trial when he saw the tape of the interrogation played. That apparently was his first show of emotion during the trial. During the Amanda Knox trial, even when pictures of the murder victim were shown and her many injuries described - about 30 stab wounds including 2 fatal gaping stab wounds to her neck which caused her to slowly choke on her own blood - Knox never shed a tear - rather, there are many photos of her smiling. The only time she cried was when she was convicted and sentenced to 26 years. I find Huguley's response very different.

Also Huguley apparently did not cry when the verdict was delivered. He cried when he heard Love's mother and sister talk about the impact of her death on them.

As I stated, you don't know whom the tears were for at those times either. But again, I respect your opinion.

I have a different one, and I feel pretty sure that he will have a new gal very soon if he doesn't already.

Remorse is never just tears. Remorse is doing all that you can to make things better in the future. Time will tell if he will do that.

Thoughtful - You are correct. And that is because Knox did not have anything to do with that girl's death. So no remorse to shed tears. And you are correct also that he cried during the impact statement not at the reading of the verdict. He knew he would be found guilty. That was not the reason he cried.

Prayers for everyone in this situation. It is just very sad. About the saddest I have ever seen. No winners, folks.

Huguely did not cry when he came home after beating YL. His roommates testified that he acted strange and lied about where he had been. They repeatedly asked him what was wrong, yet none testified that he broke down in tears. Not only did he not cry, he did not call 911. The only evidence presented shows that GH5 did not show any compassion for YL and only shed tears after he was caught.

GH5 took YL's computer with the incriminating email and threw it into a dumpster. (Note: he did not keep it as some sort of collateral as he claimed. How exactly is a laptop "collateral" when the extortionist isn't even in possession of it?) Instead of calling 911, he left her to die and then lied about where he'd been. He didn't begin to show remorse until after he was caught. You are free to believe he's some sort of sensitive, tortured soul, but IMO the evidence proves otherwise.

@waiting and waiting... - I agree with you about "his tears", I don't think he has remorse - except that he didn't get away with it.

Prayers and Thoughtful, respect your view but unless you had a child ripped from you by death - you have no clue the anger and feelings her mother feels. I'm postive that both her mother and sister view his tears as not real too. Until you walk in shoes like that - you really can not measure intent or the meaning behind anything. You don't know this man. They did.

I respect your views. Cville Native - I have never had a child ripped from me by death, but I had to stand by helplessly and watch my mother fall apart at the seams when her child - my sibling - died at a young age. My pain was great, but hers was even greater. She never got over it, so I know all too well the pain involved. I just don't believe it is my duty to judge - that is the duty of the judicial system and God. I will bow out now and pray that everyone suffering in this tragedy will someday overcome their grief. Peace.

Hey CVille. I have been in both shoes. So, please just stop. Believe me. There are no winners here and you can debate this ad nauseam. Do not assume to know me or what tragedy I have had in my lifetime. TAnd I know, while the Love's think they will feel relief it will not ever come. And for GHV and his family there will never be enough remorse.

26 years

Interesting 25 years for 2nd degree murder and one year for grand larceny - the same as Amanda Knox's sentence - 25 years for murder plus an extra year for something else. -before it was overturned at appeal.

Thoughtful - do you predict this will be overturned on appeal?

No, not at all. I was just struck by the exact same sentence - and she was also 24 when convicted.

I personally don't see how that trial is relevant to this one at all. Besides the numbers you have pointed out.

Of course I can't get in their heads like you can.

Waiting and Waiting - I was simply struck by the fact that the sentence was exactly the same. I was only pointing out the numbers and that is all. Dude, chill.

Waiting and Waiting - please refer to the note below: "* Language stronger than "darn," insults..." I am all for a mature discussion, but there is no need to get nasty with others on this thread, especially when those to whom you direct them are arguing points but trying to be respectful in their posts.

@Prayers - don't tell me to "stop" - how DARE you! Jump off a bridge please because you are probably one of those typical Bible Thumping, scripture quoting people around here who do not walk the walk.

The man murdered someone's child - the results - what he and his family are going through are HIS fault - you make the bed, you lie in it.

Good God I am so sick and tired of people out there giving others a reason to divert responsiblity.

No winners - of course not but it came about from ONE person's choice to behave or act in a way that killed another. Those are the facts - I now no longer respect your opinion. I diplore it!

I love how some people (not on just on this site) are using this case as a medium to promote some sort of "class warfare" or are using it as an excuse to vent anger at the justice system, or personal grudges. The fact of the matter is, Huguely will likely spend the 26 years in prison, justice has been served. Secondly, this case is about how two lives and families have been destroyed. It should be used as an avenue to stereotype lacrosse players as all being potential Huguelys or Loves.

On the other hand, am I correct in understanding that Judge Hogshire does not have to heed to the jury's recommendation and could issue a lighter sentence?

Addendum to last post: It should NOT be used as an avenue to stereotype etc. etc.

I find it very ironic that on this thread that people are condemning the violent actions of someone and yet communicating in violent ways to each other. Is it too much to ask for civility in posts here? Is there a moderator watching this?

Moderator: The note below says that language that is ethnically or racially disparaging will be deleted. Why is language that is disparaging to a religion not included? Or is that included in ethnically? In any case, CVille's Native's comment above is slanderous to Christians and should be removed.

@Thoughtful, when people drag their religion into the discussion they invite discussion about their religion. Can't have it both ways. Either leave religion out of the conversation, or put up with the blowback. Personally, I find the self-righteous comments offensive but I doubt that will hinder the sanctimonious blather. Ya just gotta let it roll off your back.

Thanks for your feedback cin17. Your point is well taken. I don't mind rigorous debate, but insulting posts are a bit too much. This forum is a little too rough for me, so I am bowing out now.