Overcorrection: First Albemarle traffic fatality not weather related

After a year in which 21 people died on roads in Albemarle County, Djarad Robinson, 36, of Charlottesville became the first fatality of 2012 as a passenger in the back seat of a car that had run out of gas on Interstate 64 and was hit by a swerving 16-year-old driver.

A Chevy Malibu driven by Carleisha Washington, 32, of Troy was traveling east February 19 on I-64 when it coasted to a stop on the right side of the road at mile marker 120 near the Scottsville exit.

A 2002 Ford Explorer driven by the 16-year-old and carrying his 40-year-old father– both wearing seatbelts– ran off the road on the right, then on the left side, and swerved back to the right side of the road where it slammed into the parked Malibu at 2:30pm, according to state police.

The father and son were taken to UVA Medical Center, as were the Malibu driver and a passenger in the front seat, all with non-life-threatening injuries. Robinson also was taken to the hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Virginia State Police say the crash was not weather related, and charges are pending against the teen, whose name was not released because he's a juvenile.


So sad.....A freak accident. So sad.

Hey, that's what Fran said!!

What was the dad doing in the passenger seat? was he drunk or sleep did he not tell the son to slow down or to hit the brake?? So sad for the family for a loss. I think they should tell the name of the 16 year old that was driving, if they were 18 there name would be all over the paper and news cast he is not different he took a life!!!

Have to admit that I have taken every one of my kids out to learn to drive in the snow. However, I did this in a parking lot...

Heard on the Newsplex tonight there are reports the kid who was driving fell asleep.

How many people have to die before they lower the speed limit on this stretch of I64 ?

Lower the speed limit? It already is lowered. It should be 70.

I64 is a federal interstate highway not a commuter bypass.

This death was caused by high gas prices, car was sitting on the side of the road for lack of fuel.

I wasn't aware that I64 went by Scottsville but who am I? In any case I still have reservations about drivers out on the road no older than 16. This was tragic to be sure but quite avoidable from many standpoints.

Running out of gas and pulling over on the interstate is strike one, sixteen year old behind the wheel with inclement weather is strike two and three...tragedy nonetheless. When your time comes, your time comes...I was driving on the interstate around that time and if I had hit them they would be fine as I was only going 40 mph. Taking it slow and easy. Guess what, I made it home.

@Doyle: 40 on 64? That sounds pretty dangerous to me. Driving drastically under the speed limit can be just as risky as speeding.

@Perspective: It says "Scottsville Exit," which is indeed the Rt. 20 S. Exit.
I happened to be at the scene just after it occurred (pain in the rear delay!). The road was bone dry and no snow fell until well after FD and PD were extricating.
The folks in the Malibu should have climbed out of the passengers' side doors, gone over the guardrail and stood in the grass about 20 feet from the guardrail. This was a good spot to do this and a horrible spot to sit in the car....in between two close-together exits, cloudy day, right next overpass, on a slight curve in the road. Just an Rx for disaster.
Folks, friends don't let friends drive asleep.

R.I.P.: Ian Dury

Re: Charlottesville Resident

To what? Better yet lets just shut down the entire Interstate System! This wasn't a speed issue, it was an over-correction issue. I'd love to see them raised to 75mph throughout the entire state, Albemarle included..

This also wasn't weather related, wasn't snowing yet in Charlottesville. I managed to make it from Richmond to Charlottesville, in driving snow the entire way, maintaining the speed limit. People who get on the Interstates when it's snowing and only go 40mph are way more dangerous than this kid. Use a different road.