There was no brawl b/w MHS and CHS

Regarding ["Biggest brawl"] in 4Better or Worse  in the February 16 issue:

First of all, there was no "brawl." Not one punch. I was there.

CHS players were playing very aggressively throughout the first half of the game with MHS players becoming frustrated. In the third quarter, a CHS player intentionally elbowed my son in the face (it is caught on tape on the internet and on NBC29 news). This made the MHS students and parents begin to fume.

It wasn't until yet another CHS student threw his elbow into a MHS player's chest that made the students/parents rush the floor. No fight ensued– nothing whatsoever!

The police were called for obvious reasons. Safety.

How unfortunate that the game was canceled. It was such a shame for the MHS seniors as it was their "Senior Night" and time for fun and a little glory. The reason why the MHS players left the bench was because they did not know not to. The CHS players, however, due to past altercations, knew not to leave the bench.

Ann Shannon

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Ann, What past altercations are you refering to regarding CHS? I have not heard of any. Perhaps, Charlottesville players are just more disiplined. The excuse that you give the Monticello kids (they did not know better) is really weak.