Huguely's lunch: It arrives daily in a Playmate

How does an on-trial prisoner get his lunch? With food from a Playmate brand cooler apparently. (The eating and drinking habits of this particular prisoner, George W. Huguely V have been in high-relief in the past week or so.)

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It'll be a crime if this coverage doesn't net the Hook a Pulitzer.

I'm surprised there wasn't more coverage of defense witness Dr. Jack Daniel.

WOW!! Another pointless article from a truly pointless magazine.

You dumba$$ reporters....ever consider that the lunch the deputy is carrying is his OWN every day and not a prisoner's?

Never having ever been a trial or interested enough to watch a trial, I always wondered how defendants eat! I assumed they just ate with their attorneys. That aside, Guesty's comments were pretty clever and gave me a chuckle.

Come on, I'll never get over how damn stupid this "article" was. Hawse, how do you even look at yourself in the mirror without getting sick?

I am really looking forward to this trial being over

And just to answer the question about how prisoners eat their lunches during trials. They get bagged lunches delivered to them by the sheriff's office from the jail. They are still prisoners. They have to wait in holding cells during down time and lunch.