Henry Graff

How does the out of town coverage compare to that of the local broadcast folk? I have not seen any out of area broadcast coverage of The Commonwealth of Virginia vs. George Wesley Huguely V.
Commentator Bill Emory puts up a new photo nearly every day at billemory.com/blog.

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This kid looks like the Doogie Howser, M.D., of news broadcast.

It ain't a ("trial of the century"-Hook) case till Nancy Grace is here instead of Graff.

Bill, THis is very cool. All luck, or intentional?

It's News Baby!!!

Henry is sharp & dedicated - and young. This is a good market for starting out, but he also has local roots in the community. IMHO he is an asset.

get your head outta your.... anyway 2 people shot in Petersburg at Wal-Mart distro center

He has been here close to 8-10 years; not as young as you think. He might be pulling a Sprouse and staying here 'cos he has roots close by. Or he might have Peter-Principled out. In any event, anyone know why WVIR has such an affinity for on-air types with speech impediments?

Bill Emory should realize (and I think he does) that this story is a piece-of-cake to cover for any reporter two years out of J school. It is much harder for assignment editors and news directors who have to decide how much to cover and how to allocate resources.

Sadly, crime reporting on the electronic side is paradoxical to the old crime reporting on the print side: In the old days, some of the best writers (and future novelists) came out of the print media crime beat (and sports columnists were some of the best writers too). With electronic media being more about entertainment today, some of the biggest buffoons sit on screen and rehash stories about crimes.

The reason for the old standards was simple: the key question in the inverted pyramid structure was always "why." The other stuff was easy to write; "why" demanded analysis and investigation. Today, why is seldom covered in-depth. So, fine journalists, when you try to pontificate to us how your so-critical job is to tell the story of the people, realize that you do us little good spending 80% of the story on who, what, when, where and how and only 20% on why. But then again, "why" demands some critical thinking...and they do not teach that in schools anymore.

R.I.P.: George Carlin

He's a good guy.......and has learned his trade well

I think he does a great job, speaks and reports very well.

@ dan1101

Nothing personal against Mr. Graff, he seems like a nice enough guy anytime I've ever crossed paths with him, but I disagree that he speaks well on camera. I've wondered multiple times in fact how he managed to land a newscaster gig, considering. He doesn't look, nor sound, the part. It's weird.

I won't watch when he broadcasts-I can't stand the speech impediment!