Winter wallop? Snow forecast up in the air

So far, winter 2012 hasn't been much like winter at all, with temperatures more than three degrees above average and snowfall nearly 14 inches below average. That could all begin to change this weekend, as the season's first major winter storm heads this way, expected to hit Sunday and continue overnight into Monday. But don't panic just yet, says State Climatologist Jerry Stenger.

"Right now," says Stenger, "it looks like it's going to be too warm to support snowfall or accumulation until enough cold air has gotten into place. By that point, most of the water will have already come down as rain."
While Stenger says Charlottesville and the surrounding area won't likely see more than an inch or two, he notes that March is the month in which Charlottsville typically gets the most snow– meaning we may not out of the winter woods just yet.

"It could wind up being a big difference," he adds, if this storm shifts 20 or 30 miles one way or the other. "That's the danger of winter forecasting here in Central Virginia."

Whatever happens, we can rest assured it won't be anything like Romania.

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And we have had snow/ice here in April before too! I'm just sayin'. We live in Central VA, if you don't like the weather, wait a minute...

Oh please. Instead of Snowmaggeddon, this time more like Insnowgnificant.

In case you forgot courtesy of Jerry Stenger and the Hook::

" Here are the top storms, courtesy of Stenger, and some of these have monikers. This one's maximum snows were probably not experienced over a large enough chunk of the U.S. to put it in the running for an "official" name, says Stenger. Nonetheless, the Hook thinks the White Christmas/Snowpocalypse of '09 should have one, and readers are invited to offer their own suggestions.
And, reminds Stenger, "There's plenty of winter left!"
Major Snow Events in Charlottesville 1894–2009
(From records at McCormick Observatory)
Rank  Year  Mon  Day  Total  Moniker
1         1922  Jan  27-28   24     Knickerbocker Storm
2        1962  Mar   5-7      23     Ash Wednesday Storm
3        1996  Jan    7-8      21
4       2009  Dec 19-20  20.5
5       1899   Feb    13       18
6      1983    Feb  11-12   16.3
7      1969   Dec    26       16
8     1989   Dec  12-13    14.5
9     1996   Feb    2-3      14
10   1960  Mar  16-17    13.5
11    1987  Jan  22-23    13
12   1980  Jan    4-5       12.6
13   1958  Feb   15-16     12.3
13   1960  Mar    3-4      12.3
15   1924   Mar    11        12
15   1966  Jan   26-27    12
15   1993  Mar  13-14     12   Storm of the Century
Updated 9:40am December 24

Current forecast 5+ inches for our area - I hope they're right !

If you're hooked on winter weather - as I am - this is a great website for the history of Virginia snow storms.

@Buffalo Chick. You might enjoy (more specific to VA than any) or is your a real weather geek.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the Channel 29 Storm Team to spring into action and give us live on-location shots of snow flakes falling from the sky.

I'm waiting for the Hookmobile to hit the road - one of my all time favorite Charlottesville snow videos - with Hawes Spencer at the wheel.

Thanks jimi great tips - I am truly a winter addict, and if this keeps up I may have to relocate, or become a polar penguin watcher for at least part of the year.

Nancy you need a hobby other than the internet. Try knitting it is very gratifying.

@ hr, sorry my hobby annoys you. Actually I have learned as much from reading comments at the hook about the community as I have from the articles and find this one more way to learn about the place where I live.
Hope you enjoy this beautiful day !

NancyDrew- love that WX is a great hobby, even better than the internet. I would say that hook reader shares your hobby............

1< inch!! Linsignificant!!

No sledding this time . Even Buffalo is having a mild winter .

If you check any weather forecast right now you will see rain, sorry looks like snow to me, and has been snowing since 3pm. I wonder if that means more than the 1 -3" that they are predicting. A little wet but by tonight maybe sledding will be possible.