Sunday hunting R.I.P.-- at least this year

The effort to overturn the ban on Sunday hunting sailed through the Senate last month, only to meet the fate of so many bills and die in subcommittee in the House of Delegates February 15.

Eight bills allowing Sunday hunting were introduced in the General Assembly this year, and those from the House of Delegates were already dead, despite the seeming groundswell of support from the board of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, which said it needed the revenue, and Governor Bob McDonnell.

"Hunters didn't go down to Richmond and speak for it," says Tony Shifflett, a supporter of the change. "They stand back and wait for it to happen."

Shifflett says he's not shocked the effort died. "I thought it it had a 50-50 chance," he says.

He adds, "It's inevitable. It has to happen. You should not be allowed to be told what you can do on your own property."

Another bill that would have effectively gutted the law enforcement abilities of Department of Game and Inland Fisheries officers by prohibiting them from inspecting game and fish catches, Senate bill 26, failed a February 14 vote in the Senate.

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"You should not be allowed to be told what you can do on your own property."

Yeah what's up with that? I can't grow opium poppies, hold peyote sweats, laser point at aircraft, get jiggy with my sheep, or keep all the used parts vehicles I want on MY property.

Daggonit this is America.

@ Those Cows are Far Away...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Technically, you may be able to get jiggy with your sheep. What goes on behind barn doors and whatnot...

The fact is that hunters are in the minority and the reason it was voted down is because the majority said they'd rather not have it. It's all in the numbers, and frankly, until there is a force field separating my property and their bullets, I'm in agreement. Better luck next year.

I had to reread the comment about rights on your own property. At first I though that was a quote by a government official. Silly, I Know....

Careful behind those barn doors Paul, the "long arm" of the law reaches up in there too.

Title 18.2. Crimes and Offenses Generally. Chapter 8. Crimes Involving Morals and Decency. Article 3. Sexual Offenses, Prostitution, Etc.

ยง 18.2-361. Crimes against nature; penalty

A. If any person carnally knows in any manner any brute animal, ... he or she shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony...

Deleted by moderator.

OK let's put a Shelby Lynn quote in place of the mild remark above. You crime-pandering sissies.

Censorship in ANY form is a crime...

Oh I'm just so upset, first someone calls my sweetie a "brute animal" and then I get censored for saying that it's highly improbable that someone named Tony is a genuine Dyke variety Shifflett. What a cruel one-two punch to the troll ego. And noting that Tony didn't say what he really meant to say.

Now let me go console myself with gratuitous Huguely Trial schadenfreude and Rhonda Quagliana photos.

@ Those Cows are Far Away...A man, with a sheep under his arm, walks into his bedroom where his wife is reading a book in bed and says "I wanted to show you the pig I sleep with when you aren't around". His wife looks up from her novel, smiles and says "you're such an idiot, that isn't a pig!"...the man replies....wait for it..."I wasn't talking to you".

I'm doing two shows a night at Lee Park through the end of the month... ;)

This'll get censored for sure!

Hahaha! Told you!