Some photos: As Huguely trial delayed Thursday

Testimony in the first-degree murder trial of former University of Virginia player George W. Huguely V came to halt as soon as it started Thursday morning the 16th of February due to the illness-based absence of defense co-counsel Rhonda Quagliana.

With no testimony to report until at least 12:30pm, we offer instead some photos taken this morning as the gallery cleared. (Plus a picture of Quagliana from the first week of trial.)

more photos taken today added at 3:06pm

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Teran - you always look happy in your photos. What up wit dat?

In my opinion, I hope the good judge demands a note from RQ's doctor. The alleged illness better be a good one. Truly stretches the imagination to have a person become ill enough overnight to not appear at the trial. I also hope the ethics committee of the Virginia Bar Association takes a hard look at what appears to be a cheap legal maneuver to distance the jury from the testimony of the prosecution by forcing the trial to go into next week. The jury will have five or six days to forget what they heard in week one and the first three days of week two. This is right out of the playbook of how to be a sleazy attorney, charge excessive fees and get killers off scot free. With the three day weekend, the trial likely won't resume until next Tuesday. Once again, it appears that Shakespeare was right.

She looks happy too you in that picture? You might be bad at reading faces.

It's a Mona Lisa look if ever I saw one.

God please let this be over soon. I want my small town news reporting back. Not this crap.

Professor, I doubt very seriously if the wife of a judge is going to walk into or call into a courtroom and tell another judge an outright lie. I know exactly how Rhonda Quagliana felt this morning most likely. It's going around and I had a touch of it myself this monring. Whatever time problems and delays exist in this trial is not the defense's fault, it's because the commonwealth used almost all of the two weeks set aside for this case. Having worked in this courtroom for decades, I could have told them all they weren't going to finish this case in 2 weeks. They might finish it by Friday or Saturday of next week.

Or a sick child and her husband splitting the day with her. I dont know enough to join any attack.

Gotta love that George IV's hair. He's sporting the Joe Biden curlie-que in the back. Tell him to knot his tie better. Oh, how does he get to court...Isn't his license suspended?
I do not doubt RQ is ill; there is stuff going around. I'm a cynic, but not that much. Plus, I thought the judge was going to work the trial Saturday, so the long weekend thing is moot (if RQ called out tomorrow and Saturday, would it be proper for the judge to continue w/o her??).

Small aside, gang...Was watching Jeopardy last night, and it was Teachers' Tournament. One of the contestants was a teacher/basketball coach from GWH alma mater, The Landon School.

R.I.P.: Michael Landon


FYI- this case is going to be heard on Saturday and well into Sat Evening if needed, the only days being missed are Sun and Monday.

I'd probably find this guy guilty and sentence him to 10 years, which means he'd be out of prison in 8 years. Nothing is going to bring the young woman back, and there is a chance that his life might be salvaged. They had a violent relationship, probably involving too much booze, too much money, and too much free time for both of them. The "college scene" these days involves an excess of drinking and of recreational sex--a bad combination. He deserves a significant punishment, but he may warrant an opportunity to at least try to have a productive life.

GH4 looks like Super Macho Man from Mike Tyson's Punchout

I read on NBC 29's twitter yesterday that the trial would not be happening Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Anyone know if that's accurate about Tuesday? Sunday and Monday are understandable of course.

Wolf, I agree with your 'college scene' comment with one exception. There really is no such thing as 'recreational sex'. That's a big reason why this tragedy occurred.

'The "college scene" these days involves an excess of drinking and of recreational sex--a bad combination.'

Yes, because the 'scene' in the 70s, 80s, or 90s did not involve heavy drinking and recreational sex. It's just kids these days...

Monday is a holiday, court closed.

Tuesday is the monthly Docket Call.

They will resume the case on Wednesday most likely.

Anyone have Kaitlin's number?

Hoping they can finish at least by Saturday. Agree that a 3 day hiatus would not be good in terms of the jurors keeping information fresh in their minds.
Sorry, ten years just does not cut it-Barry Bowles got 15. Why confirm peoples'(sadly often correct) belief that rich white people get off easy?
Most college students may drink and have sex-but they usually don't murder anyone.Youthful exuberance does not equate with being a psychopath which is what Huguely seems to be.
Lets hope the jury doesnt buy any of the defense's lame excuses and explanations.

I would be shocked if they finished by Saturday. I think it will easily go through the end of next week.

UVAGU Professor: Does anyone know if the jurors are being detained?

Kate: I agree. Also, what are we going to blog about once this trial ends?

Jefferson - I do not think the jurors are being sequestered. A 3 day break is really not ideal given the intense coverage. I would really hate to be on that jury.

Kate: I just read that they have to swear each day that they have NOT been following media coverage. Yes, being on that jury would suck. Still probably better than being on a Baltimore jury, which I have been...

@ Re:The Wolf...If you don't believe that there is any such thing as recreational sex, you aren't doing it right.

Patrick, I was in college in the early 60's, and VERY few women drank much, virtually none drank to excess. The men often drank on weekends but VERY seldom during the week. At my school, we had SATURDAY classes for my first two years, compulsory ROTC at 8 AM TU, TH, SAT, classes until noon on Saturday. Guys were eager to have sex, but most of us would not be interested in a permanent relationship with a female who had casual sex with a number of different guys--preferred not to get STD's. Most females would not have sex unless they were involved in or saw a real possibility of a long-term exclusive relationship, very little "hooking up." I had hoped that when women achieved something approaching equal rights, men might pick up some of their good traits. Sadly, many women seemed to have picked up all or most of the nasty traits of the guys, at times trying to prove that they can be as gross and stupid as us men. My son was in college in the 90's, and he was careful with the drinking, only had a coulpe of girlfriends in his 4 years. Of course, he was an engineering major with a heavy workload.

Omgitspaul: Two words: Towson University. Three more: East Carolina University. And four more: The University of Delaware. Oh, let's throw in one more: Elon.

Wolf: Your story is why I'm glad I'm Generation X and why I went to an art school...

JeffersonChurchill, me too but I later switched to Business (ugh!)

I do agree though that with the generations, now females seem to have adoped male behaviors and it isn't a good thing at all. Then there is a part of me here and all of us should be thinking this - why are we being judgemental over their drinking and sex lives if it never infringed upon us. Aside from this trial.

Hawes, Thank you for this great shot of Rhonda! Isn't she's terrific?


"My son was in college in the 90's, and he was careful with the drinking, only had a coulpe of girlfriends in his 4 years. Of course, he was an engineering major with a heavy workload."

Careful with drinking? I'm not sure what that means, other than that he graduated in 4 years and didn't leave with a drinking problem. You could be careful with drinking and still go out and get blasted a couple times a week..although I doubt he'd share that with you. I also doubt he'd share that he had casual sexual relations on occasion. I certainly didn't share those things with my parents.

(I was an engineering major at UVa in the mid 90s. I still drank relatively heavily although I couldn't drink as often as Liberal Arts majors.)

Anyway, my point was that drinking and promiscuous behavior is not new to college "these days". By the way, older generations looking down on younger ones is as old as mankind....

"The fact [is] that none of us works as hard as our forefathers did.
We just aren't inclined that way any more. And that goes whether it's
baseball, bricklaying or banking." -Bucky Harris, 1941

'And the parents themselves make no effort to train their little ones in goodness
and self-control; they grow up in an atmosphere or laxity and pertness, in which they
come gradually to lose all sense of shame, and respect both for themselves and for
other people. ' -Tacitus ~100 AD

Wolf, did you attend the same prison I did for four years? The one in Lexington, Virginia? Only other college I know of that used to have Saturday classes, and mandatory ROTC. We still managed to consume large amounts of alcohol though back in the late 80's and early 90's.

Doyle Hargraves- Norwich was the same back in the '60's-early '70's.........another by-gone era.


Just a bit more irrelevance . . . UVA had Saturday classes through the Spring of 1968. Conditions were about the same as Wolf describes above, although in the late 60's women were "experimenting" with sexual freedom a bit more than they had a few years earlier. I must say too that the drugs were pretty good in the late 60's. By god, we had real dexedrine. Today's callow youth has to get by with adderal, etc.

Carrboro Pete- except that in the '60's we had the draft and if you did get stung by the law, you usually had a choice- jail or the Army, and if you chose jail, you were drafted afterwards anyway.........

Regarding Ms. Quagliana's sick days: Ms. Quagliana has been coming to court defending all manner of human and misfit in some very gorey and difficult cases for many years. Since she is reputed to be uncommonly committed to her client's, I think it is highly unlikely that she was anything less than severely ill, in the days in question. Would you have preferred that she vomited in court ?