7:59am: Huguely readies for more prosecution

Escorted by two Charlottesville Sheriff's deputies, accused murderer George Huguely V arrives an hour and one minute early for court on Valentine's Day.

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I don't care what a douchebag you think he is, I firmly believe that there is NO WAY he MEANT to kill her. Would she still be alive if he didn't go there??? YES. But he did not go over there for the purpose of killing her. He was drunk, stupid, and doesn't know his own strength especially when drunk. How to explain all the odd behavior such as throwing the laptop in the trash? He was drunk and dumb. He did NOT know she was dead, I am convinced of that. However you want to read int to he tape, he was not aware when he was first in custody or he would have behaved very differently and likely would not have waived his rights if he knew she was dead. He can't be THAT dumb. He thought he was being taken in because she complained of getting broken into and pushed around. Even though the room was lit by a streetlight outside the window, he likely wouldn't have seen much blood until he left there and saw some on his hands... too drunk and not thinking rationally to go back and see if she's really bad off. If he was really that clear minded and knew she was dead, give him a little credit... he would have covered his tracks better...he would have at least driven the laptop to some far afield dumpster instead of leaving it nearby. Duh. If his coach knew about his previous behavior... I blame him in large part because this boy had an alcohol and anger management sickness. When you see this, you have to step in. And geez, the coach even knew about the brawls between two teammates over YL and he let it slide so they could seamlessly continue on with the season. This girl would be here if he didn't have those issues and someone had taken steps to catch it and intervene. Ultimately his actions are not their fault, but they all speak of seeing a VERY large problem, and did not do anything. They sat by knowingly. Wrong Wrong wrong. Lesson to us all. INTERVENE. This boy did not mean to kill her. As sick as I am that that beautiful, loved girl is not here, he did not WANT her dead.

While Huguely is clearly handcuffed and escorted by LE officers/CV deputies as he enters the courthouse each day (we've all seen the pictures), it is very important to note that when he enters the courtROOM each day he does not wear handcuffs or leg shackles, and is not escorted by LEOs. [There are several LEOs in the courtroom; however, Huguely walks in unescorted. He simply walks in the door on the side nearest the defense table and calmly takes his seat; on this I can personally attest. If people did not already know who he was they might confuse him for one of several of the defense's trial assistants.]

All this may well be intentional on the part of the defense, a thinly-veiled strategy to create an appearance of defendant who is non-threatening and poses no security risk whatsoever.

I hope the jury is not persuaded that Huguely is anything less than what he is; that is, an individual capable of consummate violence.

Actually it is common practice to no shackle or restrain those on trial, especially jury trials. In theory, this is supposed to prevent the jury from making a decision based on the shackles. That is also the reason he is permitted to wear street clothes instead of stripes. It actually also gives the defense one less thing to appeal over.

Precisely my point: it gives the defense one less thing upon which to help base a future appeal following a conviction.

That said, it's maddening to witness Huguely stroll into the courtroom unencumbered, while he enters the courthouse under security. I appreciate the reasoning but, because of admittedly strong feelings regarding this defendant, I find this unnerving.

Is he smiling in this picture?

@Just sayin

I agree with you. But, as you know, AMericans always want someone to blame and a rich white boy is fresh meat.

he doesn't look somber in the above picture. Remember the pics of casey anthony & oj smiling, laughing in court. They got off, he'll do less than ten. He'll get out, commit another crime and then there will be outrage as to why he wasn't given more time. Remember this isn't his first crime. This is his fourth, however he was only arrested for two. 1. Drunk in Public and Resisting Arrest. 2. Punching teammate. 3. Assault and battery, choke hold on yl. 4. Murder.

a photo is one slight moment in time; a nano second. it could have been a grimace, a slight nod to a deputy he sees everyday, maybe he saw a interesting bird. who knows. just because he had a slight uptick in the corner of his mouth at the precise moment of this photo, does not mean he thinks this is all funny.

@Just Sayin' - really? Okay - everyone can now get drunk and kill anyone and get away with it.

How many have been drunk and never beat their girlfriends/wives etc.? It is no excuse - you are making excuses for him. He is arrogant and narcissistic and had the attitude that he was above the law - based on threatening another officer and being convicted of it. (I don't know if it was because he was of his family, prep schools, UVA or a LAX player that he felt he was above it all - or combination - but he did - still does.) His tears are for him - no other.

Why did he even take her laptop? It makes no sense if he went there to "talk" and they got in a fight and he took it? He took it from her room - which means he had to know at that time she didn't see him take it. Read the accounts of the witnesses who saw him after this happened.

He thought he would go into the Charlottesville Police Station and snow them because he was just that good. Pride commeth before a fall. He over estimated himself. As I have stated over and over again - the INTENT to kill can be formed a few seconds prior to acutally doing something that kills someone.

And the laptop seals it - Grand Larceny in commission of a death = 1st Degree Murder - it is black and white the facts. Everything else is muddy water.

Very insightful comment chouva.