Off steroids? Slimmer Huguely prompts chem speculation

The dramatically different look of the on-trial George Huguely could stem from a lack of steroids behind bars, says Hook legal analyst David Heilberg, who cautions that his theory about the prohibited muscle-building compounds is pure speculation.

"The first thing that came to mind when I saw his appearance in court," says Heilberg, "was, 'Was he using steroids?'"

The images of Huguely that have long filled the public pages and airwaves show a lacrosse player who, according to his team roster, stood 6'2' and weighed 209 pounds. So the idea of any fight between such a towering, hulking Division I varsity athlete and a much smaller female in her bedroom has provoked widespread outrage.

Huguely should not have been using the muscle-building compounds because they're banned by most athletic organizations including the NCAA, which governs the University of Virginia's athletic team. Steroids have been linked to a variety of health effects including shrunken testicles and an increase in body hair.

More gravely, there's a negative side-effect that can affect those surrounding the user: "roid rage," an increase in aggression. Defendant Huguely has a history of alcohol misuse including a 2008 conviction for public drunkenness and resisting arrest in Lexington.

"You combine steroids and alcohol, and that's a very volitile mix," says Heilberg.

Ironically, however, any courtroom discussion of steroids could conceivably benefit the defense in this trial in Charlottesville Circuit Court that's been attracting nationwide attention.

"That would be a credible mitigator if that were true," says Heilberg.

Since his arrest in the May 2010 death of Yeardley Love, Huguely has been confined– often in isolation from other prisoners– in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. That could explain the loss of body mass, as he may not have had access to athletic facilities.

"He clearly is a shadow of what he looked like," says Heilberg. "The kid we saw in court is not the kid we saw in 2008 and 2010."

The new Huguely, however, looks not only smaller but also dressed in a too-large sportcoat, and there has been widespread speculation that his legal team intentionally dressed the 24-year-old in an oversized garment.

"I won't say that they did that or that they didn't do that," says Heilberg. "I will say he looks harmless– like an ordinary college kid. Clearly, that's an appearance they cultivated."

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It could also be from eating (or not eating) stuff they call "food" in jail. Plus excessive drinking can pack on pounds and cause a person to appear puffy.

i would say lack of booze and high-calorie food in jail, not lack of steroids, contributed more to his present appearance.

"who cautions that his theory about the prohibited muscle-building compounds is pure speculation."

So, I know, great idea... Let's publish an entire article about it!
Next up, class: Editorial Discretion 101.

Oh come on... he was a Division I athlete, with a training staff dedicated to making him a good athlete. He was also drinking regularly. So there's two kinds of bulk he was adding WITHOUT CHEMICALS.

Now he's in jail. Eating crappy food, probably worrying his ass off (and rightfully so).

I'm surprised there's not MORE of a difference.

Wouldn't the defense have used 'roid rage in a new york minute, if true? They could still go with a twinkie defense...

With his attorney's reaching, suprised they didn't use this "theory" but perhaps they didn't because I assume that in college sports they may test for such use and the Commonwealth would then investigate further perhaps uncovering the fact that this was not a fact.

Crappy jail food - they eat better than us! Aside from that, he was in seg - away from all others, no weight training, no natural supplements to build muscle and no work outs. Guilt could also cause someone to loose weight.

Truth - it was my first thought at his appearance too and I wondered why his defense team wouldn't try to use that theory to get him off - "the roids made me do it".

What is so wrong with all of society - no one takes ownership of actions and all of society allows it!

Of course this is lack of alcohol. Look how bloated he appeared in earlier photos.

He wasn't drunk 4 nights a week, he was drunk 7 nights a week.

Further, he wasn't a star lacrosse player. He was second string. George's rage has nothing to do with steroids. His rage comes from years of living in a nightmarish, highly dysfunctional, likely abusive environment.

Guaranteed language like "I should have killed you" was not unusual at all for young George to hear.

Further, George does not look 'muscled' to me, but rather soft, out of shape and bloated.

I doubt that the defense cultivated his look, but rather ,got lucky. No one in George's family is willing to run to the nearest Brooks Brothers and drop a few thousand for new threads. He is simply wearing the same old clothes that no longer fit him.

@Cville Native - I hope you were being sarcastic about jail food, as jail food (particularly at the Joint) is one step above eating actual garbage.

His defense team wants him to look frail and pitiful. They probably want him to wear the suits that no longer fit. Steroids? He looked a little chubby, but not showing the changes that steroids would give.His face didn't look neanderthal, more like Pillsbury doughboy.

This is sensationalism at its worst. I'm an avid reader and fan of the Hook, but this is just ridiculous. I won't repeat what other commenters have said, but agree wholeheartedly about the more plausible causes of weight difference. Shape up, Hook.

Those close to him claim he was a ticking time bomb . His main defense,therefore, is of Dissociative pshchotic disorder in an acute stage prompted by excessive alcohal , drugs,and shock of being dumpted by YL at the time of the assault .Painting that picture which appears to have been the reality of his state should give him the best chance of being absolvedfrom the more serious charges being brought .

Thanks Jed. I felt the same way. Ridiculous.

It's the booze. Let's say he drank 8 beers a night which for a blackout-level drinker at his size is probably a safe bet - was probably drinking a 12-pack. 8 beers would be around 1000 extra calories per day. They probably had those guys on a heavier diet plan in school for lacrosse as well. A 12 pack means it's now up to 1500+ calories of pure carbs to sizzle away.

Thinking about his situation,his weight loss may well be due to the fact that Boy George has spent a lot of time on his in room throne.............

Preach it, Jed.

speculation = page clicks not journalism. got to pay for this thing somehow though...

The HOOK should be embarrassed by this article. Terrible journalism to say the least...

We'd like some more in-depth reporting on what is going down in court, please.

yeah, agree with the other comments. really pointless article. but, i guess it got the job done, we all read it, and took the time to comment. it's so clear that jail/stress + not drinking is the reason for the slim down.

This is not even good or believable sensationalism. I know the hook is trying to get the most they can out of this trial, but this is just sad. I have always trusted and enjoyed reading the paper, but this makes me rethink that.

Why do you have an "expert analysis" based on pure speculation. What a bad joke. Your expert is not an expert, just ask the majority of criminal defense attorneys in Cville. PURE SPECULATION - pathetic.

This is horrendous journalism. Gotta get money somehow, right? Maybe the Hook should work for GH's defense team since they apparently have no shame.

The next time your feel like crowing about your many Virginia Press Association awards, try to remember that you also publish sensational, yellow trash like this.

Keep it up and the Hook won't be around for another ten-year anniversary.

Terrible journalism to say the least? Sensational, yellow trash like this? Horrendous journalism? Not even good or believable sensationalism?

Is it safe to assume you folks won't be back to read more in the coming days? If so, thanks.

The legal analyst is correct when he states that Huguely's potential steroid use could be a mitigating factor in the defense's favor if raised by the prosecution, but I highly doubt it would work out that way in actuality. Under this theory, Huguely was so impaired by a combo of alcohol and 'roids that he lacked the ability to appreciate that his conduct was wrongful, yet he still possessed the clarity of mind to steal Love's laptop and remove its incriminating contents from the scene. That's conduct that involves cunning and some cognizance of the ramifications of the criminal acts that preceded it.

@meh - ah No, not sarcstic about the food there - they serve veal and other items that many who work for a living can't afford. Our own military gets meat that isn't "fit for animal consumption". Recall the Texas Warden who gave the prisoners bologna and had them out in tents? Reasoning was the food was better than what he had when he served in the military. Sad, that our tax dollars go to feed those in prisons and elsewhere so they eat better than we do!

as a former D1 lacrosse player myself, this is a load of garbage. those guys are put on a high octane training itinerary witch includes regular drug testing. i know on my team, we were required to have team lifts at least 6 times a week, with two a day practices and a mid day run. he is not exactly keeping that up where he is.

and i still have a # of former players that i coached and friends on the uva team. they were complaining about this guy and his behavior up two years before this incident. he put on 20 lbs of bloat and was a regular butt of jokes for it. he wasn't even second string, to who ever said that. he was so burried on that deep bench that he saw the field for about 10 minutes his entire career at uva

All time low Hawes.

Huguely has a documented alcohol problem with binge drinking. In jail he no longer gets to enjoy his usual alcoholic beverage and protein dense calorie diet. He no longer has access to a D1 weight room. There are no two-a-day lax sessions in jail.

Are you going to place this article in your print edition and blow the top off the unexposed Division 1 lacrosse steroid scandal that was implicit in Love's death?

How many times did UVA drug test Huguely? Did they hide the results? Are they complicit in the death of Love? Did his team mates know? did the coach know? Why didn't they do anything to derail this steroid and booze fueled train?

The answer is simple, it didn't happen. There is zero evidence he was on steroids and you basically just made this story up. Sensationalism at its worst. Your efforts only damage the value of the Hook during a time of national attention. Embarrassing for you...

It's called beer...he's drinking 12+ that day, and according to roommates did it 4-5 times a week. 100 calories a beer, 12 a session, 4 sessions a week, that starts to add up to a lot of empty calories

This is so ridiculous. You try living in jail for 1.5 years without drinking and with limited food choices and you would lose weight too.

He's not a pro wrestler - he was a D1 athlete that would have been subjected to regular drug testing. And did he seriously look like a steroid user in 2010? No way - he looked a little soft. I don't doubt he was strong, but he wasn't ripped.

Many of Heilburg's comments on the case are suspect. I am shocked a member of the bar would make such a reckless comment, which borders on defamation. That The Hook would print it is extraordinary, but it is sadly in keeping with its biased coverage throughout this tragedy. What happened to reporting facts rather than opinions?

@Cville Native - YOU are the one that is wrong about the jail food. Not only was I in the jail here a couple times, but I worked in the kitchen while I was there. Nobody gets veal, or anything even close. The food is the absolute bottom of the barrel stuff and sometimes barely fit for human consumption. Whatever info you got that inmates eat well, is wrong.

I'm sorry, Hook, know you need headlines, but really.... This is a man who had the world by the tail and who is now looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars. If you were in this position, you might not have much of an appetite. Extraordinary stress wreaks havoc on a body. 'Roids? Please. Show a little willingness to look beyond the cheaply obvious, I know you can do a better job of reporting than this but lately you just seem to be grabbing the low hanging fruits of scandal and innuendo. Boring and tasteless and I, for one, am an ex reader.

Possibly (probably) an unpopular view but I actually think this article is perfectly fair game. Alcohol is playing a huge role in trying to build sympathy (from an alcoholic family) and create a defense. if he was a heavy boozer, that's pure carbs which turn into pure sugar which are stored as fat. And as someone noted, he was kinda Pillsbury Dough Boy.

18 months sans booze and we have a slimmer cat.

Every aspect of both prosecution and defense are going to be analyzed in court. In some ways it could be considered more fair of The Hook to include this speculation because it allows some deference to the essential cornerstone of the defense's position —that booze ruled GHV's life.

That doesn't mean he should win on the drunkard's defense. I mean, everyone in America has a drinking problem and we shouldn't all be given carte blanche to off our loved ones just because we go on a bender.

Michael Skakel - Part 2.

I should clarify. Similar to Skakel with opportunity, privilege & arrogance. At least Skakel didn't send a threatening e-mail a few days before a murder then steal a computer. Does anybody really believe the family won't splurge for a suit that fits? Bless his heart - it was the steroids talking.

For what it’s worth, when I first heard this story, I immediately thought that his behavior was probably influenced by a combination of steroids(rage), booze(loss of inhibitions) and cocaine(keeps him awake instead of passed out). A few days ago I met somebody (co-worker) who grew up with him and we talked about this case in depth. This guy is his age and went to Landon with him and partied with him in throughout HS and claimed to know him well. In my opinion he was credible. While he claimed no specific knowledge of this night, he told me that George was big time into cocaine and booze(as we all know) and agreed that George was almost certainly on both at the time of the murder.

He(my co-worker) said he didn't know him (George) to have ever used steroids (although he didn't dismiss my theory) but he said (75% likely in his words) that Xanax was involved as he knew that George was big into it that as well.

IMO, it makes perfect sense. Xanax mixed with tons of alcohol will put somebody in a blackout. Coke (possibly) gave him the energy to stay awake when he would have been better off passed out. He also told me other things!! This is my first post here. Great site, BTW.

What other things @Larry...?

I would post more but I don't really know what is or isn't allowed on this site. I mean, what I posted is "unverified" per the posting guidelines but I am NOT claiming this as fact. I am only stating what I heard and who I heard it from. Let the mods delete if they so desire.

George (according to my co-worker) had attempted to end his own life.(which should surprise nobody) I didn't ask when, how or how many times. Co-worker said he heard it from a mutual friend who had visited GHV in jail. GHV was known to have "serious daddy issues". All types of crazy stuff such as fist fights with his father, full pitchers of beer thrown at each other, using drugs together. One time GHV and GH4 got into such a crazy fight on their boat that GHV jumped off it and swam a mile + back to shore. He told me GHV was the most popular kid in the school and a "nice guy". When I asked him if he had ever seen GHV exhibit any behavior that would suggest he was capable of murder, he said emphatically, "Naa man, never". We both agreed that he have been so messed up at the time that he did this. How else could somebody do something this retarded?

The story about George jumping off the boat with his dad is documented. His father called 911 and George was picked up by another boat in the area. This was in Florida, I think in 2008? Nothing new there.

But Kate, the article was not really about his change in stature. This is a college town -- kids gaining weight from over drinking should be common knowledge. No, this was a thinly veiled attempt to package salacious and easily refuted speculation as news. That speculation is not news and never should have been published as such.

I personally beleive that George is currently enrolled in weight watchers while incarcerated. But then again this is only speculation. I take it the hook's legal analyst has never been to jail before. Or known anyone who has I hope he works pro bono whatta joke this article is.

I sent an email to heilberg directly asking for a retraction. Knowing both George and yeardley this is not the type of thing an uninvolved lawyer should be trying to generate business with. I deem this not only highly unprofessional but pathetic and a wild abuse of his legal title. If he fails to offer a retraction I plan on exposing this and many other shortcomings in his profession which I have no doubt I can uncover. To support this man or his legal practice is to support this type of behavior. George's nickname was fat George, steroids? Do some research heilberg. Signed an angry alum.

Nick. He sounds like he may have been on steroids. They don't make you cut. If you take them and don't work out much, you will get bulky and retain your fat. The dramatic weight loss surely raised the idea in many peoples' heads. It was the first thing I thought of. I am an alumni also and numerous non-athletes and athletes, including lacrosse players, took steroids while I was there. People are vastly overreacting.

Salacious? Defaming? We're online.

He could also have been put under a slimming spell by the wizards at Hogwarts Academy. There's as much proof of that as there is of this theory. Aren't you people ashamed of yourselves?

Red - you don't think you'd experience significant weight loss if you'd been in jail for nearly two years? Eating a prison diet (not exactly the highest caloric foods) and not drinking? If you'd previously been drinking significant amounts at least four nights a week?

It's just silly to use his weight loss as evidence of supposed steroid use.

And if George had been on steroids, don't you think Fran Lawrence would use roid rage as an excuse? No question in my mind.

This is apparently my most controversial comment ever published. However, my theory was prefaced by the disclaimer that it was "pure speculation". It is ironic that all the other theories about his substance abuse and jail diet above, like mine, are also no more than "pure speculation". Everyone else's theories are argued more as if your speculation is accurate or factual but none of us know the whole truth. No apology is owed to anyone for remarks partly taken out of context. I won't and don't expect anyone else to apologize for having opinions.

My opinions are often wrong and I'm not afraid to admit it. My theory is possibly (maybe likely) wrong but we will probably never know. We also will probably never truly know what led to these events so everyone else's opinion is no more or less believable than mine. I'm sure that even if Mr. Huguely testifies and the jury believes his version of what happened, many of you won't believe his story. Whatever story he tells under oath (if he testifies), like for any defendant on trial for his life might be anything but the truth. It is clear that Mr. Huguely had a substance abuse problem and I wasn't the first person to speculate that his conduct was influenced by some kind of 'roid (or other substance abuse) rage. His sometimes doughy appearance might be purely a product of too much beer and carbohydrates. It could also be what was left on his frame in the aftermath of a steroid withdrawel with alcohol acting as the equivalent of methadone for a heroin addict.

Putting on or taking off weight in jail doesn't mean a lot. Most drug addicts and many impoverished people noticeably add weight there. The food certainly would be lousy by Mr. Huguely's lofty standards but, for some, it represents better nourishment than they get on the outside.

I did not defame or insult someone who, so far, admits that he committed homicide (involuntary manslaughter). Whether this was a higher degree of manslaughteer or murder will be up to the jury. Those who are angry about this particular or any opinion of mine have lost perspective. Your wrath should be directed to the person actually on trial who brutally assaulted a defenseless woman who was a fraction of his size. He attacked her with more than enough personal rage to kill her. Direct your anger there. George Huguely is being much more ably defended by his counsel than his apolgists here.

Mr. Heilberg - when you speculate that Huguely could have been on steroids, it maligns UVA athletes, UVA coaches and UVA sports medicine officials.

Yes, you said it was pure speculation on the steroid theory, but it's hardly speculation on commenter's parts to point out that Huguely hasn't had alcohol while he's been in jail, which of course could contribute to his dramatic weight loss.

And as you said, Mr. Huguely is ably defended by his counsel. Don't you think that Mr. Lawrence would have mentioned steroids and roid rage if Huguely was on them? He's clearly a smart attorney and is doing everything in his power to not get a murder conviction.

I agree Kate. The argument is so lame that it's really not worthy of a reply.

College athletes workout a lot. Then there's the alcohol bloat on top of that. Doubt he got his regular workout regimen in while in jail. Naturally he'd lose muscle.

I was in the courtroom when your "expert" was busy disrupting the court and was called out by the judge. Perhaps his judgement is a bit questionable to be relying on him calling out a steroid issue.

Unchecked privilege and a drinking problem.
Yes again.
Conviction for murder 1?

"Nick," if you actually are a UVA alum, then the fact that you were not only offered admission, but allowed to graduate without having learned how to write is a slap in the face to many more qualified people who were denied admission so you could have a slot. If athletes and "legacies"were held to the standards that are applied to the rest of the University's applicants, then it's likely this whole affair would never have happened.

Your buddy screwed up a lot, but he still always managed to get a free pass to the front of the line. This time he screwed up in a big way and that put him in the public's eye. That public is made up for the most part of people who don't get those free passes and they have little sympathy when those who do self destruct. Speculating about the cause of the change in his weight is about the mildest thing that most of them would like to do to George H. considering what he's accused of. You should be glad that is really all they are left with.

If you're going to get angry at anyone, that anger should be directed at George for being so stupid and at the rest of your friends for doing nothing about it. If only you'd done that sooner and talked some sense into the boy two lives might have been saved and the whole sordid mess that is UVA lacrosse culture wouldn't be national news.

@saywha? - Your last post above shouldn't just be directed at this case, this university or this state but our nation as a whole. So many turn a blind eye to all of these behaviors or they go unreported or nothing is done - until obviously it is too late and lives are lost.

If anything could come out of this tragedy in Yardley Love's name it would be that people would step up, report things, not turn a blind eye and help those who need it. That women (and men) in abusive relationships would get out safely and learn how not to get involved. That those who had issues with drugs and booze would get help, that no one would fear for themselves if they did report such abuse. Example, what if there was a maid who saw some of this in the household that George was raised, she didn't report anything for fear that she would loose her job. (Speculative here.) What if she had stepped up way back when? We will never know, it is too late.

But from this point forward perhaps all of us need to keep a better eye out for our neighbor, friend, co-worker, fellow student or team mate and actually DO something to make sure behavior doesn't end a life.

Ah - what a concept...

Cville native- you are so correct. Not sure where all of this went years ago, but most youngin's and many others today just don't get it!

Has the nanny state taken completely over and ithas become- "not my problem"?

Next time you see an adult pushing their young child around for anything- stop, look and stare. Amazing what will happen when you step in by just recognizing the situation.

And if that doesn't work- step may save a life.

SkipD, there is also the point of understanding with a parent / child situation. Children do try our nerves. So, when that parent is looking frazzled because their child is acting out or up, sometimes a good thing is to step in and say something of encouragement too. As a parent myself, I've done this because we all can understand how frustrating it can be to raise children. Another issue but I feel there has to be more out there to help families - and C'ville has great resources for this, you just have to look around - most are FREE or for a very low fee too!

Now - two adults, one pushing/grabing or anything else the other - red flag there. And one must also be careful of stepping in - you might become a victim yourself. Most of us have cell phones - make a call!

This belongs on a scandal sheet. We'd like to read the news, not a stretch to find a new story angle.

@David You do not need "lofty" standards to consider prison food bad. This is perhaps the most ludicrous part of the entire comment thread. While it's true that food is more abundant for some prisoners inside prison than out, the vast majority eat better food outside than in. All they need is a lofty enough standard to not eat food out of garbage cans. Honestly, have you tried the food?

As for your speculation about steroids, it's perfectly reasonable. It's also perfectly reasonable to include weight loss as part of what led to this speculation. What's less reasonable is for the Hook to publish such a speculative piece with steroids in the headlines, and to *lead* with the principle evidence being weight loss in prison. Had the headline been prefixed with "Opinion:" and if the article had started with some kind of background about 'roid rage and how it might have contributed Huguely's behavior, and then included weight loss as further evidence, I guarantee it would not have ignited such a firestorm. There would still be anger about the slanderous nature of this speculation, but it would have calmed the indignation of those of us who couldn't believe that the article excluded mention of the much more plausible causes of weight loss.

@Jed: I have occasionally sampled jail food (their specialty is mystery food known as "the loaf") and prefer to avoid it. No doubt, some will lose weight. If you compare the more toned round face official team photo for Huguely with his puffy mugshot, it's not too much of a stretch to speculate as I did about steroids preceding too much beer. I agree with your premise and would have preferred that the story be identified more clearly as an opinion. Finally, Kate Burg suggested that I maligned UVA athletics. Certainly, I didn't mention this in my opinion and didn't intend this. However, the truth is that, despite these controls, the system is run by human beings and it is far from infallible. Something like 40 baseball players successfully appealed confidential false positives for steroids in recent years. Since their identities remained a secret, you don't hear much about that. Ryan Braun, who is the opposite of anonymous, is appealing his steroid baseball suspension on this basis. Users have skated on false negatives, defective or too infrequent testing and ordinary deception in every sport. Every year at UVA, despite honorable behavior by most everyone, several people have founded honor violations and dozens of students commit crimes of various degrees of seriousness mostly due to predictable immaturity. Mr. Huguely, like most suspects interviewed by the police, already lied about several facts, so it's not surprising to me that he could lie about this if asked. Since his credibility is already compromised, if he testifies, the Commonwealth will argue to the jury that important parts of expected self-serving testimony aren't worthy of belief either. Mr. Huguely might intentionally try to deceive everyone (or maybe not). UVA's mistakes, if there were any, seem unintentional.

Slightly off-topic but still related...It speaks volumes about his upbringing to hear the court testimony last week: "He spent all day drinking and golfing with teammates, and was so drunk he was missing the golf ball. That evening, he split a bottle of wine with his father at a downtown restaurant." Nice work, Daddy!
R.I.P.: Joe Horner

@ S.B. - my spouse was a Master Officer there and as someone who had endured MREs - look that up compare because our Military's meat is GRADE D, not fit for animal consumption - which is what they use in MREs. Now, what you served, you were the cook so that is on you. When my spouse was there - he said they had veal. Not all their food was "grand" but it was better than what many who are today relying upon our local food banks. My spouse is still in corrections with the state and the food isn't ideal but it is more than many of them would get if they were out on the streets.

Simply: Charlottesville's most award-winning weekly newspaper and the largest independent paper in Central Virginia. By publishing fair, balanced, and colorful journalism . . . ."

Just read the above on The Hook's home page. So far involving this case I have only read "colorful journalism." Still waiting for the "fair, balanced" stories -- maybe those will come when the defense puts on its case . . . but somehow I doubt we'll see anything other than snarky, sarcastic headlines when that begins.

Gee, Mr. Barrister, the last thing I thought of in seeing his pics is steroids. You might has well have tossed out your "pure speculation" as being HIV or cancer. First of all, you or the paper for whom you write should not address you as "legal analyst." In the capacity of this article, you are no more a legal analyst than the roofer sitting two stools down from me at the local bar.
You also did not include the many more plausible explanations for his change:
1. The loss of a multi-thousand calorie per day high carb diet.
2. The loss of a training regimen to strengthen his upper body.
3. The loss of freedom.
4. The immense strain on him emotionally and, likely, physically.
5. The loss of high alcohol intake.

Somewhere in that article there was mention of his lack of weight training and, finally, at the end, a mere mention of the oversize sportjacket.

More than anything else, this article reflected the need on your side to see your name in print, regardless of what preposterous hypothesis you need to create to reach that end.

R.I.P.: Ty Longley

There are wonderful exaggerations in this "story". Where to begin? My main "you have to be kidding me" exaggeration is the "elite" division I lacrosse culture. Come now, anyone can associate themselves with the team. For all purposes, George was still on the team because they just never got rid of him. Unless he was on scholarship than he essentially paid to play,

@Cville Native -Grade D meat is a long ago discredited hoax. Meat is not given a letter grade and the grades that are given are based on fat content and how well distributed it is through the meat. The most cursory of internet searching might have stopped you from destroying whatever credibility you have in this discussion.

Jail food is nasty by the way. It is in no way better than what the military eats except in the most extreme combat circumstances. I've had the opportunity to try both.

There are Grade A meats, etc. - go to the grocery store - do not rely on everything on the Internet to be the true source, it is full of opinion and often slanted. Currently, our meat industry in the US sends the best cuts overseas. I don't consider Snoops to be the "be all end all" - Read Fast Food Nation, read other items that have come out about our meat industry here in the US.

Considering the state of the economy, many families - lets see the new numbers just in of over 40% taking some sort of government aid out there - I would state what is served in jails is much more than what is on the average household's table.

It also depends upon what branch of the military and if you were officer or grunt. It also depends upon what jail too or if it is local, state or federal.

Welcome your "opinion" but it is just that - as I said, my family member worked at ACRJ for 5 years, now works for the Commonwealth - served in the military, I am basing it on their opinion. You need not attack others for stating opinion. Of course it appears to me CookieJar, you have no respect for other's opinions which means you have no respect for yourself. The trouble with all of society today.

Either way - the dude can't use "roid rage" as his excuse.

Ah @ Cookie Jar - here is your link to read:

And here:

My "credibility"? Really? Okay there.

Maybe its because he has been in protective custody in the complex eating only prison food. This is the best the Hook could come up with? No wonder Hawes had to sell his soul to the cville to stay afloat. The Hook hasn't printed one worth while article in years.

Lack of excercise, lack of beer, depression, and some plain maturation...

Shakespeare's quote on lawyers didn't come about cause attorneys are intellects, nor are they last word on anything relevant. Aw contraire, we need only look so far as the nearest politician to understand what prompted Shakespeare to utter those infamous words.

Steroids certainly makes an attention catching headline. But the first thing I thought of when I saw his appearance was that he was not eating as much due to depression. Yes, he caused her death, but imagine how bad he feels that he killed someone he loved, that people are very upset with him and that he has lost his freedom. Also, not drinking would take off the pounds too.

C'mon Hawes? Really? I want the guy locked up as much as anyone else but this is more than a a little bit of a reach. The guy was a professional drinker taking part in a Division 1 Strength and Conditioning program. When you lose access to both of those things and your lawyer more than likely has you on a diet, you're going to lose weight. A lot of weight. I gained 22 pounds my first semester of college on a S&C program that was supplemented by Milwaukee's Best. No what happened when I got out and started working too much to do either, I lost all the weight.

I enjoy how involved The Hook tries to get but implying that a UVa athlete is taking steroids while knowing how often they're tested is leaning towards slander.

I think it's a stretch to imply that Hugely's lawyer has him on a diet. Occam's razor says that we should go for the simplest explanation and the simple fact is that when people are under extreme stress they reduce their eating and lose weight. The tendency is to paint Hugely as all bad, with no human feelings. Just because he had a temper, it does not mean that has no feelings for others. It's not surprising that he would get depressed and lose weight after killing his ex girlfriend and being locked up for 2 years.

as a former athlete/steroid abuser, there is no question in my mind that george was juiced. I can tell by his appearance and by the roid rage nature of the murder. it is blatantly obvious to me.