Huguely trial: Jury pool narrowed

Day 2 of jury selection in the trial of George Huguely ended with 27 candidates to serve out of the pool of 160 citizens called– enough to set the jury when court resumes Wednesday morning.

The panel that determines the fate of Huguely, accused of six felony charges, including the murder of his former girlfriend, Yeardley Love, will be made up of 12 jurors and three alternates. Both the prosecution and defense each get to strike six jurors.

The original count of 27 jurors was expanded to 28 when one who made it through the first round of questioning on Monday told the judge she had airline tickets for the weekend of February 17. Attorneys wanted her excused to allow for the possibility of continuing the trial on Saturday, February 18, should that be necessary.

Media exposure to the case, personal connections to those involved in the case, and personal experiences with alcohol abuse or domestic violence  continued to be issues attorneys focused on in eliminating people from the group of 40 called to appear at court Tuesday morning.

By lunch, three people had survived the questioning and were told to return, including two who said they had no knowledge of the case. Added to the 19 vetted yesterday, that put the count at 22 possible jurors.

One juror, who had worked at C-Ville Weekly as a graphic designer, was excused, as was Hook publisher Anna Harrison.

Around 4:30pm, another 40 people were called in, and by 6:30pm, enough candidates made the cut to be eligible for the final 15.

The first witnesses scheduled to be called Wednesday morning are Sharon Love and Lexie Love, mother and sister of the victim.


Please don't forget who the victim was in this case.............

Hi Skip - no quibble with the idea that we should remember Yeardley Love, but I'm curious: given that her picture is at the top of every single story the Hook posts about this trial, why are you concerned the Hook is forgetting about her? Moreover, she is not actually the person on trial.

Hawes Spencer of The Hook joined WINA's "Charlottesville—Right Now! with Coy Barefoot" to discuss Day Two in Jury Selection and explored some background facts in the case. Please note: this conversation contains some graphic details.

PODCAST: Correction, Day Two of Jury Selection conversation with Hawes Spencer is HERE:

I wish all the media, Hook included, would stop publishing the photos of Love and Huguely side-by-side. I'm sure her family and friends are ready to stop seeing his face plastered right next to hers. It seems disrespectful - publish their pictures if you must, but it would be nice if they were separate.

RE: SkipD

It was Yeardly Love wasn't it?? I'm perplexed as to why you keep posting this?

RE: Sharon

It's the victim and the accused, it's totally normal and appropriate. Emotions have no place in journalism. Unbiased and neutral.

Skip's a troll. I think it's obvious by now the way he/she roams about posting the same mindless scrip to everybody in every single story here at the Hook that pertains to this trial. He/she doesn't seem to want to see anybody discussing this case apparently. Even though it's, you know, a *comments section.* If you do, he/she jumps on here, posting the same weird, trollish scrip.


Apparently my "t" button isn't working very well.

I hope they come up with smarter jurors than the clueless morons who were on the OJ murder trial jury. With all the talk about how pale and thin Huguely is now, I can just see what his attorneys will be talking about, i.e. how can such a mild mannered wimp have done what the police are claiming he did? Why, he doesn't even have the strength to bash Ms Love's head against a wall so many times, not even once. They'll probably claim that Ms Love attacked Huguely and he was merely defending himself.
Or,they might try to claim that because of whatever minor medical conditions she may have had, she couldn't withstand having her head bashed against a wall as the rest of us could. Yeah, right.

he posts the same thing on facebook pages dedicated to yeardley...
Skip Degan
The trial is about to begin, I do hope that everyone remembers the victim in this case.......................

His lawyers may have some success in limiting evidence that he gave . He didn't have an attorney when he gave the initial statements . They will as standard practice be trying to set traps for an eventual appeal if they don'e get the desired outcome . Big money can whittle away over time on the number of charges ,degree ,and sentencing . Their money should come into play in presenting GH as someone who has an inherent condition that needs treatment . Based on his actions toward the police lady in 08 and the victim here George is clearly deranged . Why wouldn't his legal team not want the 08 situation to come in here to bolster the obvious . He clearly needs put away so why wouldn't the family put all their money to work at getting him into a mental rehab facility . I am stuck on the dissociative plea idea here . It is more of a reality than the general perception .He was probably overloaded with mind altering substances which tipped him over the edge . A person who otherwise seems perfectly normal but challenges a female police officer with death threats and does this heinous act clearly has a severe dissociative personality make up .

No way could they go with the insanity defense here. That defense doesn't just require a showing of insanity, but a showing that the perp could not understand the wrongness of his actions. He blew that by trying to destroy evidence (allegedly) and with before the fact e-mails threatening her (allegedly).

Hook reader- you are corect- not hiding anything or behind any stupid name...............

anyone have a problem with my posts regarding the victim in this case?

boooo! - apparently so............why is mine mindless script and yours is not?

now back to the trial........................

@ realist - Not only that, but Huguely's lawyers have made sure to strategically keep his seat in the courtroom lowered, making him appear smaller/shorter than them. He's also wearing ill fitting clothes, most likely his threads from several years ago before being put in jail, which also create the illusion of him being smaller than he actually was. Somebody posted somewhere here at the Hook recently that they wished the trial was happening right after the murder took place, instead of dragging it out for several years the way they did giving him time to lose weight, this way the jurors would have gotten to see what Yeardley saw that night - a big, strapping 6'2" Lacrosse athlete. Not the skinny little boy looking guy we see now who's spent the last 2 years in prison.


Your schpiel is a script because it never varies and you insert it in whether it's applicable to a conversation or not.