What are your thoughts on the Huguely trial?


Yesterday, The Hook's caption for a photo of three kids
said that they sat on the defendant's side of the courtroom.
Is the seating really arranged like that?
(.....and, good for The Hook, to get a little personal like that.)

My comment? Please don't forget who the victim was in this case...............

I just want to know what is so big about this trial? How many people have gotten killed in Charlottesville and got this much press for it? I think it is ridiculous! Oh, I forgot they were promising UVa students, lol that is Va excuse for everything these students do and that is the reason they get away with everything they do. What you all need to know is most of those students are the biggest alcoholic, meth and crackheads around here, but don't nobody see that. If you overlook it for them you may as well overlook it for everyone.

Oh, here comes SkipD again, not seeming to understand that people are allowed to talk about this case and to post comments on here in the comments section.

There is a defendant missing from the court house. The University of Virginia is as guilty of this death of a beautiful young girl as is the defendant. The University's culture promotes drinking, chauvinism and excess in the pursuit of athletic success. The University and its Athletic Department fosters winning at all costs. At UVA winning isn't the only thing, it is everything. It is time for the University to clean up its act. It is time for the University to hire stronger and more competent people in the student affairs area. It is time to stop accepting felons to the University. Money and graduation for a "prep" school of questionable academic merit should not be the criteria for undergraduate admission. The University should be on trial today.

Prep school to perp school.

Geez Matt, give it a rest. We've all seen your same nonsensical comment several times now. Repeating something doesn't make it true. If UVA's culture promoted chauvinism (and by this I assume you mean so called "male chauvinism" rather than an excessive love of one's country) then males wouldn't be so outnumbered on the grounds, both as students and administrators. If UVA fostered athletic success at any cost, they'd have an athletic record more like Notre Dame's or Stanford's, not what they have. In the revenue sports, UVA has had a pathetic history.
As far as "accepting felons" goes, . . do you believe that people who've committed a crime and paid for it don't deserve an education?
And, if UVA routinely accepted graduates of "prep schools of questionable merit" they wouldn't have the graduation rate they do today.
It's too bad you have this (insert crude slang term for male tumesscence) for UVA. Try to find some peace in your life.

He did it. And he should be punished to the greatest extent of the Law. Should be a short trial based on what appears to be the evidence. Tragic for so many!!!!

@betty: snork!

Robert Arthur, courtroom seating usually follows wedding seating: one side for groom's family/friends, the other for the bride's. No formal rules, just the convention; makes sense that Yeardley's family would be more comfortable sitting near Chapman et al., and that George's family would sit so as to be closer to him and his lawyers.

My thoughts, I hope they convict him of 1st degree murder but knowing the criminal justice system I am braced that he will get a lesser conviction.

I also don't like the comment above made by Marla Cantor: "I think it's very sad. I think it's sad for his family, for her family. It's just a sad situation because this boy will not have any life."

He took the life from a very beautiful promising individual - that is the horrifying and people who do that do not deserve a life.

Well, we have both sides here in the fold...Truth is, UVa's culture is very much the privileged preppy culture. And that culture certainly does promote chauvinism. Not sure what the ratio of m/f in student body or admin means. Just sit in on some meetings at UVa with higher level faculty or administration and listen to the comments. The preppy certainly perpetuates that; women, by and large, belong in the Volvo station wagon.
Alcohol? C'mon Carrboro. Huguely was in a drunken rage--and was a serial boozer. Love's BAC--coincidentally--was .14 that night. Gee. who else could I have discovered drunk around UVa that night. Now, I am not being naive here; I went to college. But UVa espouses a culture of drunkeness (what the heck do you think a wahoo fish is?). Then they act like they "need to address such issues."
Graduation rate? Please don't get me going with those stats. Schools have goals for graduation rates, and if admissions is doing their job and bringing in lots of paying students, then academia better do their job and get those students through the programs. Every school tries to tout that stat, and it is full of twists and turns. And if you isolate athletes' grad rates, then you really get a laugh. UVa is a good school for sure, but not worthy of blind defending.
And people who commit crimes may deserve a chance at education, but it is not a right. Too many people are going to colleges now anyway; they are a big money making scheme. We need 4-year degrees for lots of things, but far too many Huguely's of the world occupy space at colleges when they will only end up working for daddy or not knowing what the heck they want to do; he could have gone to school for two years and gotten the necessary business course to be able to work his way up in management.
Oh, but I forgot...it's all about that "academic experience."
R.I.P.: Ty Longley

hey boooo!, if that is your real name...............get a grip on something. Anyone can make any coments they care to, no one is stopping you, or me.

What is your issue?

Personally, I feel no sadness for Huguely or the worthless parents who produced this monster. I hope he gets to know (intimately) many young men in whatever prison he winds up in, all of whom, no doubt, Ms Cantor also is "sad" for.

I find the defense's contention that Huguely went there to "talk, make up, and work things out " far fetched at best. People who want to make up come hat in hand, with humility and maturity, ready to listen as well as talk. The hole in the door is about more than just a lost temper, it's indicative of someone with intent to meet face to face (not willing to talk through the door).

I also don't buy that drunkenness automatically rules out all elements of intent. There's no incontrovertible proof that drunkenness solely leads to autonomic behavior. Drunk people get hungry, they eat; they get horny, they have sex; they want to go somewhere, they drive; they want to beat the living hel out of someone, they start throwing punches. These are not reduced to mere animal instinct. Judgement may be impaired, sure, but that does not erase all intent wholesale. Huguely went there to assert himself, to aggressively make his point, one that came on the heels of a recent death threat that certainly suggests intent, however delayed were the final actions and under whatever boozy circumstances --liquid courage, anyone?

The entire defense feels like a major reach.

Boy George was out of control since his high school daze, and no one even cared. He has been under control since May, 2010.