More photos from Huguely trial

Photographs from outside the Charlottesville Circuit Court on Monday, February 6. The trial, or at least the jury selection process, entered its second day on Tuesday.

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Very nice shots,
but I still want Rhonda!

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Never forget who the victim was in this case..........

Hey Skippy -- there have been many female victims of violence on that campus. Don't forget them either. It all adds up in the end, doesn't it. The University system is a closed system where reports of violence are swept under the rug. I hope the CA and the media point this out.

Pam, you make this claim all the time. Who are they? Where is your proof? How many have been murdered? Do you read the news from other towns and college campuses, or are you only out to get UVa?

What the heck is it with Skip D roaming around the Hook comments sections parroting the same mindless script to everybody about "don't forget who the victim was in this case" ??

Notice he says it to anybody who dares say something negative about Huguely? What the heck is up with that? Post something negative about Huguely, and up pops ol' Skippy, trying to remind you not to forget who the victim was.

Hey Skippy, maybe you don't realize.............People posting negative stuff about Huguely and discussing the finer points of the case ARE "remembering who the victim was in this case."

You do realize that....don't you?


boooo! Gimme a friggin' break! At least I use my real name............and I am not sure that most posters even think about the VICTIM.

Perhaps you have not seen my previous negative comments about Boy George.............over the past two years when there has been an article about this mediocre excuse for a person.

Now that Boy George is getting his day in court, he will be painted as a victim, while most forget about who was killed with his hands...............

is that good enough for you?

@ Skippy

No, actually, it's not. Because you post your robot script immediately following comments that are negative towards Huguely. Do you not even realize you're doing this? As well as posting the robot script immediately following people who are just generally discussing the details of the trial?

This is a *comments section.* It means, people are going to post *comments.* About Huguely. About Yeardley. About the case. About how the trial is progressing. About all the nitty gritty legal details. So I really don't get what your deal is. In case you haven't realized, this case is going to go on for 2 weeks, there's going to be multiple stories and updates about it here on the Hook, and probably hundreds and hundreds of comments total amongst all the stories by the time it's all said and done. So you've got your work cut out for you if you plan to insert yourself in all the time to "remind" people who the victim is. (As if nobody here knows??)

boooo! Who cares? You are taking up too much space here discussing me, of all people..............