The week in review

Best break for gun-runners: Virginia's Senate passes a bill February 6 lifting the one-handgun-a-month law put into place in 1993 by Governor Doug Wilder to curb gun trafficking, the Washington Post reports. House of Delegates has already eliminated the one-gun limit, and Governor Bob McDonnell says he'll sign the legislation.

Latest gay discrimination to pass the General Assembly: The House of Delegates okays a bill that would allow private adoption agencies receiving state funds to nix gay clients. NBC29 has the story.

Latest Capshavian ventures: Coran Capshaw, manager of the Dave Matthews Band and founder of Red Light Management, is investing in a mixed-use project in Culpeper on U.S. 29 called Braggs Corner Station, according to the Star-Exponent. The music mogul also was named last month number 2 on Billboard's "Power 100" list for his humanitarian efforts.

Largest spike in protective orders: The number granted statewide in Virginia jumped 17 percent in 2011, the first year under a new law that allowed anyone alleging abuse or threats of violence to seek one, the Washington Post reports. Previously, before UVA student Yeardley Love's death, victims in a dating relationship couldn't get a restraining order.

Greatest loss of a community leader: Henry Harrison Bell, 84, who ran J.F. Bell Funeral Home and who used his position as a prominent businessman to help the African American community during segregation, dies January 30.

Worst week to jaywalk: Charlottesville police target illegal walkers and drivers who don't stop for pedestrians through February 10. The news ironically arrives amid a spate of injurious vehicle-pedestrian incidents.

Worst news for pot smokers: A resolution to have Governor Bob McDonnell petition the DEA to remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug– the same category as heroin– dies in a House of Delegates committee. So does another to study the  revenue potential of the black-market distributed weed.

Worst domestic dispute: Yolanda Monroe, 39, is arrested for allegedly stabbing a man in the arm early February 4, according to the Progress. The man gets taken to UVA Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Most determined to beg: Attorney Jeffrey Fogel files an appeal on behalf of five homeless men who argue that Charlottesville's ordinance that forbids panhandling while people are trying to eat at outdoors cafes and within 50 feet of the two cross streets on the Downtown Mall is unconstitutional and discriminates, the Newsplex reports. The suit was tossed out of U.S. District court January 18.

Most wanking in Staunton: John M. Brown Jr., 36, is charged with obscene sexual display and public drunkenness February 5 after police receive a report about a man masturbating downtown, the News Leader reports. And on February 3, Glacier I. Johnson, 31, is arrested for allegedly masturbating while sitting beside a 16-year-old girl in the Staunton Public Library.

Worst end in a desperate escape: The man who fled police after allegedly stealing a humidifier from the Waynesboro Walmart dies February 6. Brian Eric Wrenn, 26, of Staunton was hit by a vehicle when he ran across Rosser Avenue, and has been in a coma since January 25, NBC29 reports.

Best candidate for anger management: Soccer dad Gregory E. Jones, 45, gets 10 days in jail February 3 for assaulting soccer coach Jeremy Sipe following a game in June in Waynesboro, the News Leader reports. Jones allegedly slapped a coffee cup out of Sipe's hand, and in the ensuing fracas Sipe ended up with a shoulder injury and $2,800 in medical bills. An anger-management class is indeed part of the punishment.

Best Super Bowl ad: UVA alum and Virginia Beach resident Matthew Friedman, his brother, an actor friend, and a  great dane named Huff had already won the $25,000 "Crash the Super Bowl" contest with a Doritos commercial Friedman says cost just $20 to make. Following the game, a USA Today panel picks it as the most popular spot aired during the game– for a $1 million prize, the Virginian-Pilot reports.

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Crack down on the gun runners and stop placing more restrictions on the law abiding gun owners. One handgun a month did nothing but block people like myself who collect and purchase guns often from my hobby.