Vigil held for St. Maarten Café

In what may be the first evening vigil for a Charlottesville restaurant, a small group gathered outside St. Maarten Café on the Corner to pay their respects January 31. As the Dish reported a day earlier, the restaurant has closed after 26 years, leaving many long-time patrons nostalgic. Marianne Votaw, who helped organize the vigil, even painted a picture for the event. Others left flowers, cards, and letters near the doorway. Hey, the Newsplex even showed up. Film at eleven!


Just a restaurant get a grip unless; you like to get your picture in the hook and a second of fame?

We never had any kind of memorial service for the old Whole Foods,
and I'm still grieving.
The new store is just a grocery store, without samples.

Oh for goodness sake--it's a BAR, people! I remember when it was TJ's, and it's always been a pickup joint; most of the stories coming out of there involve vomiting and casual sex (not that there's anything wrong with that). Charlottesville has plenty of other watering holes that will be happy for the influx of bereft alcoholics.

i really liked maarten's...but not that much.

That is not even a crowd. It is a group.

This is so Charlottesville. Self-important, pretentious, living in some otherworld of fantasy and nostalgia. I think the Newsplex is barking up the wrong trees in their intrepid question for a Pulitzer. They didn't have this kind of press hubbub when Rita's Water Ice closed its doors?
Hey, if you folks want to cover closings of businesses so much, you could have a Scottsville bureau to cover that area....businesses change over like underwear down there. Hopefully, that horrid Twist ice cream place will be next!
R.I.P.: John Hiller

This would be a great location to revive The Tavern restaurant. I hope Shelly Gordon is reading this blog.

Poe's had many closings.

Got drunk in there a few times. Nice bartenders. Never tossed.