Pavilions is not condos

Last week's real estate story, "Condo aversion: Craig's Barracks West a cautionary tale," included a photo caption referencing Pavilions at Pantops as a "condo" community. However, unlike Carriage Hill, Barracks West, or Hessian Hills, which were discussed in the story, Pavilions at Pantops is not a condominium community, as all townhomes are owned fee-simple with the homeowner owning the underlying land. "This is why new home sales at Pavilions at Pantops are brisk," says Charlie Armstrong, one of the developers. "Pavilions does not suffer from 'condo aversion,'" he says, "because it is not a condo."

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Of course Town-houses are not condos and a court order is not an ultimatum.
So back to meat and taters, of course a town house is a condo...sorta, er, well, mostly.

Toni H....there is a world of difference between a condominium and a townhouse. I've owned both, and "never the twain shall meet". Fee simple ownership in a townhouse is far preferable, and without the constraints of the conditions, covenants and restrictions of the shared space or common areas inherent in condo ownership (usually anything outside of your interior walls). So a town house is NOT a condo, not even "sorta" and certainly not "mostly".

Party walls, shared roof, HOA rules, dues....Kinda Sorta

who cares about condos when Kroger Rio Hill is getting fuel pumps!

Project Name: Rio Hill Shopping Center – Major Site Plan Amendment. Request for major site plan amendment approval for a fuel center for Kroger at Rio Hill Shopping Center. The center will consist of an attendant kiosk, five fuel stations (ten pumps total), and a canopy covering the kiosk and stations.