Pain and frustration: Two years later, 'We know her agonies'

They'll never have their daughter back, but for the parents of murdered Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, the unsolved status of the case two years after her body was discovered in a remote pasture on a southern Albemarle County farm is added anguish.

"It doesn't get easier," says Morgan's mother, Gil Harrington, a week before the grim January 26 anniversary. If the mystery has begun to fade from the national spotlight, it still has legions of followers thanks in part to coverage on national programs including Nancy Grace and the Investigation Discovery channel's Disappeared.

The latest, Harrington says, is that, although an air date hasn't yet been set, America's Most Wanted is planning an episode. Locally, the Charlottesville band Howard/Johnson & Friends has written a song that's one-third inspired by the Harrington case.

Titled "Ode," the folksy ballad offers tribute to three seemingly unconnected tragedies: the 1933 death of starlet Peg Entwistle, who infamously committed suicide by diving off the 'H' in the famed "Hollywood" sign; the 1985 double homicide of Derek and Nancy Haysom by their UVA student daughter Elizabeth and her fellow Echols scholar boyfriend Jens Soering; and Morgan Harrington, who inspired singer Cheryl Knight to voice the following:

Something vile crept through that night
Tore away that young girl's life
Her parents search for the killer still
My heart cries out what can we do

Morgan Dana Harrington disappeared on October 17, 2009 after leaving a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena. Last seen hitchhiking on the Copeley Road bridge, the 20-year-old vanished without a trace until a farmer's grim discovery some three months later. When the remains were discovered, investigators expressed hope that the location of the body would be the key to solving the case.

"We believe those people in the community could tell us who frequents the area," said Virginia State Police Lt. Joe Rader, expressing hope that the discovery would prompt tips leading to a killer. Rader, however, retired in early January this year, passing oversight of the increasingly cold case to a successor who may or may not have better luck.

"There's no new information to release," says Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller, adding that the tip line still rings– if less frequently.  

Last January, on the first anniversary of the discovery, Harrington's parents vocally pushed for the state of Virginia to launch a procedure called familial DNA searching, a way to enable investigators to match the unidentified DNA recovered in the Harrington case and in an unsolved 2005 Fairfax rape to DNA from close relatives of the alleged assailant.

In the summer of 2010, familial DNA helped California investigators nab the serial killer dubbed the Grim Sleeper.The tool is no guarantee, since only individuals who have been arrested for a violent felony contribute their genetic material to the state databank.

In March, Governor Bob McDonnell gave the go-ahead for investigators to use the process in Virginia, and the Harrington case was believed to be among the first in line. Nearly a year later, with no fresh leads announced in the case, has a familial DNA search turned up any matches?

"We can't comment on active investigations," says Pete Marone, director of the Virginia Department of Forensic Science. Of cases in general, Marone says, even if there is no hit initially, familial searches are run periodically to check against new samples in the DNA databank. If the Harringtons feel frustration over the lack of an arrest, they aren't letting it stop them from using the legal system. In October, the mom sued RMC Events, the firm providing security at John Paul Jones Arena, to get answers about her daughter's last hours.

"This," Gil Harrington said at the time of her filing, "is about retaining our ability to ask those questions."

In addition, the Harringtons have launched Help Save the Next Girl, a nonprofit ad campaign and website aimed at raising awareness of missing people and providing support to victims' families. Harrington notes that among such families, the Harringtons have something to be thankful for.

"The visceral part of finding the body is big," says Gil Harrington, who says being able to bury Morgan's remains, to memorialize her life, is something many families never get.

"It's a sharp day, but boy we are glad to have had it," she says. "Not to be forever in limbo and mentally filling in the gaps. We know her agonies."

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Hi- very sad story about Morgan.

However, Peg Entwistle actually killed herself in 1932, not '33.

He will be caught. God may forgive him. God shouldnt bother. Let him rot here on earth and in hell forever. And let those people who covered up for him remember forever what an abomination they loosed on this girl. Dan and Gil are forgiving people. I say let him be damned forever, let his family suffer as he has made other families suffer.

"He will be caught."
Don't fall into crime solvers 101 and assume it is a HE, as it may be as likely a SHE is the culprit. Assumptions in the face of lacking proof are misleading.

“America's Most Wanted is planning an episode.”

I am crediting this poster and date, I have no way of knowing if this is the same poster from above.

“Cat says:
January 17, 2012 at 1:23 pm
One of the only hopes of solving this case IMO is if one the of “scared/unknowing” participants eventually comes forward. I think there is too much trust there, though, and the person was duped initially, believing that Morgan had overdosed and they helped cover up the result, now that they are too involved in the situation, the only decision going forward was to keep quiet and remain calm (seems to have worked thus far). I have a feeling that the evil is shifting among the shadows though, the day of not knowing will soon be followed by the day of knowing. If LE ever gets close, this person will crack”.
This is consistent with what we believe.
John Walsh may be able to do what he has done before, get THE TIP.
My personal opinion is that the use of “Murder” is a deterrent to the coming forward of such a “scared/unknowing” participant.
I hope Gil finds the truth. I suggest the tip will not come from Virginia. There is a strong possibility, not from a state that borders Virginia.
I only wish that episode would be on a network that does not require cable access.

Actually there is DNA evidence linked to this case connected to an unidentified male in the logs for a rape in nearby Fairfax, VA. However I agree--don't fall into lulls of thinking--keep it fresh. Keep your ideas evolving, but all means think outside the box.

In the past, we've heard this isn't a "cold case." There seems to be allusions, not just in this article but in other articles commemorating this grim milestone, that the case has significantly cooled. @Courteney, can you comment on the this. Am I mistaken?

@JAB / @ Restore the Republic

“scared/unknowing” participants we believe that one is female.

Is she the "culprit". We doubt it, but there is a woman who knows something, Maybe she doesn't even know the exact link. She is not one of "THE FRIENDS".

She got the heck out of Dodge and left a signal on her way out. It was the closest thing to a flag displayed.She is scared or putting the memories in a vault.

So in the overdose scenario, broken bones (if indeed there were bones broken) were inflicted as part of the coverup? I guess I don't understand the thinking in "Oh no, she overdosed. Quick! Let's make it look like a murder!" because you'd think that a murder would get a bit more scrutiny and lots more resources than an accidental OD. Or did they accidentally break her bones when trying to administer first aid? (Broke her ribs when trying to do CPR or something.) What's the theory?

Miss Information, I think it was Gil who revealed Morgan's bones were not just broken but "shattered." I've always wondered how she knew this happened before or during Morgan's killing and not as the result of an animal that got to the body in the field afterwards.

Most of the time when young women are murdered, the cause of death seems to be gunshot wound, stabbing or strangulation. It seems odd that the killer would have broken her bones, particularly since Gil has also said she doesn't think Morgan lived past the night she disappeared. That would indicate a relatively quick death, not the kind of slow torture that might produce multiple shattered bones. Unless someone ran her over with a car a few times.

Read the FACTS about Morgan's case below.

Thanks, Meg, yes, I'm never quite sure how much weight to give Gil's poetic words. And which bones were shattered? Eye socket and cheek from a blow to the face? Broken fingers from defended herself? Or major breaks from being beaten with a weapon? Forensics can likely tell the difference between breaks inflicted before or at time of death, or afterwards. Horses would walk around the bones but cows are pretty irreverent and will just walk over anything they please, so I there are definitely options for how bones might end up broken.


Another falsehood. Those are not facts. Only facts are what VSP prints and states. Because people repeat words over and over again does not make them facts. Fact is she was a woman, not a shinny girl. Fact is what you direct as facts have been proven to me to be false. Fact is VSP is investigating a homicide and the case is active. VSP has not used the word "murder" and you may not like this fact. Police do not share all facts with a Mother or Father of an adult. like it or not!

Michael Sutton: I wrote the information on the site linked, but did not post the link here. Did you see anywhere in it that I said everything was facts? I made it plain I found what I have from newspapers, etc, I cited the sources, and I tried to make it thought provoking. The whole point of what I wrote was to provoke discussion. The person who posted the link also did it in an attempt to get some discussion going. That is very important to the Harringtons. Did I say it was murder? No, I did not. I merely said the parents stated that on a billboard. Most of what I stated has sources to it. I invite people to draw their own conclusions. All I hoped is that it will start a civil discussion or it will spark a memory that will lead to the truth of what happened to Morgan Harrington. That is what everyone wants, isn’t it?

Duannah, your information is excellent. Don't pay any attention to what Sutton says or anyone else for that matter. They know absolutely nothing about this case. They only pretend they do. Some actually think they are inside the heads of the ones investigating. LOL I really feel for this family with some of the things they have had to put up with. In the end the truth will be brought to the light.

Well excuse me Mr. Sutton, don't get your feathers all ruffled. I believe the author explained their intent better than I did. I also agree, we do not know all the facts. We only know what we know and that surely isn't what we make up in our heads.

Anyone recognize this guy?

has anyone figured out yet that the sketch is a plant? to distract? and it worked?

Great information, duannah. I like how you kept this to just what facts have been made public and what has come from credible sources. No crazy blogger theories and no personal opinions interjected. This is a big help, thanks.

The forensic fellow Pete Marone is saying between the lines that there was no familial DNA hit , but there will be routine periodic re-dos' . After two years that pretty well makes it a cold case . AMW segment never hurts and sometimes helps but this case already has had immense publicity with no results .

The sketch features , beard , and hair look more of that of a descendant of Asia to me than a from Africa .

Not sure what to make of the details of the sketch. He's probably just a regular ol' black dude who is a run of the mill rapist. I hate to say it, but it's almost a cliche, and a bit of a disappointment after all the fanciful theories -- bad cop or guard abusing his authority and diabolically dropping the purse sans cell phone battery back at the lot after the crime; conniving roadie or musician from one of the bands luring her away with promises of back stage passes; a guru who depicted her in drawings on scrolls and has since fled to his country of origin with her necklace, which he hides in a hole in the dirt.

my point is ... treat this case as if there was never a sketch / "sketch" ...

Of course they did treat this case as though there wasn't a sketch for a few months at least-- because there wasn't one for quite some time.. Maybe as many as 7 or 8 months, before the dna results came back. But you seem to think the dna was planted. May I ask why you think that, or what your theory is, cosmo?

How can he be "a regular ol' black dude" "run of the mill rapist" if there was no familial DNA matching . That theory doesn't hold water . Also there are no known cases of your profile raping women from Continental India . There are unlimited cases ,however,of them raping young white women . For the same person to have been involved in attacking both and not have family in codis it is more probable that he is also from India/Pakistan . Is is doubtful that the attack in 2005 was between total strangers . The victim must have known more about her attacker than she realized or is letting on .

Frank Speaker, look at the other purty faces on the FBI's Violent Criminal site. He doesn't look all that different than the other mugs.

Regular ol' black rapists don't have to come from families of rapists or felons -- they could easily be the black sheep of the family where everybody else is a good citizen.

I find it absurd that he'd have to be of some foreign stripe to attack the first victim. Did he die his hair blonde to attack Morgan?

When AMW airs, hopefully the presentation will provoke memories and connections that will lead to arrest and conviction.

Cosmo if sketch was a plant do you realize the major cover up you would be dealing with. There is no possible way. Sketch's DNA is linked. That is a fact.

I have followed Morgan's story from the very beginning. My first "gut" instinct was that she was never there at the JPJA that night. The finding of her purse--with the cell phone sans battery--was just too strange. It felt "staged" in order to make it appear that Morgan had arrived at the arena alive and well. If Morgan herself had dropped her purse to leave a trail--then where is her camera? I pray that VSP have leads that they are not sharing with anyone outside of the Investigation. I pray also that whoever is responsible for Morgan Harrington's death will be held accountable.

You folks have watched one too many crime procedurals on television. Give it a break. Your rampant, reckless speculation has done NOTHING to help solve this case. Get over yourselves and quit getting off on your ability to read your own words on the internet. You all know nothing and have added NOTHING to the investigation.

Placement of the t-shirt could have been by a girlfriend, co-worker or acquaintance to tell sketch either I am done with you sorry MF or to say I go down you do too.

To say someone in lab or crooked cop did this is ridiculous. do you realize VSP, other states anf the FBI were all over these cases during the east coast rapist. If you wanted to plant and had acess to the lab or Fairfax property room why not plant ECR. Sketch had contact either first hand or second hand.

VSP may have very well been following a dozen people looking for cigareete butts, straws, food containers or other samples. When the sketch was release by a person claiming falsely that the DNA was link to the Pham case it may very well have interfered with the Fairfax case, Pham case and the 20 years old woman Morgan.

Find sketch, you find answers and at-least a rape charge for Fairfax.
Sketch signaling or taunting the police or the Shrine Morgan people just does not hold water. The man had evaded detection for years. If he was going on a evil destructive spiral then why not leave more and more things to inflame?

Yes find sketch, let John do his thing. Students have moved to all parts of he country, all types of people have relocated for the right reasons. So go national with facts, not about a shinny girl, instead abut a man the raped one woman and is linked to the abduction and homicide forensically to the 20 year old woman.

Is it just me, or are some of these comments almost nonsensical? When you find yourself thinking "Say what?" as you're reading along, then there's a problem.

English people, do you speak it?

It's real sad a nice young girl died so young, but we only presume there's actually a killer and not some other scenario.
Any of you folks take a look at the remains of an animal after 3-4 months in the wild? The birds and beasts get working and things get mighty busted up and scattered all over. The critters break up the bones so you don't get a nice pretty skeleton laid out there.
If she was murdered, it's long odds finding the perp..
The big sticking point for me has always been the location of the remains. It just doesn't fit in as a body dump location.

and why is the possibility of a major cover up so unrealistic?
it continues to happen in that area repeatedly ... i.e. who is the current Albemarle County reserve deputy and former police officer for the University of Virginia as well as the Albemarle Sheriffs Office was arrested last evening for rape?
what about the LE sexcapades? the LT who stepped down?
it all points to LE/Security and people keep saying ... it must be the sketch that came out of no where and the DNA ... both of which are easy to tamper with in the investigation especially if there is a member of LE involved
stop being so ignorant and taking whatever food they will feed you.

sketch's DNA is linked to what? another crime that wasn't solved? how hard is it to get DNA from someone / somewhere and plant it? not hard at all ...

get off sketch ... it wasn't "sketch"

higher probability of overdose and friend cover up than "sketch"

No it wasn't shetch that is for certain . Most probably though it was a person that sketch represents .

So you are saying the person sketch represents is too nice of a guy to attack and rape/ murder a beautiful 20 something female ?

Cosmo, you certainly seem to be eating someone's food regularly. I don't recall the recent arrest being a coverup. Nor was the disciplinary action against the cops in the sex scandal a coverup. Bad things happen everywhere - even in police departments. They seem to be dealt with in these cases, not covered up. Who told you it points to LE/Security? On second thought, maybe you've been drinking too much of the blinking kool-aid.

Please tell us how easy it is to get the DNA from the Northern Virginia sample, especially if that sample had very little left to begin with. They would have to leave some or they would be exposed. But share your thoughts, don't just hurl accusations.

BTW --The "Ode" is a very well done song in my opinion . We have followed the Haysom case up here in Canada from the beginning due to the connection of him being the big boss at the steel plant in Cape Breton .

they were cover ups until they were exposed and they got caught.
come on ... i guess you all like it when girls get murdered and there is no solution.
just give up ... admit you got beat by a criminal.
yeah Frank Speaker that is EXACTLY what i am saying ... ridiculous

Today ... i must have struck a chord ... no need to get personal. if i were a police officer or security and/or had access or even if i didn't ... i would be able to create access. with so MANY unsolved crimes in Virginia it would not be much of a challenge for someone to get in and get out or have someone do them a favor. it could have been random or it could have been selected on purpose due to similar MO or situation. this isn't rocket science. you don't need much of a sample at all, even if there is a minute amount left. it is just so obvious that someone has tampered with the investigation ... the alternative is that Virginia is incompetent as is the law enforcement agencies that continue to fail. anyone heard of Drew Peterson?

cosmo -- There were witness' to the crime and the victim in Fairfax colaborated in making the drawing of the perp. Now you are saying he is too nice of a person to commit the crime .How do you account for that inconsistency ?

are you talking about 2005? that was 7 years ago and witness testimony is notoriously inaccurate ... come on man you know that and you have even said that before.
where are you getting too nice to commit the crime from? what i am saying is that "sketch" is a plant to distract and it has been working very well.
they didn't find "sketch" in 2005 or since and they won't now ... closed case.
what else can we get away with in this town?

Actually, you didn't strike any chord, Cosmo, and I'm not being anymore personal than you were with the food comment. You seem to think anyone who questions you has to have some personal stake in it, which isn't true. I just see these accusations of cover up, they seem to mirror the thoughts of a blogger on another site. The point I'm making is, why do you think what you're reading is anymore reliable or true than what anyone else reads elsewhere?

And, Cosmo, actually, it would take a sizeable piece of the evidence from the Northern Virginia sample, because it does require a certain amount to run the tests. If planted, it has to be enough to survive. It can't look less degraded than what they found at the site where they collected it. In other words, it can't look newer. We do not know where the DNA came from originally, perhaps it was a small piece of skin under the victim's nails? I do know the police have said they cannot run anymore tests from it because what they have left of the sample is very small and they need to preserve that for trial. Seems they know what they have. It may not be rocket science, Cosmo, but it is science.

It seems like it would be very difficult to either steal old dna on file in Fairfax, or to find an unknown rapist (whom the police can't even locate) and somehow learn he is wanted for a violent fairfax crime and then get his fresh dna and leave it at the scene. It would be much simpler if, I don't know, he actually is the one who attacked Morgan, just as he attacked the Fairfax lady.

Why is it hard to believe that a violent rapist would strike again?

There's a camp that doesn't want Morgan to have hitch hiked because it shows poor judgement and creates a bit of self-responsibility for her death.

There's a camp that doesn't want sketch to be the guy because he's just a boring African American rapist, and it would be much more glamorous -- and more befitting her -- to have a big conspiracy that took her down, with bad cops or fake cops and staged purses and disappearing video tapes and purloined evidence to throw people off the scent.

There's a camp that doesn't want her to have been murdered at all. Drug overdose, hit and run, ATV accident at AF, hunting accident -- all staged to look like the MUCH MORE SERIOUS crime of murder. (I think you usually try to make a murder look like an accidental death, and not the other way around, but what do I know.) I'd much prefer that she was licked to death by kittens, but when you have a guy with a history of having committed a violent sexual assault against a young woman linked to another crime where there is a dead young woman, you know he probably did it.

The Fairfax case isn't closed. Cold, sure, but not closed. No statute of limitations on violent felonies in ol' Virginny.

2 years no answers ... those are the facts. 'nuff said.

i just can't get over how many people are totally ok with the fact that this girl got murdered and the killer(s) got away.
i don't think anyone is looking for glamour or excitement, but justice.
why would a rapist from 2005 go dormant for 7 years and then strike again with murder, especially in this manner. they wouldn't.

7 years = 2 presidents and 2 or 3 wars and you want people to believe that a person from 2005 who was never caught from a sexual crime 7 years ago, shows up and snatches a young, beautiful college girl from a concert and brutally rapes and murders her, then fools the VSP, UVA, FBI and many other organizations and goes from rapist to brutal murderer and has no other DNA linked to any other crime in the area for over 7 years.
who are you people working for?

Cosmo, how many serial killings go unsolved, period? If you have someone with intelligence, and he uses that intelligence to attack and kill young women, and he moves from place to place, he can go undetected for YEARS. There does not have to be a police coverup. This man could have moved to Charlottesville, after leaving Fairfax or he could have moved BACK to Charlottesville from Fairfax for that matter. He may have developed some connection to Anchorage Farm or people in that area that led him to that place, or he may have had a local connection when he got here. He may be a whiz at maps. He may have military training. It is extremely hard for the police to catch serial killers. So, I ask again, why is this a cover up? Police cover up makes interesting reading, but if you put police from other localities under the microscope, you will find similar incidents.

cosmo, who are the people you see who are ok with the fact that the bad guy has not been caught? I've never seen anyone say anything of that sort.

One attack was in 2005 and one was in 2009. That's four years, not seven. Since many rapes go unreported, we don't truly know that he was dormant for those 4 years. But he might have been. Or he might have been in jail (on a lesser charge that did not require dna). Or overseas. Lots of things could explain the possible gap. Maybe he was done with rape until an inebriated Morgan climbed willingly into his car and he just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Some criminals escalate in their crimes, so it's not unheard of to go from rape to murder. Also consider that the Fairfax victim was badly beaten and choked into unconsciousness. A passerby interrupted the attack and caused the bad guy (sketch) to flee, otherwise who knows if that would have ended in murder.

And we don't know cause of Morgan's death (maybe the police do, maybe they don't), so it's possible that he brutalized her and left her in a field alive or barely alive, and she succumbed to hypothermia or her injuries. Maybe murder wasn't his intention. Or maybe it was.

In the U.S., about 40% of murders go unsolved. And you really don't need to be an intelligent serial killer to foil the police. Stranger on stranger crime is really hard to solve. When friends or relatives kill each other, it's easier. There's usually been some history of violence, or indications of trouble like restraining orders or reported threats, or there's a clear motive.

But when a stranger attacks another one, it's hard to know where to start looking. And if the bad guy is from out of town, forget about it. That's even harder because even witness descriptions will not be useful because no one is going to know the guy from the neighborhood.

@ Miss Information "maybe he was done with rape until an inebriated Morgan climbed willingly into his car and he just couldn't pass up the opportunity."

Think of the astronomical odds on that one - a rapist with DNA on file just so happens to be driving along on the road at the exact same moment that Morgan Harrington is out there, wandering around. The same night. The same exact time. And she just so happens to hitchhike into *his* car.

That's what has *always* bothered me about this case. Law enforcement is claiming that that they were able to extract DNA from a (mostly, if not entirely?) decomposed corpse that had been laying out, exposed to the elements for months in a field, then picked over by animals, but they were able to extra viable DNA, and then match it up to the sketch of a perp who had previously committed rape...four years before. In another region.

And that guy *just so happened* to be driving by vulnerable Morgan Harrington while she had her thumb out, and their paths intersected at the same exact moment in space time?


I don't buy this. It's too astronomical.

If you believe Morgan just so happened to "climb willingly into his car" and he "couldn't pass up the opportunity" then I don't know what to tell you. I myself don't buy this, and I never have.

So what am I saying then? That LE is possibly lying about the DNA match?


Something is not right about this case, and has not been right since Day 1. Nothing about this case makes sense. And it's one of the reasons I keep my peripheral eye on it, not because it happened locally, or because it involves a "pretty, blonde, blue eyed white girl," but because it makes no sense. Things don't add up. The icing on the whole deal was the location where Morgan's body was found, and what it would have involved to try to get her body to that spot. At night. In the dark. It's absolutely bizarre.

My 2 cents.

Like I said yesterday...
You folks have watched one too many crime procedurals on television. Give it a break. Your rampant, reckless speculation has done NOTHING to help solve this case. Get over yourselves and quit getting off on your ability to read your own words on the internet. You all know nothing and have added NOTHING to the investigation.

As a (probably redundant) add-on to my previous post, do seriously think about this. The odds of a guy - from another region, mind you - who has already committed rape and whose DNA is on file, just so happened to be here, in Charlottesville, on that same day, and happened to be driving along on the same exact road where Morgan was hitching, at the same exact minute/second of the night.

This just does NOT make sense.

Then this same guy from again - another region - who looks like your average black guy, happens to know of this great secluded spot on the edge of a farm out in the county to dump the body. Even though to get to that spot requires some seriously weird logistical maneuvering.

I said in the previous post and I'll stress it again - I think the supposed "DNA match" is a lie. Or at best, a serious mistake made by somebody in one of the forensics labs. I don't think the perp is the guy in the sketch, and I don't think he was involved in the slightest bit because the odds on that one are ridiculous. It's above and beyond "coincidental."

@ downtown brown

Why? People getting a little too close to the truth maybe? Gotta immediately jump in and try to shut things down? "Nothing to see here folks, move it along! Nothing to see!"

This website isn't yours. It's the Hooks. If you don't like the fact people are posting here about the Harrington case, then leave. You don't get to tell people to be quiet, not on somebody else's website. If the Hook didn't want these comments they wouldn't allow for them in the first place.

Sounds like you need to get *yourself.*

boooo! "serious" thinking isn't getting you anywhere. By your logic, it would be impossible for you to eat an apple, because the odds that an apple in the produce bin at a local supermarket could make it from wherever it was grown to someplace that you just happen to be able to reach for it at the exact time that you happen to be there are so slim that it could never happen. In fact, you have relegated almost everything that has or ever will happen to the realm of the impossible. THAT just does NOT make sense.

Downtown Brown is right, this is just another round of the same garbage that adds NOTHING to the investigation. I do hope that the Hook is making a few bucks off of advertising though. Got to pay for our collective entertainment somehow.

I guess it would be the same odds as any girl who is murdered when she is hitch hiking. Or any girl attacked and murdered by a stranger. They all have to be in the right spot at the right time, or wrong spot at the right time.

"Why? People getting a little too close to the truth maybe? Gotta immediately jump in and try to shut things down? "Nothing to see here folks, move it along! Nothing to see!""

More "serious" thinking? So, everyone who thinks you're a fool is connected to the murder? I'm sure you'll have more than just mr. brown and myself rolling on the floor with that accusation.

I really don't have anything to add.. I'm just happy to see that people are still paying attention and discussing the case. Nice to see some of you here.

I know some people don't agree with many who follow this case. They don't want to hear from them, I get that. But if you think everyone is just out to lunch, you don't have to read it. I know these comments' sections attract all kinds of trolls who tell people to shut up just to get a rise out of them, but in the end, there are two parents who don't know what happened to their daughter, and just want justice. If they didn't want people to respond, all the far fetched theories and everything else, they would stop doing interviews. They're desperate for justice for Morgan and I don't think they care how bizarre the theories are as long as people still talk. I look at my daughter and I'm so thankful I haven't been put in their position.

and again ... wasn't the area that Morgan was found determined also to be in vicinity to the location where LE sexcapades have taken place?

That was a rumor, cosmo. Someone made a comment on one of the other newspaper sections that perhaps the location was Anchorage Farm, and then it took a life of it's own - on a certain blog. Just like the Colby Eppard shooting had something to do with her because he went down 29S and turned on Red Hill Road to make a circle and get back to town. To out of town people, it sounded good, hey, he turned down Red Hill Road . . . locals realized he took a shortcut to get on Rt. 20 to get back to town.

Albemarle County is 726 square miles, Cosmo. There are places closer to the police station just as remote as Anchorage.

yes but neither the location nor the Colby Eppard shooting have been vetted, confirmed or investigated. have they?


"boooo! "serious" thinking isn't getting you anywhere. By your logic, it would be impossible for you to eat an apple, because the odds that an apple in the produce bin at a local supermarket could make it from wherever it was grown to someplace that you just happen to be able to reach for it at the exact time that you happen to be there are so slim that it could never happen. In fact, you have relegated almost everything that has or ever will happen to the realm of the impossible."

An apple making it's way from the tree, into a basket at the farm, and eventually into your grocery store where you then pick it up, admire it, and put it into your own basket to buy makes more sense then anything going on with the Morgan Harrington case. There's logic to how the apple got to you. It was planned and organized ahead of time, with the outcome already known. It didn't just *happen* to come together through a series of random, unplanned and astronomical coincidences, the way the death of Morgan happened. There's no logic about the chain of events surrounding Morgan meeting her supposed killer from the sketch, and then winding up on a private farm in a spot that's not readily accesible. So you can laugh at me all you will, but your attempt to construct a comporable analogy falls flat. If you don't like my ideas, skip over it. Anybody who barks at what I'm saying is only begging the question, "What's it to you?"

@ Miss Information

"I guess it would be the same odds as any girl who is murdered when she is hitch hiking. Or any girl attacked and murdered by a stranger. They all have to be in the right spot at the right time, or wrong spot at the right time."

Yeah, but think of the odds of *this* supposed perp, from another region, with an already existing DNA file for rape, happening to line up exactly with Morgan on the same night, at the same exact second. That's a little....interesting, to say the least. Add to that all the other mysteries surrounding this case, like how the perp from the sketch knew of that particular farm to drop the body. Even if he was actively out there trolling for victims, in the same way a serial rapist or killer might, what are the odds of crossing paths with Morgan in those circumstances? At that exact moment? And are we really supposed to believe that this average looking black dude from another area knew about the farm and where to put the body?

It makes no sense.

People are free to believe what they will about this case, but I put this out there for consideration. Don't take anything at face value.

Cosmo: Here's the Commonwealth Attorney's report regarding the Eppard shooting:

Eppard didn't even turn on Red Hill Road from 29S. He turned on Irish Road, much closer to the Albemarle/Nelson line. The roadblock was set on the junction of Red Hill Road and Route 20, not even close to Anchorage. The case is closed.

As far as knowing anything about what went on with the police who were reprimanded for fraternization, I doubt anyone will ever formally know where that was because this was an internal investigation. However, lots of people in the community know.

my point wasn't the location of where the Eppard incident location took place exactly ... it was that the entire situation was never brought to light. any dashcams make their way to light?
internal investigation? how about external investigation?
have there been any links from LEO involved in the Eppard incident as well as the sexcapades as well as the suicide as well as the LT stepping down ... there are just too many things in a short period of time with the explanation ... " that is just the way it is "

Not sure how it is somehow odds-defying that it's *this* perp from the Fairfax rape. He's not special in any way -- not a star like the Colonial Parkway killer or the East Coast Rapist. So I don't know why it would be sensational to think that it's him. Most rapists are repeat offenders, committing an average of 6 rapes, so the odds are probably favorable that it WOULD be someone who had raped before, and not a first timer.

And it's just a 2 hour drive-- you can prolly take Rt. 29 the whole way between Fairfax and Cville if you want to, so "out of region" is kind of misleading. For all we know, he lives equidistant between the two. Or lives in MD or WV or DC or PA for that matter.

There may be 6 million rapists in the U.S. (based on estimates that 4.5% of men -- one in 25 -- have committed some form of rape). I guess you could say it was a 1 in 6 million chance that it was the Fairfax guy, but even those odds are misleading. Many rapists are in jail, so we'd have to take them out of the mix. And there's a huge percentage of rapists who only do acquaintance rape -- maybe 70%? So he's in the smaller pool of those who rape strangers. And there's a smaller pool yet that use violence, or violence plus intoxication, to commit their rapes (most just use intoxication to rape strangers). So the more we winnow it down, the more it makes sense that it WAS him. Violent rapes of strangers outdoors -- if we're presuming that's where it happened -- are surprisingly rare. (Home invasions are more common.)

who watches the watchmen?

What are the chances that a freak windstorm would cause farmer Bass to check the fences of a remote and rarely visited field in order to find Morgan's remains on January 26 -- on the exact day that would become the anniversary of when her remains were found!

that is just it ... they are not random.
this isn't a random occurrence.

Right. There are probably thousands/hundreds of thousands of girls who wander off alone each year from bars/concerts/parties intoxicated and who do not get murdered. The one that does run into the predator is always going to have been incredibly unlucky and beat (lose against) crazy odds when looked at in hindsight.

"The one that does run into the predator is always going to have been incredibly unlucky and beat (lose against) crazy odds when looked at in hindsight."
and so what ... we are just supposed to let that one go because of the odds?
chalk it up to bad luck and move on?
no way ... kick the hornets nest.

So the windstorm probably wasn't random either ? I always wondered about that . Weather control by a secretative arm of the Virginia/Federal Government apparatus who were in cahouts with rock concert security and also parties to the crime and cover up .Case solved . Prosecute them all .

Kick the hornets nest? At least we know not to take you seriously now, Cosmo. Have fun.

Miss Information that's an astute observation you've made. The chances of those events happening not just close to, but actually ON the date that would become their anniversary are slim at best. The real question is just WHO ELSE knew that day would be the anniversary? Answer that and we'll put this thing to rest!


"why would a rapist from 2005 go dormant for 7 years and then strike again with murder"

Let's see the BTK Murder Timeline.


So from "77 to "85 that was 8 years.

@Miss Information
"Some criminals escalate in their crimes, so it's not unheard of to go from rape to murder."

We do not know that he would not have killed the girl in Fairfax too. A bystander saved her life, IMO. BTW, I enjoy your posts. Thank you.

@Downtown Brown
"You folks have watched one too many crime procedurals on television. Give it a break. Your rampant, reckless speculation has done NOTHING to help solve this case."

Agreed, it sure would be nice if some of the locals in the area would just talk, give some answers, help solve this .

"I'm just happy to see that people are still paying attention and discussing the case."

Nice to see you too. Let's hope we can get the right people talking. Now, if we can get the local people of Charlottesville/Albemarle County to come forward. Somebody there has to know something.

"and again ... wasn't the area that Morgan was found determined also to be in vicinity to the location where LE sexcapades have taken place?"

Do you have a link to a news article regarding this? Proof Or are you basing this off of what you read elsewhere? If so, would not trust that source.

@Cosmo again...
yes but neither the location nor the Colby Eppard shooting have been vetted, confirmed or investigated. have they?

Seriously? Read the facts on that case. What connection could that possibly have to Morgan? Again, another false theory, coming from elsewhere (we all know where).

Why on earth are you talking about Colby Eppard when discussing Morgan Harrington?? Are you seriously trying to say that the two are linked?? Are you kidding me?? Where do you people read this stuff?? DNA being planted?? I swear it makes me think someone is trying to write a book or make a movie out of this. This guy has raped and almost killed one woman and is now linked to Morgan's death. He will do it again. Too much false information being written up on this case and about the investigation itself. Let me guess someone has inside sources. How about citing some of the sources!!!

A fact, the t-shirt was founf long before the body. So are some saying that a person planted the t-shirt knowing the body would be found?

Are some saying that the person displaying the t-shirt knew at the time Harrington was dead?

It is very possible that the person that planted the shirt thought Morgan had been shacking up with some people and did not realize that she was dead at the time.

Now think that through. The person may have left the area long before and not even be aware or have seen the villagers with the pitch forks and torches. Would you then come forward with any information knowing instantly that if the word got out you would be terrorized.

When Dino asked publicly for the person to come forward he was not addressing sketch. Lets see, Dino says hey this guy alluded us for 4 years, maybe they will just give me ringy dingy.


Someone knows something, and maybe, just maybe John can verbalize it with interviews of the VSP, FBI and Fairfax so that a real anonymous tip will come into his phone bank where it has been proven to be safe.

Why, just ask, why has VSP never used the "M" word?

Would Dino tell anyone what their team knows. Family or reporters, heck no! Then he would not be able to verify the tip.

Every time something like a baby being born or a plane lands in the water and people survive it is " A Miracle". People just love to use those words that invoke primal thoughts.

She was 20 years old people, not a 16 year old of a single parent. There is a history of the battery being removed on more than one occasion long before the concert.

Homicide can mean a lot of things. Something was wrong with the woman before she left JPJA. BY something wrong, it COULD be self medication with drinks and r more.


Seems your read a lot bout the case and that is good. Did you read Ms. Harringtons own post about unicorns and leaving some of her clothing behind. She wrote bout her fingernails being nearly chewed off my herself?

All I am saying is if your did read it, others may have too before the concert.

There are a lot of possibilities. Maybe it was not Sketch maybe it was X.

I think the problem some people are having with what I've been saying is multi-fold:

1. People's blind faith and trust in authority and law enforcement. ("They're all good people who never lie, and have your best interests in mind. They're on your side. They work for you. They're all honest. They're all exactly who they portray themselves to be.")
2. People's naivete about, and sometimes downright denial of, the nefarious side of this reality.
3. People's strong (and understandable) need for this case to be resolved/closed. And by me getting on here challenging the idea of viable DNA being extracted from decomposed skeletal remains that have been out in the elements for months, and challenging the idea that the so-called viable DNA actually traces back to this average looking out of town black dude's sketch from years ago, means that the case may not only *not* be close to being solved, but also that the possible truth of the situation is far darker than anybody could have imagined, and will most likely never be known. And people don't like hearing that. People want to believe that any second now this dude from the sketch will turn up and the whole mystery will be solved.

And you know, maybe he will turn up, and maybe it will be solved. And I hope for Morgan's family's sake it is. But I'm still going to question the extraordinary "coincidences" and nonsensical anomalies surrounding this case. And I wish more people would do the same. Too many people are just rolling with the so-called facts of this story and taking it all on absolute blind faith. I don't think things are what they seem to be, and I've thought that since the beginning.

Morgan goes to a concert she's been looking forward to for months, only to bail out before Metallica even hits the stage?

Morgan seemed impaired/intoxicated with a facial injury to boot, and her friends just...let her go?

Morgan either didn't have her own vehicle, or her friends had the keys to her vehicle inside the stadium (can't remember which one it was) and was again, impaired/intoxicated, as well as injured, and dressed inappropriately for the chilly October night time weather, and her friends just......let her go? "Oh, okay Morgan, have fun stumbling around out in the cold in a skimpy outfit while you're impaired/intoxicated and injured in a strange town far from home with no transportation! Have fun! We'll catch up tomorrow!"

Morgan was in a strange town not even remotely close to home, and she decides to........hitch hike?

Morgan's personal affects wind up widely scattered about the area - her T shirt strung up on some bush outside an apartment or something, her purse and cell phone or whatever scattered about in a parking lot near the stadium. This makes, exactly?

Then her body winds up on the far end of a farm out in Albemarle County in a spot that's not easily accessible by roads and which would have required weird logistical maneuvering in order to get that body there, presumably at night, with no lights. Through all that underbrush. For something like a half mile? Don't remember the exact distance. Something so strange that somebody on Nancy Grace's show even went as far as to theorize that maybe her body was dropped from a plane. !!!

And then lastly, after her body was outside exposed to the elements for months, forensics experts claim to have been able to extract viable DNA from the skeleton from the supposed perp - a guy whose DNA and supposed composite sketch was already on file for a rape from another region, years earlier. okey dokey. And this totally average looking black dude had all this inexplicable knowledge of this out of the way corner of this rural farm out in the county? Really?

There's other things I won't even get in to, because I want to stick to the main aspects of the case, versus certain things that rubbed me the wrong way intuitively about some of the characters closely connected to the case, so, I'll just leave it at that.

For two years now I've watched countless people bicker endlessly about "UVa is at fault!" "Don't blame UVa, policy is policy..." Back and forth, back and forth, meanwhile, the actual facts of the case itself *make no sense.* And nobody's really *seeing* this. Nobody's really questioning this. Lots of emotional posts from strangers who claim to care so much, bitter side track diversion fighting from people arguing about UVa, but what about the fact that the details we're being told about this case simply make no sense?

Basically, after typing this all out and discussing it here on this end with my boyfriend, I definitely have my theory, and I don't think some people here would like it, that's for sure. But I will say this - I think the DNA match is bunk, and the black guy is the convenient scapegoat/diversion. Whoever Morgan crossed paths with on that night was a lot higher up the totem pole. And if you read what I've said so far, and you're smart, you can figure out the rest and connect the dots.

(though honestly, even this particular theory I have still doesn't take into account all the weird anomalies about the case, including the friends' strange behavior. Unless what we're being told about the friends isn't accurate either.) Anyway, it's after midnight, so I'm giving it a rest for now.

/boooo! January 25th, 2012 | 12:11am

1. People's blind faith and trust in authority and law enforcement. ("They're all good people who never lie, and have your best interests in mind. They're on your side. They work for you. They're all honest. They're all exactly who they portray themselves to be.")'

I have spoken to Lt. Rader several times. I have had the FBI in my home at my invitation and spoke for hours discussing everything scenario. The possibility of a rouge cop was discussed and of course they represent a percentage of the population.

If it was by chance[small chance] a onetime or current law enforcement person, with county, city, state, railroad, Postal inspector, game and fish enforcement Joe Rader and /or the FBI would never, ever cover it up. There is no way a grand conspiracy exist.

They try, they listen, they want this case and all cases solved. Rader has taken care of business and jf it is true he is retired than all the better for him. The man then would even be more vocal and his team knows that.

He and they [FBI] honor no code that covers up for any institution.

So, like you said people can believe what they want. But to point fingers does nothing but to serve the last person to be with Ms. Harrington. If someone has direct evidence that a member of any of the agencies is involved. Call and ask to speak to him, Dino or the FBI agent in charge. They will listen and not push anything under the rug.

I am not blinded by any positive experiences with the police. I have seen good and bad, but no way no how is that team covering up a darn thing. Bank on it!

booo!, you wrote: But I'm still going to question the extraordinary "coincidences" and nonsensical anomalies surrounding this case. And I wish more people would do the same. Too many people are just rolling with the so-called facts of this story and taking it all on absolute blind faith. I don't think things are what they seem to be, and I've thought that since the beginning.

Actually, it seems like the majority are of your mindset -- looking for the grand conspiracy theory that will clear up all the anomalies and solve the case. Far fewer can accept that more ordinary scenario the facts point to.

Every one of the oddities in this case probably has a simple explanation. For instance, the missing cell phone battery was the source of high intrigue (did it point to law enforcement involvement -- someone who knew a battery would cause pings unless removed?), UNTIL we learned that it wasn't unusual for that phone to lose its battery, and that she was seen dropping her purse as she wobbled across the lot. So the battery probably fell out. Not nearly as exciting a conclusion, but it's the shortest distance between two points.

There are likely ordinary explanations for the many other oddities. The friends' apparent failure to go after Morgan might be the result of the "morgan got drunk/high and took off" scenario having played itself out in the past, with morgan turning out safe and ok in the end -- in other words, it wasn't a cause for immediate concern, though it sounds like they began to worry after the show. (Perhaps because they could not reach her by phone.)

Is it possible that dna was planted? Sure. It could also be a mistake -- in the lab, or the result of some benign contact with the dna's owner, brushing past him at the show, for instance. Or he could have picked her up hitch hiking, her clothes picked up his dna (hair for instance -- even semen or blood, for that matter) just by sitting in his car, he dropped her off somewhere safe, and from THERE something happened and she died. He can't come forward because he's a wanted man. But given his history of a violent attack against a vulnerable young woman, it's also not hard to see that he could have struck again with morgan,and that's how his dna got wherever it was found.

Having said all that, it's a real conversation killer to regurgitate the official theory., since we're at a dead end until he or a family member strikes again and leaves dna. So if anyone wants to explore the more colorful outlying possibilities, it will help keep the conversation going and keep the case front of mind. We're probably not a lick of help in solving the case, but it does keep a tiny bit of pressure that might keep the case from going stone cold. So if anyone wants to talk about the train tracks and that interesting vehicle that can ride both the tracks and the road, or any other theories of how she might have ended up in that field, I'm all ears. The truth is out there. Who knows, maybe it's WAY out there.

X doesn't make you stupid and all the times that i have been around anyone on X they have been a ok and i have some really mental friends. X doesn't get you murdered. And i don't know anyone who has ever overdosed or overheated on X. i know a lot of different people.
drugs don't murder people. people murder people.

Just reading about X, it says it can make you more "opened and trusting" -- perhaps willing to rely on the kindness of strangers to give you a ride somewhere? It can also cause confusion and anxiety -- maybe explaining why she fled the arena in the first place. But can it do all those things at once?

Several young girls in Western Canada recently being killed from routine consumption of X . The Vancouver area is the world capital for X . Easy importation laws bringing ingredients into port for manufacture of the pill and distribution to USA the largest market in the world for X. Don't be conned by anyone peddling the line that X is not lethel .

X by itself non lethal, counterfeit X sure... X combined with alcohol and/or other substances, definite possibility.

regardless - X didn't break her bones.

Regardless nothing ...You are unjustly trying to smear a broad range of institutions and professionals who dedicate their lives to make the lives of others more safe and rewarding . Now you are pushing what you term as the benefits and safety of illegal lethal drugs that are produced and distributed by criminal sociopaths that could care less about the damage done . You must be using a brain that was exposed to too much of the above . Just another typical apprentice of the Evil Boink .

Frank Speaker ... you continue to try to make a case for apathy and you continue to fail.
your emotions are getting the better of you ... who are you protecting? do you not understand this will happen again and again until the system is improved?
i am not unjustly trying to smear anyone or any institution. it isn't my fault they are incompetent and unable to do their job. and it is my right as a state and federal taxpayer to bring rampant inefficiencies to light ... i have nothing to be afraid of and i understand these agencies and institutions proficiently and professionally. the agencies as an entirety are not necessarily at fault, but they are not innocent until proven guilty ... we pay for their accuracy and sometimes people pay with their lives. Morgan did in this case and it really does appear this could have been prevented. and if it couldn't have been, then people have a right to know that as well. stop with your fear tactics ... they don't work and they only reveal your obvious agenda... hatred. grow up and be a man.

Frank Spearker - you better stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol as they are responsible for over 5 million deaths each year in this country and those are legal. stop the ignorance!

I do neither but good advice , that is the only idea you got right so far . No doubt you don't follow your own recommendations though. Typical Boink hypocrite .

ouch ; )

cosmo: x can be and is often legal

just google it

There are studies in Europe and the U.S. that made it legal here. For years it was legal here, till the studies were complete.

The studies show exactly the type of behavior displayed. It is a lethal drug!

Any person with a crush on the 20 year old woman, who was of age to go to the mid-east, could see her every move on Facebook.

Cause should be "save the next victim".

Only save girls, then teach them or buy them a cell phone that does not go blank conveniently any time she wants to go rouge.

A forty year old woman or a man with alternate live style should not be saved?

Cosmo: do you not see the contestant ironic PR?


I do state and with good reason that THE TEAM, VSP and FBI have seen me and talked. It is not to bolster my appearance, what it does is this:

Shows others that the THE TEAM is real, human, professional and will listen to serious tips. They are not a non-human machine to scare away potential tips.

Is I can do it, so can anyone with valid information.

AS to the railroad, there was a very good reason that I can not disclose that we discussed it. Then Rader did his reenactment on a news page with new technology. Certainly not just because of me.

True the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The tracks are no a straight line and contrary to a people post that post here, the vehicles are not too expensive nor uncommon. She constantly displays falsehoods.

But the point is this:

THE TEAM looked into it.

What they discovered is not for me to know. BUT, bet on this: They researched it!

I have been posting on this case for several years. I sure cant spell. Yet VSP listened. So, if your not confortable or English is a new launguage just understand this is not a gammer test.

Call Dino!

He could careless of you have sell check or what you sound like. Just call, if you know anything that has not been menioned before. Even if its a long shot.

duannah January 22nd, 2012 | 5:08pm

Do you want he truth? Or do you consistently spread false rumors for your personal gain?

some here ask for locals, do you claim to be?

If so why do present yourself as Dan's confidante.

Your daily blogs at RED, did it work?

Now, you addressed me, someone who used the screen name FACTS, posted and in the post capped "FACTS".

Now, lets focus on the truth, not reports. Do you work for a blogger?

Do you think VSP has learned one gram of evidence from you?
Do you honestly think you and your friends are going to help get the tip?

You seem, reasonable and concerned. So stop singling me out. I only did this as a return. Got some local stuff, call VSP.

That shinny girl did not exist from the time she came of age at 18.

IF she was so shinny, satellites would have seen the fade.

Not trying to be personal, not you do not ever care how many you and our kind hurt.

Can we focus on facts! Do you honestly think VSP is covering it up?


A female child.
A person's daughter, esp. a young one.


PR, what is it good for?

"To move people from logic and to avoid the obvious."

Who picks PR over investigation, with facts?

Someone in denial, or ingesting what they prescribe legally to others.

ASK for facts, give facts. This is a two way street. Got info about shattered bones, "beautiful bones"

Quote the source and end the conversation girl!

"cosmo January 25th, 2012 | 2:32pm

regardless - X didn't break her bones."

IF her bones were broken before she laid down and died, then sketch didn't do it either. AS you said rule out sketch.

Now, in law: A woman gets drunk as a Morgan, sorry a skunk. She drives a car at 100 mph. She kills someone. Did the car kill the person, did the driver or did the booze.

Cosmo, X does kill. ask our professed friends what we call a red light looks like. Not aimed at you, but simpletons are just that.

As Amanda always says,lets give them something to talk about!

Michael Sutton, i'm glad they looked into the train track theory. Those vehicles -- some of which are sold or built in Roanoke of all places -- fascinate. An unusual joy ride to an OD is a nicer last moment for me to imagine than most scenarios that could have happened to the poor thing, whose remains were discovered two years ago today. I wonder if we'll ever find out what really happened.

Today's article on is the first in recollection to actually call "sketch" a suspect in Morgan's abduction and homicide. Michael S -- why would the pre-mortem broken bones rule him out?

Michael Sutton: What was linked here by “FACTS” was something that I wrote and the Harringtons read it before it was made public. I am not “Facts” and did not post the link to it here myself. I was trying to do something helpful, and did so with their approval. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I work for no one, no blogger, NO ONE. I am a local, and those who need to know, know who I am. “Dan’s confidante” – how ridiculous that sounds, and I have no idea what you are talking about.

I certainly don’t know you, only your writing. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why you are angry with me, I made one comment days ago to clarify the situation, yet you seem to be very angry now. It saddens me that everytime someone actually tries to help these poor people they are attacked with ridiculous accusations and speculations. It has made people stop trying to help and lose interest in droves. I wouldn’t think anyone who claims to care would want that. Don’t bother trying to bait me further, I will not respond to anymore of this absurdity. duannah

Gil's latest poem says broken ribs. I guess that could still fit with CPR gone bad (for those who prefer the OD scenario).

Gil's latest poem on today's grim anniversary says Morgan had broken ribs.

Gristly Anniversary
When they brought your body back to me
There were just bones to see.
Didn’t look like my baby – Morgan D.
No golden hair, no sparkly eyes
Broken ribs – ugly surprise.
Disposable girl they all said
Skirts too short
Lips’re too red
Askin for it they all said
But what you asked for, screamed for, was mercy and release
Know you got no mercy, pray you found some peace
It’s so hard to do
This life with no you
Saw your friend at a local place
Saw the message on her face
That she’s moved on and we should too
But baby I’m not over the death of you
Gotta shake it off, pity’s no use
We’ve a job to do, still a killer on the loose
It’s another anniversary – not the kind you celebrate
But the kind you sorta hate
Even Hallmark passes here, I’ve looked hard
There’s no “Happy we found your daughter’s body” card
Morgan, I recon a reconing is due
Morgan, he’ll pay for killing you
And have to atone
For every scream – every moan
For each and every fractured bone


Duannah, there is not a thing wrong with your work. At least it is not filled with could have's, would have's or should have's...atleast you don't provoke people to provide facts that you don't provide yourself. Atleast you don't try to use people's own words against them trying to prove you are better or know more than everyone else. Atleast you aren't two faced and in the face of the public nice to the Harringtons, particularly Dan, only to curse him like a dog behind his back. You don't run around bragging about how FBI came to your house (big whoop) and you spoke to Lt. Rader (big whoop)...and you have inside information that is "supposedly" more important than anyone elses. You also don't carry on dogging on anyone that thinks differently than you do, and you don't try to discourage anyone that attempts to provide what they do know or have whether you feel it is consistant with what evidence that is out there. You don't assume you know everything, you give everyone the chance to voice their opinion and you treat people with compassion as though they are human. You dont assume just because someone is mentally ill that they have alot to offer, whether it be support, opinion, or intellect. You are a spectacular person indeed with great research and between you and "Today" two have provided great insight. Very worthy insight. You also don't use your so-called connections to intimidate and/or threaten people nor to make yourself appear more important than anyone else. Your work is indeed appreciated, it will be fruitful:)..Hang onto what you have. It will be worth it.

correction- "you don't assume just because someone is mentally ill that they don't have alot to offer".

If by "meantlly ill'" you're referring to "michael sutton's comments or those under his/her older persona of s. jones, then I think you're miles off. Long winded rants and delusional tales of deep involvement with the FBI etc. are exactly the sort of thing that have made any serious discussion of what might have happened evaporate long ago.

@saywha?, no, well, maybe just a tad, haha. While his long winded rants of being involved deeply with the FBI, are not exactly what you might call false, he does indeed have "friends"/"associations" that are FBI, and he indeed was visited by FBI twice, it has also amounted to precisely nothing.

In the mental illness reference I was indeed talking about myself. It is no unknown secret I have not a problem stating such. I will not rant on about it, as there is no need too. There is a difference between he and I. I won't state what I can't back up. Even he knows this to be true.
Many do. If he would like I am more than willing to share, but I don't however care to humiliate, nor have the slightest interest in destroying whatever he seems to think he is doing.

He is an online predator, and he will always be an online predator, there will always be someone agreeing, with his rubbish, and always someone right behind him influencing him to keep on flipping the case. His empty threats aren't the slightest bit of concern to me. I am unphased by his rudeness, cruelty, threats, intimidations and nonsense. I am however glad to see people seeing his true colors, its about time. I am not innocent, he had me latched on for about a year and a half. Getting and staying away from him was the best thing I could have done.

I am good and ready to see some productive conversation about Morgans case going on. Dan and Gil are excellent people, so much more deserving of the information they need, so much more worthy of respect and hold more compassion and strength than anyone I have ever come to know. And yes that would indeed be on a personal basis. So maybe before he goes spewing on a family he doesn't know personally, he should keep his insults to himself.

And the next time Michael decides to tell a mentally ill person to go kill themselves, he should not tell that to someone who is rehabilitated enough to know he talks alot of smack, and won't take it upon themselves to do such a thing. Again, I am mentally ill, I am not intellectually ill, big difference. I don't work on a CIT program, and 2 local human rights committees, governmentally funded programs for nothing. Unfortunately for him, his little threats didn't work: 1) no police came to my house 2)nobody took me away in a white jacket, and 3) I didn't go kill myself just because he said to do it. One fellow did that already, I'm not about to do that.

Please keep this story public, please keep talking about it, please don't let online predators keep you from helping and offering your support in anyway that you can, and if you have a tip, or information, please turn it in. Enough is enough of him, and no one should feel like they can't express, everyone has their ideas and thoughts..allow them that, he isn't the only one entitled to free speech.

You know Campbellhn, there have been times when you have not always been my favorite person.. BUT, that last part was beautifully said and I couldn't agree with you more.

Campbellhn, your post was excellent. Duannah's research has not gone unnoticed. Those that think they know more than others regarding this case are just blowing smoke. A lot of people have gotten to talk to members of VSP about this case. If you know anything about at all about the Virginia State Police they are very tight lipped when it comes to investigations. D, is not a blogger she is someone that does excellent work when it comes to research. She has never claimed to know who did this. Duannah, keep doing what you are doing.

@ Pink Panther January 26th, 2012 | 6:40p
Campbellhn and Duannah are both excellent and are local.
My attempt was for Duannah to settle what I think she believes to be true. No VSP cover-up. I was mistaken about the “facts” poster. It sounded like she was [facts] and I am sorry.
If it is not here style to comment on the cover-up so be it.
Campbehlin has so much research that is so good.
My point was this, if our local, we do not know what is out there. Be careful. I was not baiting you other than to ask your opinion on a cover-up.
Campy has photos that I think about a certain species of animal, certain types of vehicles, and tunnels.
I do not know if campy would share, it is up to her. Her research was acknowledged as excellent but dangerous.
So, apologies to Duannah.
To Campy I am in a no win situation.
Camp knows every detail about the 3 tips I received. We have never revealed that, hope it stays that way. But her follow up research was the best ever seen.

I think what we are dealing with is Chalottesville. You have alot of hicks in that part of the state. Even the police force there has probably not solved a crime in recent history. There was the case of Hattie Brown and recently a reserve Albemarle police officer Sean Horn was charged with rape. The police are mum about the cirumstances involving Horn,
I bet we find out some law enforcement was involved in Morgan's case. I'm just not sure how it will turn out, but they are not very good at sovling this case and seem to keep the public in the dark about any leads.