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MSG free
Chinese food gets a bad rap for being high in sodium and packed with MSG, but thanks to the healthy choices at the new Song Song's Zhou and Bing on the east end of the Downtown Mall, you can do your body right for less than $5.

A film about Gospel oughta feature lots of music, but according to Roger Ebert, Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah's new film, Joyful Noise, has more vindictiveness than vibrato.

Singing, seeing and sweating
From live band karaoke to a young Elvis, Belmont artists to bulging muscles, there's plenty to keep you busy in these waning days of January– so get out there and have fun!

Seeing is believing
Janis Jaquith wanted to buy local, she really did. But when she realized she could save hundreds on eyeglasses by ordering online from China, her eyes opened wide– and her mouse started clicking. Was it a mistake?

Russ Simpson by Hawes Spencer, Bill Goodwin by Style/Scott Elmquist, Eric Abshire by Jay Kuhlmann, Jasmine by Hawes Spencer, and Dargan Coggeshall courtesy of the subject.