What do you think of the John W. Warner Parkway?

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I enjoy the little ride. Living between the two ends of the road, I won't be using it much. As of January 11, the sign at Melbourne Road still said "Meadow Creek Parkway."

I live off of Rio Road and I was very hopeful that people would use it, which would greatly speed up my morning commute. I have to wait quite a while in the morning just to get out onto Rio, and was looking forward to some space where I could pull out. Alas, it seems like people are ignoring it and my trip is taking just as long. I hope that people get more interested in using it as time goes on. On a side note, whatever happened to nice short road names? How do you abbreviate this? I know that Warner made the parkway happen, against all odds, but couldn't we just call it Warner? I'll be calling it "the John Something Warner Parkway" not out of disrespect, but because I think it is funny that the name is so long..

@Jennifer: Just call it the Meadowcreek Parkway.

How about the "JWP" nice and short, now shut up!

I use it every day during the evening rush hr. Having it open has definitely reduced congestion. Of course, it would be a lot better if it went all the way to the intersection of 250/McIntire.

Why no left turn lane onto JWP from eastbound Melbourne?

What Mariflo said. I like the sinuous curves and the trees.....so much better than Rio!

Chuckle. Get out in your car and go enjoy some Nature! And make it fast!

I never realized that it would take away from the natural beauty of that area. Saddening.....

It will not relieve any congestion....there is a traffic signal at both ends.........probably a toll booth in the future- don't say it, they did it in Maryland last month.

Road's great and will be better when four-laned as the grading allows for. Once the interchange is built in the city it will help provide more than one access point to downtown (other than Park St.). The name is stupid. Why do we always have to name things after dead people (yes, I know he's not quite dead, but he soon will be) when we have better local names. Meadow Creek Parkway is a nicer name by far.