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Warner's honor
With a brand new name honoring a retired Virginia Senator, the road formerly known as the Meadow Creek Parkway has partially opened to drivers after 44 years of planning. Not everyone's celebrating, however, and with a lawsuit against it still underway and millions of dollars in construction left to perform, don't expect to zip all the way from Rio to 250 anytime soon.

Kid written?

Did the third graders at Woodbrook Elementary really write a song about wealth inequality, or is it– as some conservative commentators assert– just more liberal indoctrination from the government mind control factories known as public schools?

Grisham's back!
There are short story contests and then there's the Hook's short story contest. After all, how often do you have the chance to get one of the world's best selling authors to read your fiction? The deadline's coming up, so polish up your unpublished work– or get to work! John Grisham awaits!

Impending revolt
Pssst. Hey, rich guy. Wake up! The American masses aren't happy, and with history as a teacher, it's clear to Ted Rall a bloody revolt against the rich and powerful could be in the making. So why aren't our leaders doing anything? Rall has some ideas.






That's how the Meadow Creek Parkway looked when it opened temporarily in the fall of 2010. This view looks north toward the stream called Meadow Creek.
–photo by David Lyster

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