Shoppers World price much higher, house less, ID confusion

• A January 5 article about the departure of China King Buffet from Shoppers World misstated the price that Federal Realty Investment Trust paid in 2007 for the retail center as $7.2 million. However, that price included just two parcels; two other parcels in the complex sold for $20 million to bring the total price to $27.2 million.

• The property featured in the January 5 $old listings actually included two other parcels, one of them buildable. Therefore, when all three parcels are added up, the $485,000 sale price comes in slightly under assessment, not over assessment as we asserted.

• Contrary to an assertion in the January 5 cover story, "Broken beauty: The lofty life and tragic death of Linda Doig," it was a police lieutenant and not Police Chief Tim Longo who asserted that officers didn't find identification papers for deceased supermodel Linda Doig. And it turns out that lack of ID wasn't the reason officers failed to notify the family. A new story about the case has more.


you know what happens when you assert. You make an ass of er and t!

leave it to this small town magazine to not have gotten their facts and information correct before publication once again...I know people make mistakes but get your act together and realize inaccurate facts are damaging whether intentional or not and this IS your job. Try doing it better.