Rapture: Rare & Ancient Ale Dinner

Rapture on the Downtown Mall pairs up with Maryland-based Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to bring you a dinner highlighting the brewery's Rare Ales (rare because of their extremely small production levels) and Ancient Ales: ales (also rare, by the way, as they are, for the most part, brewed once a year) crafted on ancient recipes (and we mean ancient: the Theobroma is based on chemical analysis of an Honduran pottery fragment which held the earliest known alcoholic chocolate drink). 

Josh French, the Beer Sommelier who joined Rapture's staff 2 years ago, has worked closely with Chef Chris Humphrey to pair these special imbibables with Rapture's playfully Southern cuisine.  This dinner represent another chapter in his quest to bring the finest and most adventurous craft beers to central Virginia, and to demonstrate, in the most tasty way, the aptness of beer as an element of the gourmet dining experience.

434.293.9526 for reservations.