Healthy Chinese: Song Song's Zhou & Bing

Right across from the "Skybar" on 5th Street NE, you may or may not have noticed that a placed called Song Song's Zhou & Bing opened on the Downtown Mall with little fanfare around the first of the year. The owner, Song Song (a name her grandmother bestowed), says she has done no advertising. Her husband is a professor at UVA, and they have been here for about two years. When Dish visited, she was all alone behind the counter.

After getting her graduate degree in biochemical engineering, Song Song left China to do cancer research at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. Later, she earned her MBA at Case and landed a high-powered  job in Connecticut working for a medical research corporation.

But all those years of study and research led to a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome, crippling her hands and fingers.

If there were a silver lining, she says, it was her interest in healthy Chinese cooking, which she learned to help her own healing and now offers at the small restaurant to help yours.

Song says her carpal tunnel was so severe she couldn't even hold chop sticks, and that it was from working too hard.

"I had to do exercises every day," she says while stirring a pot. "It was not easy to get here."

The menu is simple, featuring zhou, a kind of porridge that the Chinese have been eating for thousands of years; and bing, a wheat flour-based flattened bread that's filled with things like pork and leeks.

A pork and leek bing is just $2.50, and a porridge of hearty zhou is just $2, which, Song says, improves the health of the stomach, bowels, and kidneys. Everything, she says, is made from scratch, with no MSG or color additives.

"I am setting the price low," says Song, " so I can make it easier for people to eat healthy food."

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If the government really wanted to lower health care costs and prevent countless cases of: heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and many more costly maladies with strong ties to what one eats; they would pay us to eat here instead of here -

Why should the government pay you to eat anywhere, good or bad?

You're responsible for yourself. Not the government.

(I know...radical idea! how libertarian of me!)

I wonder if Song Song takes Food Stamps???

We visited Song Song's Zhou & Bing this past weekend. Her food is simple, delicious, and healthy. A welcome addition to the downtown mall and very affordable. We will be going back!

cant wait to try this out, more folks should support her on the grounds that she is trying to offer healthy food on the cheap!

Just at here today - very good.

It sounds very tasty and healthy. Do they deliver? I don't have time to leave wok for lunch.

I meant "work"...

I ate lunch here today and it was astoundingly good for the $7 I paid. The porridge is perfect - thick and filling on a chilly winter afternoon, and both the vegi and pork bing (I was hungry, haha) are chock-full of delicious! I wish they were open for dinner on more days than just Fridays and Saturdays, but this is a really great lunch spot. I wish Song much success; I know I'll be back soon and often!

This is a wonderful spot to try some healthy and authentic Chinese cooking. The menu is simple. The bing, in particular, is very tasty. There is room to eat in or take out...I will certainly be back for more.

If I could get Ms juicy to try this, instead of filling her big butt with Mcd's